How to Buy Reliance Jio Sim Online with Free Home Delivery

Free Reliance Jio 4G Sim Card Buy

So if you are too lazy to get the jio sim buy visiting jio stores..? then here is the chance for you we are giving every details of how to buy jio sim online, this won’t require any barcode and not even your mobile imei Number. Now every one can get jio sim online by following the given steps. After getting the jio sim free home delivery you can later follow on jio sim online tele-verification process to complete the activation.

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How To Buy Jio Sim Online 

There is one website called, they are actually selling jio sim online with the home delivery process. All those sim cards are properly and officially registered at jio stores. So if you are struggling to gain a barcode or you are a windows users then this is the choice for everyone. Now follow the simple steps to buy jio sim online

Steps to buy jio sim online

  • All you need to do if visit the site
  • Fill one registration form to buy jio sim online
  • You need to fill name, number, email ID and address
  • The sim will be delivered to your door steps
  • At the time of delivery submit ID proof with passport size photograph

This is how you can buy the jio sim online home delivery. Although they are giving official sim cards but due to huge demand this process might take a while like up to 1-2 weeks. In their site they mentioned how to buy jio sim online home delivery time as 7-10 days. This might change depend up on your area.

Get Unlimited Jio Barcodes in 3G/4G, iPhone or Windows Phone

Buy Jio Sim Online Free Home Delivery

You might wonder how they are gonna profit by giving away free buy jio sim online, actually they aren’t giving it for free. There is no free home delivery for jio sim online, they are collecting delivery charges to cover their cost. But the cost is worth affordable for the buy jio sim online welcome offer, because at this cost you are getting unlimited internet and voice calls till december 31st.

Buy Jio Sim online Home Delivery cost is 199 INR only

So for 199 INR you are getting free jio sim with unlimited usage, it is a pretty good deal compared to airtel 1GB data 😛 Don’t wait fill the details and buy jio sim on online. Now say good bye to those buyers who are selling jio sim in black. So once you got the activated jio sim you can use that in anywhere here are the tricks on how to use

How To use Jio sim in Any Mobile

How To Use Jio Sim in all 3G Phones

How To Use Jio Sim in Windows Phone

How To Use Jio Sim in iPhone

How To Use Jio Sim in Modem

How to Buy JioFi Online with Free Jio Sim

Those who want to buy the jiofi dongle with the free jio sim then this site is their stop. Because it is also offering to buy jiofi online option with the free jio card. The normal Jiofi cost in the store is 1999 INR with the free sim card in this site the cost of Jiofi is 2199 INR with the free buy jio sim online and extra 200INR for Home Delivery. Remember this jiofi dongle can be used as a router and it can be connected up to 10 devices with a high speed connection. If you want it for home ditch the local connection and buy jiofi online, then you can take this anywhere.

Buy Jio Sim Online Order

All you need to do is visit this site, and to make jio sim online order you have to fill the registration form. All the jio sim online registration booking details are given below. The given site is trustable so many people got their  by jio sim online order. Now don’t wait go and get yours today..

Jio Sim Online Registration Booking

After visiting that site, you just need to complete the jio sim online registration booking process this can be done in few simple ways. Choose your option either Jio sim online buy or Jiofi online buy. Then you need to fill the jio sim online registration booking form. You just need to fill the following details Name, Phone Number, Address and Email ID. Then Jio sim will be delivered at your door step.

Buy Jio Sim Online Purchase Cost

As i mentioned earlier the jio sim is absolutely free you just need to pay the delivery charges which is 199 INR only. Here are the few options

  • Buy Jio Sim Online Purchase Cost is Free, Home Delivery Charges 199 INR
  • Buy JioFi online Purchase cost is 1999 INR, Home Delivery Charges 199 INR with Free Jio Sim

Here are some FAQ with their answers regarding how to buy jio sim online home delivery process

Is this site trust-able..?

YES, I haven’t wrote any article till now on the method of how to buy jio sim online, now they are giving it for free. Even Zeenews reviewed their site. It is 100% trustable

Is COD option available for the payment? 

Sadly no there is no option for COS but all the buy jio sim online payments will be done in advance online through PaUmoney.

Can we get the activation jio sim in home delivery?

No they will only give you the buy jio sim online, later they will take your documents. The remaining jio sim activation process can be done in a normal way.

How much time will it take for jio sim online home delivery ?

In their site they mentioned as 7-10 days but you may consider the maximum time as 2 weeks. In case if you live in Bangalore or Delhi you can get it by 3 days/

The given site is not working, why ?

Due to the huge demand their servers has been crashed on 15th October 10pm, but they will be back soon.

Do we need to give any barcode to buy jio sim on online ?

Good thing about this process is it doesn’t require any barcode and not even device IMEI number so you can order many sim cards there is no limit too.

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