How to Delete sent messages on whatsapp

How to Revoke Sent WhatsApp Messages

How to Revoke WhatsApp Messages, How to delete sent messages on WhatsApp, Delete Sent WhatsApp Messages: WhatsApp is now the biggest chat and messaging app in the world with million and billions of users. It has left BBM, Hike, Facebook messenger far behind. So Facebook has to buy WhatsApp in $19 billion. Now a day people are using WhatsApp for almost everything. Even for some small reasons also they are using WhatsApp. In fact, from a result, it has been proved that you can save your 3-4 hours of time per day if you are not using WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other apps. Among these apps, people almost spend their 60-70 percent time on just WhatsApp. So you can use WhatsApp for small and big things. Almost everyone is using WhatsApp now a days. Read our article How to Delete Sent Messages on WhatsApp to know more.

How to Delete Sent Messages on WhatsApp:

As we already know that people are using WhatsApp for almost everything nowadays. So sometimes in excitement, they send a message to a wrong person. Even sometimes they send a message to the right person only, but with a wrong context. And after that, they repent it. And they wish that if they can delete that message because such situation can cause a lot of troubles and embarrassment for the users. So here we are for you to solve this problem of everyone. As everyone almost commits this mistakes sometimes. Even I have done this before. So we tried solving the problem for you. Just by reading our article How to Delete Sent Messages on WhatsApp you will be able to solve this problem.

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How To Revoke Whatsapp Messages Latest Update:

WhatsApp is going to release some new and interesting features in 2017 and we will let you know all about it in our article How to Revoke Sent WhatsApp Messages. By the end of this year, we will some great features on WhatsApp like never before. Like you can archive ZIP or RAR files. Users always wanted to delete some sent text or videos, they have sent to a wrong person. People are requesting for this feature since WhatsApp came into existence or you can say in the market. But WhatsApp was not allowing it. But now according to some leaks and news on twitter WhatsApp will now allow you to revoke sent text messages. They are currently trying it on iPhone beta software. You can even edit it and resend it again like we do on a post or comment on Facebook. But this is only applicable to the person whom you sent the message has not seen it. So this is a great news for all the WhatsApp users as many times they send a wrong message that they didn’t want to. But as this is just a rumor, so we are not sure that WhatsApp will surely allow it or not.

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Steps to Delete Sent Messages on Whatsapp:

  • The best way is to block the person before he/she reads your message.
  • WhatsApp server can only keep the message for 30 days.
  • After that, it automatically deletes the message.
  • So after 30 days, you can unblock that person.
  • After blocking that person you must uninstall and install again

But during installing again don’t click yes for the past recovery message option. This trick works for sure. This way you can simply delete sent messages on WhatsApp or you can just wait for the upcoming WhatsApp update.

So as of now, WhatsApp has not updated the latest features. You can try some of the existing tricks if you don’t want the other person to read the message you send them. The first way is just switch off your internet connection before the message leaves your phone and goes to the WhatsApp server. But we all know that it’s very difficult or kind of impossible unless you have a very slow net connection like 1G connection or something you can think of.

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How to Crash Others WhatsApp:

Also, you can crash your friend’s WhatsApp by sending 1000 emoji’s to his/her WhatsApp. This is just a trick we came to know from some search. So this can or cannot work but you can give it a try as it will be fun. So if you don’t want the recipient to read your message, just send them 1000 emoji’s and their WhatsApp will crash. They will have to delete the full conversation with you. So using this trick you can save yourself. But this is kind of error, so WhatsApp will soon recover it. Because millions and billions of people will be troubled due to this.

So we hope this article is going to help you from getting embarrassed due to a wrong message you have sent. Because we know how this feels. So just read the article and use it.

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