How to buy bitcoin in India

How to buy Bitcoin in India? Is cryptocurrency legal in India?

Bitcoin is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the World. Earlier in India, cryptocurrencies were banned by the government, but in March 2020, they became legal again. If you want to buy cryptocurrency, then Bitcoin is a good option for you and you can get a great return by investing in it. Now, a question arises “How to buy Bitcoin in India?” In this post, we are going to share complete details of “How to buy Bitcoin in India,” and also we gonna tell you “Best Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency) wallet in India.”

Want to get a high return on investment (ROI)? Yes, so don’t stop; keep reading.

Is cryptocurrency legal in India?

There is no regulation as such about the cryptocurrency ban in India. The answer to the question “Is cryptocurrency legal in India?” depends on whether we are talking about owning it or using it as a legal tender. Cryptocurrency cannot be used as legal tender money and in near future, there is no idea of it being used in everyday transactions. However, owning crypto in India is not illegal. It is an investment you make just like in gold or any other asset involving market risks.

It should, however, be noted that though cryptocurrencies are legal but there is no law to protect the safeguards of the people owning crypto like there are for other assets. Legislation for cryptocurrencies in India is in talks but it is still not confirmed.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency created in January 2009. The person who made it is still mysterious, and no one knows the truth behind this mystery. The government does not operate Bitcoin. It is operated by decentralizing authority. This currency is not physical like INR or Dollar and is a virtual currency that you can store online in the wallet.

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5 Best Bitcoin Wallet in India

Bitcoin Wallet is a wallet that we can use to send and receive bitcoin. Through the various trading exchanges, various cryptocurrencies are being exchanged in India every day. Some of the best bitcoin wallets in India are:

  1. WazirX
  2. Zebpay
  3. CoinDCX
  4. UnoCoin
  5. Bitbns

[Steps] How to buy Bitcoin in India

There are so many wallets available in India through which show you how to buy Bitcoin in India. Choose any app from above and download it from PlayStore or App Store and start trading in Bitcoin today! Now, we are taking WazirX to buy cryptocurrencies. Learn how to buy Bitcoin in India. Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install WazirX
  2. Signup and login into your account
  3. Complete the ‘KYC’ and add ‘Bank Details.’
  4. Now to buy bitcoins, you need to deposit money in the wallet
  5. To deposit money, click on Funds>INR>Deposit
    WazirX Funds
  6. Choose ‘Instant Deposit’ or ‘Standard Deposit’
    How to deposit money in WazirX
  7. Send money using ‘UPI’ or other options on the mentioned bank details in the app
    WaziX add funds using UPI
  8. Then click on ‘Add Transfer Details,’ add all the required details and submit it
    WaziX add transfer details
  9. After successfully depositing money in your wallet, tap on ‘Market.’
  10. Select BTC/INR
  11. Click on ‘Buy/Sell,’ enter the desired amount for which you want to buy bitcoin in India
    WaziX Buy Bitcoin in India - Bitcoin Wallet
  12. Now click on ‘Buy’ and ‘Slide to Confirm’ purchase
    WaziX buy bitcoin in India
  13. Done! You have successfully invested in bitcoin in India and you can see bitcoin in ‘Funds.’ If you don’t have money get free Amazon Pay balance of up to Rs. 200 daily.

This is how to buy Bitcoin in India. Follow the steps mentioned above and you can easily invest in Bitcoins in India.

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