how to buy bitcoins in india Amazon flipkart

How to Buy Bitcoins in India Amazon Flipkart

How to Buy Bitcoins in India, Buy Bitcoins in Amazon, Buy Bitcoins Flipkart: Bitcoin is the world’s first digital decentralized currency and payment network. When you got bitcoin it’s like you are holding virtual money. You can use bitcoin to make a purchase from any online shopping site of India. You can even send the bitcoin to your friends or family. It is great for international transfers, you can easily redeem the bitcoin from any accepting stores of India or the whole world. Here we are giving every detail on how to buy Bitcoins in India Amazon Flipkart. One can easily buy bitcoins in India from online or by using any mode of payment. Some sites even accept cash payments for bitcoins, you can use those bitcoins in Flipkart, Amazon and some other shopping sites of India.

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How To Buy Bitcoins in India:

One Bitcoin is now worth more than 2 lac Indian Rs. If you would’ve bought 100 bitcoins in 2010 then you will be the millionaire by this time. Buying bitcoins is very easy but who is gonna spend 2 lac rs to buy one bitcoin..? Maybe that bitcoins price worth will increase or decrease from time to time. There are so many sites which are offering to buy Bitcoins in India. Here are the steps to buy Bitcoins in India.

Steps to Buy Bitcoins in India:

  • Download Zebpay Android or IOS App, then Login to that App
  • After that visit Buy/Sell Bitcoins option and verify your ID with PAN or Aadhar Card
  • Then make a payment to Zebpay bank account, cash payments also eligible.
  • The amount will reflect in your Zebpay Rs Account App
  • Now Again go to Buy/Sell option and enter the amount to get Bitcoin

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Buy Bitcoins on Amazon:

Bitcoin is a virtual money where people can redeem that as a payment method in any accepted store. At this moment you can’t buy bitcoins on Amazon, but they are accepting bitcoins as a payment. You can pay the partial amount or full amount by using the bitcoin. The craze of bitcoin is increasing a lot and soon they will make it available to buy bitcoins on Amazon. We will update this article with more information and we will also share the buying links of bitcoins on Amazon. Here are some FAQ’s regarding Bitcoins payment and availability on Amazon.

Does Amazon accept Bitcoins..?

Yes, Amazon does accept Bitcoins, this is now available in Amazon global site and Amazon Indian Site. While checkout you can simply choose the bitcoin payment and complete the partial or full amount of order.

Can we sell Bitcoins on Amazon..?

No, you can’t sell Bitcoins on Amazon but you can still post the same ad on eBay or OLX

Buy Bitcoins on Flipkart:

Same like Amazon Flipkart is also accepting bitcoins as a payment but still you can’t buy Bitcoins on Flipkart. Because Bitcoins are so valuable it’s like holding virtual money of 2 lac Rs with one Bitcoin, so they might not sell bitcoins on their site. In India there are only 3 sites which are officially buying Bitcoins and you can also find these bitcoins in eBay or OLX. So just wait for the official launch of Bitcoins availability in both Flipkart and Amazon site, till then you can check our article on how to get free bitcoins in India.

Does Flipkart accept Bitcoins..?

Yes, they will accept Bitcoins as a payment. Everything is similar to Bitcoins payment on Amazon.

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