How To Convert 2GB Data to Unlimited Data and Voice Calls: Two Methods 100% Working

how to convert jio 2gb data to unlimited internet calls

So did you brought the jio sim, if not go and use Flipshope Tricks to get the Free Jio Sim. After that you need to activate jio sim, here is how to activate jio sim. In case if you face any activation problems like delay in jio sim activation or it is taking too much time, then you can solve them with our solutions. Right after activating Jio sim you can see unlimited data and calls in myjio app stats, but due to huge demand everywhere some people are only receiving 2gb Jio Data with 100 SMS and 100 Voice Calls. Here we are giving quick solution on how to convert jio 2gb data to unlimited internet calls. After following this method you will get either jio preview offer or jio welcome offer.

Reliance Jio 2gb Data:

After activating jio sim you must place that in supported mobiles to check whether you got unlimited internet and voice calls, if not you will end up facing no network signal issues. So check by placing Jio sim in 4G LTE device, so after placing you will be able to see unlimited Data and Calls in my jio app stats. If not you will only get 2GB data, 100 sms and 100 voice calls. The reason why you got Jio 2gb data to unlimited internet calls is there is neither preview offer nor welcome offer is activated in Jio sim. You will end up confirming Jio 2gb Data exhausted why..? Here is how to convert Jio 2gb data to unlimited internet calls.

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How to convert Jio 2gb Data to Unlimited Internet Calls: Method 1

First I am sharing the most basic method. As soon as you notice jio 2gb data to unlimited internet calls you may think that you won’t get unlimited internet at all. Well you are quite wrong in some places due to huge demand of jio they are giving preview and welcome offer very slowly. That means as soon as you finish the data you will be gifted with unlimited data. Here are the steps

Steps to convert Jio 2gb Data to Unlimited Internet Calls

  • Check whether you got jio 2gb data with 100 sms and 100 voice call
  • Try to complete all the data, sms and voice calls.
  • As soon as you finish spending all thing you will be granted with jio 2gb data to unlimited internet calls.
  • That means after spending Jio 2gb data you will get unlimited internet, same follows for calls and sms
  • You can enjoy these services for up to 90 days in the preview offer and till dec 31 in welcome offer

This is the most common way of getting the unlimited internet, so I recommend you to try this my spending voice calls or sms. If the above method didn’t work then you try a manual way to enable preview offer in myjio app.

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Solution: How To Convert 2GB Data to Unlimited Data

How To Convert Jio 2GB Data to Unlimited Internet Calls

  • First of all you need to uninstall every Jio app, including MyJio app too
  • Download MyJio app from this link, in some cases new one won’t work.
  • So you must download the above mentioned Jio app apk and open Myjio app and install all 10 apps.
  • Now you must visit
  • Signup to that site with your Jio Number and create an account
  • After installing all apps disable jio 2gb data connection and clear all background apps
  • Go to your system setting clear the cache and data off MyJio app only
  • Here comes the tricky step switch on device data and open myjio app list
  • Then switch off data and open MyJio app
  • Now switch on data and sign in by entering your number and password.
  • Remember you should sign in with the above created account details
  • In just few seconds you will see submit button, so after submitting you will get Jio Preview Offer.
  • So you will get jio 2gb data to unlimited internet and also jio 100 calls to unlimited calls
  • If you didn’t notice any pop-up keep on repeat this process for 3-5 times and make sure to check our tips on how to convert jio 2gb data to unlimited internet calls which are given below.

You can follow this trick in any 3G/4G devices for this you don’t need netiher Jio sim nor Jio net. This is the most used method, this will surely give you the jio 2gb data to unlimited internet calls. So if you have any doubts feel free to contact me in the comment section below. Now you got the jio 2gb data to unlimited internet and you can use this sim anywhere here are the solution to use jio sim in

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If the above method isn’t working for you then we got one more method on how to convert jio 2gb data to unlimited internet calls. Please only use the following method if the above ones didn’t work out for you.

How To Convert Jio 2GB to Unlimited Internet Calls:

Just make sure you are using supported VoLTE device because if your mobile is non-VoLTE then you won’t get unlimited calls. This trick will work only on supported VoLTE devices. So make sure you are on that if you don’t own a VoLTE device you can still get unlimited calls with our trick. But here the trick to convert jio 2gb to unlimited internet calls.

  • Visit your device settings and simply clear the data and cache of MyJio app
  • Switch off Data on your mobile and now open MyJio app
  • Make sure your jio 2gb data is turned off, now you will see get jio sim option click on that.
  • It will say no internet connection and now go and enable jio 2gb data
  • Just click sign and fill the jio mobile number and password
  • After signing in you will see a pop-up which says get unlimited internet and calls
  • That’s it now jio preview offer is activated for 90 days.

In case if all of them aren’t working for you then you are using the non-volte device or you must have done something wrong. But don’t worry just mention your problem in the comments i will try to get back to you in few hours. Just make sure you follow the above steps in a proper way, here I am giving few tips on how to convert jio 2gn data to unlimited internet calls.

Some Tips on How To Convert Jio 2gb data to Unlimited Internet Calls:

  • Make sure you are using supported VoLTE Device
  • You sim must be activated properly
  • You must notice LTE sign under network bar, without this internet won’t run on your device
  • Try to convert jio 2gb data to unlimited internet in the late night or early morning because servers are usually busy in the day timings.
  • You can only activate this process once with your Jio sim and the account.
  • You can’t make multiple jio 2gb data to unlimited internet calls trick in one mobile

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  1. i’m using a jio mifi dongle device …. its only been few days that i got this problem…..
    Actually my device get connected to my lap and pc. but i can’t get the speed above 200 kbhs in the morning, evening and night. But after 2:30 pm i use to get minimum download speed of 2.5 -3.2 mbps in the IDM and my 4gb ran out within 30 minutes….. the Taskmanager shows over 25Mbps ……… I got activated the sim by 6 in the evening…. But before a week i used to get descent speed in the IDM like 500-800kbphs all the day….

    pls help

    and help me to loose the 4 gb daily limit in a JIO MIFI DONGLE to use in my pc and laptop

    thanks in advance

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