How To Book Tatkal Ticket from Mobile App

How To Book Tatkal Ticket from Mobile App Chrome Extension

How To Book Tatkal Ticket from Mobile App: The odds of getting a tatkal ticket is 1:10 which means 1 out of every 10 persons can able to get the tickets, but the technology improved a lot. One can book the tatkal ticket online by using some chrome extension. Which will work if that train doesn’t have much competition for the tickets, but now things just got a lot easier? Now you can book tatkal tickets from the mobile app, YES tatkal ticket mobile application is now live. Here are the more details on how to book a tatkal ticket from a mobile app. Also, check here for Mi 1rs Flash sale.

Tatkal Ticket Mobile Application:

Indian Railway just launched one awesome app where it will allow users to book a tatkal ticket in a very simple way. The booking will open right on time, you need to fill all the available details to get your ticket. The tatkal ticket mobile application name is IRCTC Rail Connect which is now available on play store for installation. Try this app and check out your luck. Here are the few steps on how to book a tatkal ticket from a mobile phone.

  • Tatkal Ticket Mobile Application Name: IRCTC Rail Connect
  • IRCTC Rail Connect PlayStore Link: Click Here
  • IRCTC Rail Connect IoS Link: Click Here

How To Book Tatkal Ticket from Mobile Phone:

We have seen many ways of booking tatkal tickets, I personally spent the whole night to get the tickets. But now we can just wake up right before the ticket time and can book your tatkal tickets from a mobile phone. All you need to do is install this application from the play store and follow the below steps

Steps to book a tatkal ticket from Mobile Phone:

  • First, you need to install the IRCTC Rail Connect App
  • Then login to the app, if not register for a new account
  • After that one screen will pop-up search for available tatkal trains
  • Once the booking open fill the address details and complete payment
  • Then your tatkal ticket booking will be confirmed

Tatkal Ticket Now Booking Chrome Extension:

In the desktop Chrome browser, you can do anything because there is so many extension to keep your things easy. So when it comes to tatkal ticket booking you should be really quick. If you follow the above method you won’t get any ticket because you need to fill the address details after that you have to complete the payment details. At the least, this whole process will take 2-3 mins so by that time all tickets will be sold out. So here is the few chrome extension which can help you in getting the tatkal tickets for sure.

Tatkal Ticket Now Chrome Extension: Click Here to Install

How to Book Tatkal Ticket from Chrome Extension

As mentioned above you need to install a tatkal ticket now chrome extension without the extension you won’t get your tickets. I should suggest everyone go with the extension rather than the android app because the success rate on mobile is lower compared to the chrome extension.

Steps to Book Tatkal Ticket from Chrome Extension:

  • First, install the extension from the above-mentioned link.
  • Then click on the extension icon in the search bar, click on add ticket
  • Fill all the ticket details (stations, date, passenger names, etc)
  • After that confirm the tickets by clicking on Book Now
  • TatkalNow will automatically fill all details. You only need to enter Captcha codes

Tatkal Ticket Online Booking:

Those are the only methods which work online for booking tatkal tickets, We personally recommend you to go with the chrome extension. If your train doesn’t have much competition for tickets then you can choose the tatkal ticket android app booking. So don’t spend your time waiting to get the tickets to use those upgraded methods to complete the tatkal ticket online booking. Here we are giving you some more information on the reservation category and booking tips.

Tatkal Ticket Booking Tips and Tricks (Tatkal tickets on IRCTC Rail Connect App):

  • Now Everyone can make a new account with one click on IRCTC Rail Connect App.
  • Easy to use Payment Options are available to book Tatkal tickets.
  • Use a self-assigned PIN to login without entering username and password on each login. One step login to existing users.
  • Ladies & Premium Tatkal quota booking support added.
  • Current reservation facility (After chart preparation, remaining seats booked under current reservation).
  • Boarding point change functionality.
  • IRCTC website’s tickets are now synchronized with the app. Now users can view, cancel or file TDR of e-tickets booked through official website ( and vice-versa.
  • Users can view the status of e-tickets booked through our authorized Online Travel Agents (OTA)

How To Book Tatkal Ticket from Mobile App

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