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How To Convert LTE to VoLTE To Enable Unlimited Voice Calls on Jio Sim

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  1. SHAIL says:

    How to set volte setting in sony xpr m5 dual

  2. chandu says:

    After complete of Jio on 31 st march there is no data coming how to go calls on LTE without data

  3. Debashish says:

    sir I have yuphoria which is 4g LTE.without using data I m unable to make a call and sometimes the receiver voice can’t reach me properly… is there any solution that I can use my phone as volte …….

  4. raja swain says:

    I am not able to use jio sim in my moto g2 even trying all methods still it shows no network and emergency calls only plz help me .

  5. Ashutosh says:

    My phone is Lenovo a2010. I am using jio SIM. I have got jio 4g Voice app. Earlier i was getting full data and full calling. But since few days I am not able to call from my device. I am told to delete and reinstall the 4g jio app.I did that. But no calling. Plz help me

  6. YATISH SHARMA says:

    how i can convert my phone from LTE to VoLTE??

  7. Monikanchan says:

    Sir I have Asus zenfone max smartphone but when I downloaded jio 4g voice
    It is saying that it is a volte phone and u can use the phone dialer to call. But when I call someone it is unable to make a call. Pls help

  8. Thamemul says:

    Sir i have infocus M460 .at first i used jio 4g voice for calling in jio sim ,one day i saw in 4g voice that hd calls can used to make calls in your phone dialler but not in jio 4g voice app. From that time i saw a symbol. HD1 on the top of notification panel now it is not displaying in the screen and i can’t make calls in both my phone dialler and also jio 4g voice . Solutions required!!!!!!

  9. AJ says:

    Am using lumia 535 can i use jio voice and net…give details or link

  10. Rathindra Nath Ghosal says:

    Sir mera mobile LTE , VOLTE support korta nehi, offline me voice call hota nehi, hortime net on rakhna porta hai, pl advice me how my moble set will be convert from LTE to VOLTE

  11. Parwez Alam says:

    I have huawei y6-II. Please tell me weather my mobile support jio sim or not. If not so advice me how can I use jio sim.

  12. Ayaz says:

    any update software for micromax canvas 4g enabled volte

  13. Mannan says:

    My device is Lenovo vibe x2. How to make call without Jio app? I tried Previous article (Dialling no…). But i cant see Volte option in it. Help in this

  14. amar says:

    My coolpad dazen 8297 l 100 cannot support to jio. It’s showing 4g network as loopmobile but can’t access data connection, need help

  15. Vitthal Vharkate says:

    Redmi note 1S LTE tu VOLTE converter
    please help me

  16. siril says:

    I am using xiaomi mi4i and my ph is lte i have dialed *#*#4636#*#* but it doesnt show any volte enabling option just some other options can u help me

  17. Kunal says:

    Sir I m using iPhone 5s I still using data any trick to use calling..

  18. Siva says:

    Sir my mobile let TV 1s model I using hop sim any time data on that time calls incoming &out going suppose date off no calls incoming out going but any tie data o battery charging down but some phones data off time calls incoming out going place solve my problem

  19. Deepak says:

    Sir , I’m still using mi4i but my phone not show VOLTE in system properties.
    And the major problem is that sqlte also not show data base setting.

  20. Anshul kejriwal says:

    I have inserted the jio sim in iPhone 5s and able to use data but not able to make and receive calls
    Please tell me how to solve this problem

  21. Nitin says:


    Nitin Dhokate is here.

    I am using JIO card since last 2.5 months in my handset ‘Coolpad Note 3 Lite’. Phone is LTE but not Volte.

    I took my card thr Reliance mini xpress using Adhar Card identity (biometric identity) @ 25 Sept 2016.

    Internet is working fine
    But since from the beginning, I am neither able to call anybody not getting call from anybody. Also call to 1977 is not working.

    I tried uninstalling & installing ‘Jio4gvoice’ app many times but problem remained un-resolved.

    Jio4gvoice application always shows ‘offline’ status.

    I tried my jio card in another 4g handset (in which other jio card is working fine) but there also faced same problem.

    Please suggest the solution

  22. Manohar says:

    Hello my mobile is micromax LTE convert to volt how can I convert

  23. MaJiD aLi says:

    Reply me through my email . plzzz if u have any solution for that

  24. MaJiD aLi says:

    Hii , I m MaJiD aLi from J and K . My mobile is infocus M530 and is onpy LTE so doesnt support voice calls from jio sim , I installed Jio4Gvoice app but that app says currently your device is not supported in your region . So , I can’t make calls form Jio4Gvoice app too . Then What to do for being access to Calling from Jio sim in my phone Infoxus M530

  25. hiren says:

    i am having mi4i with me….and i m trying to convert lte to volte using sqlite app…but i cant able to find the volte_feature option in file

  26. SANDEEP says:

    How do I convert LTE to volte in my intex aqua fish 4g ??

  27. @mit says:

    Can I use Jio on 3g net setter?

  28. ramamurmu says:

    Comment…sir my micromax 104 3g mobile.plz tell network in jio sim any proces or any apps download show the network enjoy jio sim.

  29. RAHIL Shaikh says:


    My name is Rahil Shaikh i purchased m3s from SD now i am l am here to ask few question on the base of that i will take next step what to do with it. i am askin questions because i was unable to get proper answers.

    1. meizu comes with gorilla glass?

    2.does it support VOLTE of jio sim? if yes its ok or else by when it will be available what solutions you have to short this out?

    3. and give me a in depth idea how it is superior or not than snapdragon 450 processor 1.5  Mediatek  6750 as i am bit unaware about the brand.

    4.Will I get updates as it’s a 5.1 lollipop to latest version of Android 6.0 marshmallow or 7 nougat?

    awaiting your precise answers

    Rahil Shaikh

    1. Shravan says:

      1. YES
      2. YES in few devices and No in Old Models
      4. I can’t guarantee the updates

  30. navya says:

    i m using moto g2 lte and I m not even getting signals even though I inserted in first slot. if else it gets connected to data,signal is lost with in seconds. please help me with this issue

  31. amit says:

    Hlo bhI…mare pass Asus zenfone max phone hai…j Lte hai volte nhi hai…toh maine jio 4g voice b dala hai…lakin end m currently this service is not supported ur region…j btaa rha hai iska koi solution do yr

  32. Melody says:

    Sir im usimg andi weber 5.5h and the network bar sometime it appears 4g but sometimes not, why?

    1. Shravan says:

      may be the jio connection is poor, try set the band to 40.

  33. Pravin TIWARI says:

    iPhone 6 is jawbroken. Jio sim data is working but no voice calls

    1. J says:

      Update your iOS to the latest or to iOS 10 then it will enable volte by default!

  34. Abhijeet Choudhary says:

    I have micromax canvas tab p702 it is lte supported .
    I want it to convert to volte.
    So i uses your method . In testing meanu which you says that open from dialer .
    There a option (turn off volte provisioned flag) and no difference can be seen when i click on it .
    Help me what should i do.

    1. Shravan says:

      first check is your device eligible to get the VoLTE support or not

      1. J says:

        How to check that? I have p702 too and it supports lte band 3, 5 & 40 and volte provisioned flag is on

  35. Vikas Kumar says:

    I am using one plus 2 and my jio sim is activated when i use the jio sim it shows only Lte,how to enable Vo lte.
    Is one plus 2 support vo lte??
    I also used *#*#4636#*#* but didn’t find any vo lte enable function

    1. suresh says:

      one plus two does not support voLTE… You need to download jio4g app…activate it. always keep away from home wifi . then you get reliance jio service.

  36. Avinash Ekka says:

    My Huawei Honor 6 isn’t showing any network signal, plz guide what to do?

  37. Sumit says:

    i have lenovo k3 note .in my phone some time signal is coming but 4g is not mentioned on the top near signal bar ..i m not able to use even internet ..what can i do ?

  38. nanda says:

    I m using HTC desire 820 dual sim which is LTE supported..please help me..I didn’t receive bar code for jio..what can I do?

  39. Ishtiyaq Wani says:


    My phone is Samsung Galaxy Prime 4G, its LTE phone, and when I installed JIO4GVoice app in it, and during the setup process it asked me to give OTP and when i gave OTP it shows ” This Service is restricted in your area.” Please Help Me Sir.

    1. Rahil mahajan says:

      Hello is your problem solved coz even m facing the same problem can u help

    2. matien farooqi says:

      bhai ye service restriction wali problem solve hogayi kya…same problem mere phone me be arha hai…if u can help

  40. Dattatray Desai says:

    I m useing asus ZenFone 2 leser Lte . My jio sim downloading speed very slow up to 50kbps .how to get downloading speed increases.

    1. Shravan says:

      follow those methods

      1. Dattatray says:

        Not working those step. Plz help

  41. Srinivas R says:


    It could be little late, but i am facing issue with my Jio SIM on my MOTO G3, I nserted Jio sim in 1st slot and other SIM in 2nd slot. When I make a call using 2nd sim slot my voice is not properly reaching to the other party, they are not hearing my voice clearly there are lots of gaps and disturbance. Can you help me in solving this

    1. Shravan says:

      yeah i can this is happening because your second sim slot is not volte enabled, so try switch off the data on jio sim slot then you voice won’t go over LTE. Which means you can talk without any disturbance.. 🙂

  42. Ricky says:

    Sir I am not receiving incoming call on my jio number from other phones only outgoing r possible

  43. swaraj says:

    Bro i am using coolpad note 3 lite…i had taken the sim using my adhaar card and finger print…
    And when i inerted the sim bars are comming with 4g sign.. But whrn i call on get ended…and when i calk on 1800 ……..from other mobile it tells your number is activated…but i am not able to access data..plz help my bro

    1. Shravan says:

      yeah wait for time, once you receive the confirmation message you are ready to go

    2. Murfad Khan says:

      Seems like your phone has no VoLTE support, download Jio4GVoice App to make calls.

  44. Santosh says:

    How can I use my Jio sim in … Reliance 4g LTE dongle….. Sir plzz tell.. me I insert the Jio sim in 4g … But it’s not working … Can you give me the steps

  45. Shiva Arora says:

    Bro my JIO sim is very slow
    How to get more download speed
    It is not more than 60kbps
    I am using micromax canvas nitro 4g

  46. Narinder Tandon says:

    I am unable to make voice calls from HTC desire 630. Only data enabled. Please help.

    1. Shravan says:

      is your device volte supported..?

  47. sunil says:

    Dear sir, is this HTC 728 Dual sim mobile is supportes VOLTE?

  48. Satyam says:

    Sir, I’m using COOL PAD DAZON 1, it is a LTE 4G mobile. Does jio work in it??
    if it is possible, how can I enabled that?

    and how we can get jio registration number?

    1. Shravan says:

      yes jio will work, simply generate the barcode and get the jio sim, tips:

  49. Satya says:

    I didn’t got activation message but I placed my jio sim yesterday .i got that number this tuesday .i placed jio sim in my samsung j5 mobile.signal bar is working internet is working and I was able to call to my friends by my new jio sim.but my friends were enable to call to me.when my friend is calling to me it saying you were not able to call to this number.please tell me how to fix that gmail is

    1. Shravan says:

      is the new jio sim activated or not..?

  50. Rajesh Kumar Bernwal says:

    Shravan ji, one more major difference between LTE and VoLTE is- in VoLTE phones, you can receive/voice call from your Jio Sim even with your 4G net off. But in LTE phones, you cannot receive/ voice call if your 4G net is off. And secondly, VoLTE will be seen written above on the screen where Sim range is showing. In LTE phone, it will show only 4G or LTE (it will not show VoLTE). Can you suggest, is there a way out so that my Lenovo K5Note (3 GB RAM) show VoLTE?

    1. Shravan says:

      yeah thanks for your difference i will upload that in article by giving you the credits, and lenovo vibe k5 note is compatible with jio offer so there is no need to use any trick. Check your system update and upgrade your phone to volte

      1. Rajesh Kumar Bernwal says:

        Shravan ji
        After system updation, my Lenovo K5 Note has become VoLTE. But after this I am not able to make/receive video calls from my Jio sim. Even Jio dialer is not showing.Every time it asks me to choose the dialer between Phine dialer, True Caller Dialer only. Please guide me. If possible please reply me on

  51. Ram Nageena Singh says:

    You blog very informative.
    My device is one plus 2. When I given preference to jio my other Sim sign disappeared and vice versa. Not able to gave both Sim sign n signal at a time. What to do?

    1. Shravan says:

      yeah there are some problems you need to fix here are the solutions:

  52. Chandu says:

    Iam using redmi2 is it support lte

    1. Shravan says:

      yes it is

  53. Sona says:

    I sir I am samsung j7 mobile 2015 I inserted Jio sim in sim1 I am getting data but unable to connect to any call it is showing not registered to a network what to do please help

    1. Shravan says:

      is your sim activated..?

    2. abban says:

      just update your device software it will work ! i had same problem with my j7

  54. sulfikar says:

    is redmi note3 volte supported?

    1. Shravan says:

      yes it is

  55. Raviraj says:

    shravan mene apna no. Jio me Port kraya hai mere sim me abhi tower show ho rhe hai MY Jio app bhi chl rha hai? but calling nhi ho rhi or yadi me kisi doore browser( Uc Browser) se kuch download krna chahu to vo bhi nhi ho rha ??
    me kya kru??

  56. Ramya says:

    Hi Sir,
    i have inserted Jio sim in Lenovo P1, Number is activated and am able to call from jio sim but not able to use internet. Data service is not working. In settings i have changed Data connection to Jio Sim but still data service is not available. Kindly help to get data service.

    1. Shravan says:

      may i know that have u received LTE sign under network bar..?


    I am using Samsung galaxy grand prime 4g model but I am not still calling or masseging, recent I install jio 4g calling but its still not working .what should I do ..please suggeste me …while installations of jio 4 g voice it shows that …… Configure jio 4g voice using the the number of the sim in this phone..I can’t understand what’s is happening ….please help me. As ur problems.

    Abhineet Ranjan

    Cont ; 9155027146

    1. Shravan says:

      you need to configure with your jio sim number

  58. Nikhil says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please give my Jio application status. I had received my application for new connection message on my alternate number. My alternate number is 9925026391.

    I Had received this message on 19/09/2019.

    HiDear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO000009W15V.
    Thank you,
    Team Jio

    I Had received Tele- Verification message also on 23/09/2016. I received two message on this date.

    Dear Customer, Due to overwhelming response to our Jio Welcome Offer, there may be some delays in activating your connection. We will inform you via SMS once your JIO number 7016936121 is ready for televerification. Thank you, Team Jio.

    6121 is ready for tele verification. Thank you, Team Jio.

    After received this i trying to call for verification but me received message on call your number is not ready. Please give the status for the same.

    1. Shravan says:

      yeah it will take some time to get the process done so wait for a while if that still didn’t work then check the solutions here:

  59. Yogi says:

    I activated only unlimited data now I want unlimited voice calls also how is it

    1. Shravan says:

      ou need volte support get that from this article

  60. panchal samar says:

    How use in my phone samsung s3 neo

    1. Shravan says:

      you can find all the tricks in our blog

  61. panchal samar says:

    I have a Samsung s3 neo and this phone is 3g how can use jio sin in my samsung s3
    Please help ……

  62. Ravi says:

    Shravan then how to activate my JIO sim…i’m using Coolpad Note 3….your are saying VOLTE …supported …..but still there is problem…i have tried many options..its working in SamsungJ7 …but not in my Coolpad Note -3 …please help me.

  63. Manzoor says:

    I am having Samsung galaxy grand prime 4g Lte. Jiovoice app not working it is showing that the app is not supporting in your region ….I’m from jammu

  64. Manu says:

    Hi, I am using Xperia Z (C6603) so, how to convert xperia z (C6603) LTE network to VOLTE, as I am not able to call 1977 but network is avaialble , please help./ thanks

  65. mahmood yezdani says:

    Comment…advice me which brand volte mobile to buy below Rs. 15000.

    1. Shravan says:

      wait till few more days then you will get huge offers on mobiles, so If i advice you one mobile which price is still the same then I won’t be satisfied at all.

    2. styles says:

      Samsung j7 prime

  66. Durgesh Gupta says:

    Mere sim pe outgoingcall band ho gaiya h ishe kaise activate karu jio care pe bhi call kar raha hu to call koi bhi attend nai kar raha h pls help me

    1. geetakudiiya says:

      Mare jio ki sim he is me natwak aa rha he lekin me me phone nahi kar pa rha I hu

  67. kuldeep says:

    I am using htc one m8 eye
    I know my chipset supports voLTE
    But i dont know how to enable it
    P.s-there is no option of voLTE in *#*#4636#*#*

  68. PRIYA says:




  69. deep swami says:

    Sir coolpad note3 8676_io2 mein jio sim k offer milenge.bhai ismein internet ka signal hi nahi aata.welcome offer k liye bhi pls btana k ismein chlega k naa.bhai please email krna. Ram Ram bhai.

    1. Shravan says:

      Hi deep it will work for sure, for network setting please refer this article:

  70. LOKESH says:

    How do I convert LTE to volte in my Lenovo k3 note ??

    1. Shravan says:

      follow those steps

  71. Rahul says:

    I am using jio4Gvoice (Jiojoin) app on my YU unique mobile, and I am facing incoming calls are not coming so please help

    1. Shravan says:

      have you received the unlimited data

  72. suresh says:

    I am using xiaomi mi4i… Shall I able to convert my mobile to VOLTE supported device?

    1. Shravan says:

      not devices but you can get volte support

      1. Rohit Soni says:

        Hi…. I m Rohit Soni I m not able to register on jio 4g voice service in mi4i.. It always shows to configure the sim… Please help me out of this problem……

        1. Shravan says:

          may i know your device name..?

          1. samad sk says:

            Samsung galaxy 19802

  73. Ali says:

    I am using iPhone 5s and I got a Jio sim and even it get activated as well as internet is working but voice call is not working even there is no call going to customer care 1977 as well as no otp is receiving

  74. Jas says:

    I dont get voice on my lenovo k3 note. When i open jio4gvoice and clicked “configure the jio4gvoice using the number of the sim in this device” it start to show the following message for some time
    “Configuring with jio sim in this device, this process may take a some time”. After showing it for some it will show again the message “configure the jio4gvoice using the number of the sim in this device”. I could not activate voice what should i do. I taken the sim on 23.9.2016 and the data was activated on the same day. But abive is the case with voice, not activated aa on 26.9.2016 9.30pm

    1. Shravan says:

      actually voice is also activated with data, but let me ask you one question is your device volte supported or not..?

      1. Bhavin says:

        I have same problem in my device i also use lenovo k3 note ….since last night I got same maage … configure your sim for jio4g ….

        My device is LTE not voLTE…..but I already used j
        io4g voice in this device ….from couple of days i can’t make call

        1. Shravan says:

          follow that to convert LTE to Volte that happened because jio app detected network and device settings

  75. Senthil says:

    I am using MOTO E… Shall I able to convert my mobile to VOLTE supported device?

    1. Shravan says:

      yeah you can

  76. Satty says:

    Should I use the steps for INFOCUS M530 or it is supported by default to make calls without Internet?

      1. Vinod singh says:

        In my acer kuquid z530 jio sim is showing no service and emergency calls

  77. pankaj says:

    i cant open lte to volte in coolpad note 3 pus so plesse help

    1. Shravan says:

      coolpad note 3 is volte supported no need to do this step.

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