How Late Is The Closest Grocery Store Open? | 24 Hours Opened Stores in India & World!

How late is the closest grocery store open
How late is the closest grocery store open?

Late-night cravings to eat or cook something good are the battles that are hard to lose. Whether you are new in the city or have been living in it for ages, knowing grocery stores that are open late at night is a blessing. You can buy whatever you want without the stress of delaying your important chores. Usually, supermarkets or grocery stores have their fixed time of opening and closing, which is opening in the morning and shutting down in the evening, but you would be happy to know that some stores are open 24*7. Are you confused and want to know how late is the closest grocery store open?

With the help of this article, you can fulfil your grocery list, even at night, as the article has all the important details, like tips to shop at night, the best grocery stores available 24*7 and how they are beneficial for you. So hurry up and read it out to know how late is the closest grocery store open!

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How Late is the Closest Grocery Store Open Near Me

While grocery stores’ regular hours of operation vary, they usually run from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. It’s crucial to remember that these hours can vary greatly depending on the various conditions like festivals, weather, etc. Stores that are close to college campuses or urban areas may keep longer hours to accommodate night shift workers or students. Many grocery stores in India keep their gates open till midnight. Let’s have a look at how late is the closest supermarket store open now.      

Grocery Store NameGrocery Store Located in IndiaFounded YearOpen Time and Close Time
DmartIndia200110 AM – 10 PM
Future RetailIndia200210 AM – 10 PM
Hearty MartGujrat191510 AM – 8 PM
HypercityIndia200610 AM – 10 PM
Nature’s basketIndia200610 AM – 11 PM
Reliance SmartIndia193210 AM – 8 PM
Smart BazaarIndia186310 AM – 11 PM
Spencer’s retailKolkata200710 AM – 8 PM
Spar (retail)197210 AM – 11 PM
V martIndia200610 AM – 11 PM

The Largest Supermarkets In India

How late is closes grocery shop open- Largest Supermarkets in India

1. DMart:

DMart, officially known as Avenue Supermarts Limited, is the third largest supermarket chain in India, generating over ₹1 trillion in revenue in 2023. It is a popular discount supermarket chain known for its low prices and wide selection of products. Founded in 2002 by Radhakishan Damani, the company has grown exponentially, establishing a strong presence across India with over 330 stores in 14 states. DMart’s success can be attributed to its unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. 

2. Future Retail

Future Retail is the second-largest supermarket chain in India by revenue, generating over ₹1.2 trillion in revenue in 2023. It operates a variety of retail formats, including supermarkets, hypermarkets, and department stores. Future Retail also spearheaded innovative retail concepts, such as Easyday, a convenience store, and fbb, a fashion apparel brand, expanding its reach and diversifying its offerings. The firm’s flagship brands, Big Bazaar and Foodhall, also hold significant market positions in their respective categories. 

3. Hearty Mart

Hearty Mart is a retail chain that has swiftly gained recognition for its commitment to providing quality products and personalized service to customers. With a growing presence in select cities and neighbourhoods, Hearty Mart stands out for its emphasis on offering a diverse range of goods, including groceries, household essentials, fresh produce, and more, all under one roof. It is designed to cater to the unique needs and preferences of local residents, with carefully curated product selections and attentive staff members who are eager to assist shoppers. 

4. Hypercity

Hypercity, a prominent retail chain and one of the best Hypermarkets in India, has made its place in the market as a one-stop destination for premium lifestyle products and everyday essentials. With its expansive network of hypermarkets spread across major cities, Hypercity offers customers a diverse range of offerings, including groceries, fresh produce, electronics, apparel, home appliances, and more. The stores boast spacious layouts, modern interiors, and a vibrant ambience, creating an immersive shopping experience that captivates shoppers and encourages exploration.

5. More Supermarket

More Supermarket, a renowned retail chain in India, is under the ownership of the Aditya Birla Group. The store was established in 2007, and since then, the chain has grown amazingly, boasting over 600 outlets spread across 140 cities in India, as per the latest available information. More Supermarket prides itself on its extensive product range, encompassing groceries, fresh produce, apparel, home furnishings, electronics, and various other items. Recognized for its spacious and well-designed stores, More Supermarket is celebrated for its diverse array of top-notch products sourced from both national and international brands.

6. Nature’s basket 

Nature’s Basket is a premium gourmet food retailer that offers an unparalleled selection of high-quality products to elevate culinary experiences. With a focus on providing customers with the finest and most unique ingredients, Nature’s Basket sources a diverse range of items from around the world, including artisanal cheeses, speciality meats, organic produce, imported wines, and international delicacies. In addition to its physical stores, Nature’s Basket also offers a convenient online platform, allowing customers to shop for their favourite gourmet products from the comfort of their homes. 

7. Reliance Smart:

Reliance Smart, a division of Reliance Retail, stands tall as one of India’s largest and most renowned supermarket chains, redefining the retail landscape with its expansive reach and innovative approach. With its vast array of offerings spanning groceries, fresh produce, household essentials, electronics, apparel, and more, Reliance Smart caters to the diverse needs of consumers from all walks of life. Through its commitment to excellence in customer service, product variety, and competitive pricing, Reliance Smart has earned the trust and loyalty of millions, making it the preferred choice for discerning shoppers nationwide. 

8. Spencer’s retail

Spencer’s Retail, an Indian retail chain headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, boasts a widespread presence across more than 35 cities. With a focus on the ‘Food First’ Format, Spencer’s offers a diverse range of fresh and packaged food items. Many of its outlets go beyond food retailing, encompassing various formats such as apparel, fashion, electronics, lifestyle products, music, and books. Spencer’s Retail is a part of the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group. 

9. Spar (Retail)

Spar is a globally recognized retail brand operating a chain of supermarkets known for their convenience, quality, and diverse product offerings. With a presence in numerous countries around the world, Spar has established itself as a trusted destination for shoppers seeking a wide range of products under one roof. Spar supermarkets typically stock a variety of groceries, fresh produce, household essentials, and health and beauty products. With its commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous innovation, Spar continues to be a preferred choice for shoppers looking for convenience and quality in their shopping experience.

10. V-mart

V-Mart, founded in 2002 by Lalit Agarwal, is a well-established retail chain in India, renowned for its affordable fashion offerings and value-centric approach. With a strong presence in tier II and tier III cities across the country, V-Mart caters to the diverse needs of Indian consumers, offering a wide range of apparel, footwear, accessories, and household products at competitive prices. The brand’s focus on providing trendy merchandise at accessible prices has earned it a loyal customer base, particularly among budget-conscious shoppers. V-Mart stores are designed to provide a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience with spacious layouts and a vibrant ambience.

Grocery Stores Open And Closing Time

Frequently, individuals in India seek information about the operating hours of nearby grocery stores to plan their shopping trips effectively. It’s important to note that each grocery store’s opening and closing times vary. Some grocery stores operate 24 hours a day, while others close earlier. Below, we’ve provided details about the types of grocery stores offering round-the-clock service and those with early closing times. Let’s have a look at the types of grocery stores.

1. Standard Operating Hours

Operating hours for grocery stores typically fluctuate but commonly span from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge that these hours may vary considerably depending on various factors. Urban areas or stores in proximity to college campuses may offer extended hours to accommodate students or night-shift employees.

2. Extended Operating Hours and 24/7 Access

In numerous urban regions, grocery stores extend their operating hours to cater to diverse schedules. Certain major chains may remain open 24/7, ensuring continuous access to essential goods. These round-the-clock stores prove especially beneficial for individuals with late shifts or those seeking the convenience of late-night shopping.

3. Store Shutdowns and Holiday Hours

Grocery stores may periodically shut down for reasons like renovations, maintenance, or inventory restocking. Moreover, establishments frequently adjust their hours or close entirely on public holidays to enable staff to spend time with loved ones. It’s recommended to consult store websites and social media platforms or contact customer service for the latest details on closures or modified schedules and match out the weekend and holiday hours of grocery stores.

Largest Online Grocery Stores in India

Online grocery stores, in particular, offer a myriad of benefits that make them increasingly appealing to consumers. With just a few clicks or taps, shoppers can browse through a vast array of products, compare prices, and place orders from the comfort of their homes or on the go. Furthermore, features such as scheduled deliveries, customizable shopping lists, and automatic reordering make managing household essentials a breeze. Have a look at the 

1. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh, a subsidiary of the tech giant Amazon, is a revolutionary concept in the realm of online grocery shopping. Offering a diverse array of fresh produce, pantry staples, household essentials, and gourmet items, Amazon Fresh has redefined convenience for consumers seeking quality groceries delivered straight to their doorstep. With its seamless integration into the Amazon ecosystem, customers can easily add groceries to their cart while browsing for other items on the platform, streamlining the shopping experience.

2. Big Basket

Big Basket has solidified its position as the largest grocery store in India through a combination of innovation, extensive product offerings, and efficient delivery services. With a vast selection of groceries, household essentials, fresh produce, and gourmet items, Big Basket caters to the diverse needs of consumers across the country. Its user-friendly online platform allows customers to conveniently browse and purchase items from the comfort of their homes, with the added convenience of doorstep delivery.

3. Blinkit

With a diverse range of products spanning groceries, household essentials, personal care items, and more, Blinkit provides shoppers with a one-stop destination for all their daily needs. The user-friendly platform allows customers to easily navigate through various categories, select their desired products, and place orders with just a few clicks. Additionally, Blinkit offers flexible delivery options, including same-day and next-day delivery, ensuring that customers receive their orders in a timely manner. With a focus on quality, freshness, and competitive pricing, Blinkit strives to exceed expectations and deliver a superior shopping experience to its customers.

4. Dmart Ready

DMart stands out as the premier choice for online grocery shopping in Mumbai, offering convenient free pickup and doorstep delivery services throughout the city. The DMart website and mobile app feature an extensive array of grocery products, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers. With DMart Ready, shopping for essential food items, fresh produce, and more is made effortless for the people of Mumbai. The mobile app is accessible for free download on both Android and iOS platforms via the Play and App Store. While currently exclusively available in Mumbai, DMart is committed to providing unparalleled service within the city.

5. Flipkart Supermarket

Flipkart, India’s foremost eCommerce platform, has recently ventured into the online grocery shopping sector, responding to high demand and intense competition. Similar to Amazon Pantry, Flipkart is enhancing its grocery sales by offering exclusive deals and discounts to attract customers. With major players like BigBasket and Grofers expanding into tier-2 cities, Flipkart and Amazon are capitalizing on nationwide delivery capabilities. 

6. Jiomart

The app features a user-friendly search function for easy item discovery, allowing users to add products to their cart and proceed to checkout effortlessly. Furthermore, JioMart enables users to reorder items from their past purchases conveniently. Accessible on both Android and iPhone platforms, JioMart also presents enticing deals on grocery items, ensuring customers can obtain their preferred products at competitive prices. By combining affordability and convenience, JioMart not only simplifies shopping but also saves its users both time and money.

7. Nature’s basket

Nature’s Basket Online Grocery Shopping is a premier destination for discerning consumers seeking quality and variety in grocery purchases. Offering an extensive selection of gourmet foods, fresh produce, pantry staples, and speciality products, Nature’s Basket caters to its customers’ diverse tastes and preferences.  The online platform features intuitive navigation and user-friendly interfaces, allowing customers to effortlessly browse and select items from the comfort of their homes

8. Zepto

Zepto distinguishes itself as an online grocery delivery service promising ultra-fast deliveries within a remarkable 10-minute timeframe. While such swift service might seem too good to be true, Zepto delivers on its promise, offering unparalleled efficiency in grocery delivery. In select areas, delivery times may extend up to 25 minutes, yet still outpacing the competition’s offerings.

The Most Famous Supermarket In The World

How late is closes grocery shop open

The introduction of the supercenter concept has changed the supermarket, providing customers with one-stop shopping for a variety of needs, from groceries to electronics, clothing, and more. In the following list, you will find some of the famous supermarkets in the world with their details to get a better overview. 

United States 

  1. Walmart
  2. Costco Wholesale Corporation
  3. Kroger

United Kingdom

  1. Tesco
  2. Sainbury
  3. Asda
  4. Morrisons
  5. Waitrose & Partners
  6. Aldi


  1. Carrefour
  2. Systeme U
  3. Leclerc
  4. Intermarché
  5. Auchan


  1. Edeka
  2. Rewe
  3. Aldi Süd
  4. Lidl
  5. Kaufland
  6. Netto
  7. Penny

Best Online Supermarkets In The World

How late is closes grocery shop open- Top online supermarkets

No matter where you live across the globe, having the best supermarket by your side is extremely important because of unseen emergencies. Online grocery stores or supermarkets work great for that. The “best” online supermarkets can vary depending on factors like location, personal preferences, and specific needs. However, several online supermarkets are recognized for their exceptional service and offering various products. Here are some of the best online supermarkets in the world that remain open till late. If you are curious to know how late is the closest supermarket open, then have a look at the following list now!

List of Online Grocery Shops Worldwide

1. Asia

Giant Hypermarket Online – in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia and formerly Vietnam.

Honest bee – in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand

2. China: Yihaodian – a Chinese online grocery

3. India: Amazon Fresh, BigBasket, Blinkit, DMart, Dunzo, Flipkart Grocery Store, JioMart, Nature’s Basket, Spencer’s Retail, Swiggy, Licious

4. Singapore: Cold Storage, NTUC FairPrice, Australia, Coles Online, Harris Farm Markets, Woolworths Supermarket

5. Switzerland: Migros Online -Europe’s largest online grocery stores

6. UK: Asda, Co-op Food, Farmdrop (defunct), Getir, Gorillas, Gousto

7. Iceland: Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Ocado, Riverford, Sainsbury’s Online,, Waitrose, Latin America

8. North America & Canada: Wallmart, Grocery Gateway, Save-On-Foods, Thrifty Foods.

9. South America: Rappi: Operates in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay

Benefits of 24-hour Grocery Stores in India

Whether it’s the late-night dash for forgotten essentials, the need to fix unexpected emergencies, or simply the desire for a peaceful shopping experience when the world is asleep, 24-hour grocery stores stand as a symbol of accessibility and flexibility. They act as a helping hand during unforeseen emergencies, ensuring that the essentials are always within reach. Moreover, it also cuts the hassle of searching for how late is the closest grocery store open since the 24-hour grocery stores will help you out. Here are the benefits of 24-hour Grocery stores in India that you must know.

  1. Convenience: 24-hour grocery stores provide greater convenience to consumers. People with busy schedules, shift workers, and those who need groceries outside of regular business hours can shop at their convenience.
  2. Emergency Needs: These stores are a lifeline during emergencies. If someone runs out of essential items like baby food, medicines, or toiletries in the middle of the night, they have a reliable place to purchase them.
  3. Late-Night and Early-Morning Shoppers: For individuals who work late shifts or need to shop early in the morning, 24-hour stores are a valuable resource.
  4. Reduced Crowds: Shopping during non-peak hours can mean fewer crowds, shorter checkout lines, and a more relaxed shopping experience.
  5. Availability of Fresh Produce: 24-hour stores have fresh products more frequently, ensuring that customers have access to quality items.
  6. Extended Shopping Time: Extended shopping hours can be beneficial during festive seasons, allowing people to shop for groceries during their preferred time, especially when other stores may be closed or crowded.

List of 24-hour Available Grocery Stores in India

How late is closes grocery shop open- 24-hour grocery store in India

1. 24 Seven

The 24 Seven convenience store chain was established in 2001 with the opening of its first two stores in Gurgaon. Since then, the chain has grown to encompass over 130 locations across multiple Indian cities. 24 Seven has earned a reputation for its commitment to convenience and accessibility, offering a comprehensive selection of products around the clock.

2. The New Shop

The New Shop is a rapidly growing 24/7 convenience store chain in India. Founded in March 2019, the chain has successfully expanded to over 100 stores across various cities, establishing a strong presence in the retail landscape. With its focus on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, The New Shop has gained significant popularity among consumers seeking convenient access to everyday essentials.

Factors Affecting How Late The Closest Grocery Store Open

The operating hours of the nearest grocery store serve as a main aspect of our daily routines, influencing our convenience and accessibility to essential supplies. Understanding the factors that affect the opening and closing hours of a grocery store is extremely important so that you can keep your shopping list sorted. In the following section, you will get to know more about these factors affecting how late is the closest grocery store open.

  1. Location and Market: The geographic location of the store and the nature of the local market play a crucial role. Urban areas or areas with a high density of residential and commercial activity often support longer operating hours, while rural areas may have earlier closing times.
  2. Customer Behavior: Customer demand is a primary driver. Stores tend to align their hours with when customers are most likely to shop. This includes considering peak shopping times during the day, week, and even the month.
  3. Festivals and holidays: Seasonal factors, such as holidays and festivals, can lead to temporary adjustments in closing times to accommodate increased customer traffic during these periods.
  4. Curfew & Special Days: Customers may be hesitant to go out during curfew, leading to a decline in traffic and shopping. Consequently, grocery stores may choose to close earlier or implement limited hours during curfew periods.

How To Search Closest Grocery Stores Near Me

Here are the ways through which you can navigate the closest grocery stores

1. How To Navigate The Closest Grocery Store Through Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular ways to learn how to navigate the closest grocery store. Whether you are new in the city or don’t have any idea about the grocery store, Google Maps will surely help you out by giving you a complete view to reach the closest grocery store. The following steps will help you out.

  1. Launch the Google Maps application on your iOS or Android gadget.
  2. Type the term “grocery store” into the search bar.
  3. There will be a list of grocery stores in the area “marked as red pins on the map.”
  4. To display information about that grocery store, tap the pin closest to you.

Additionally, you can receive instructions and further narrow down your search by adding parameters like store rating or distance using the drop-down menu located beneath the search box.

2. How To Discover The Closest Grocery Store Online

Use the methods below to use the web to discover how late is the closest grocery store open: 

  1. First, launch Google Maps on your PC.
  2. In the Search box, type “grocery stores” and hit Enter.
  3. A list of open food stores in your area, along with their addresses, will appear on Google Maps.
  4. To access store details, click or tap the closest pin.
  5. To obtain comprehensive directions to a particular grocery store, click on the name of the store and select the “Directions” button.

3. How To Navigate The Closest Grocery Stores Through Apple Maps

Apple Maps is the daily navigation tool used by many iOS users. So, using the Apple Maps app, follow these steps to locate the closest food store;

  1. On your iOS device, launch the Apple Maps app.
  2. Tap the search bar at the top of the screen and type in “grocery stores”
  3. Use the search field to type in “grocery store near me” or “Closest Grocery Store.”
  4. A list of results displaying local grocery businesses will appear on Apple Maps.
  5. From the list, tap the grocery store that is closest to you.

To get accurate results based on your current location, make sure the Apple Maps app has permission to view your location.

4. Using Online Store Locators

Several prominent grocery store chains across India offer websites or mobile applications equipped with store locator features. By visiting the official website or downloading the app of renowned chains like Big Bazaar, DMart, Reliance Smart, or Star Bazaar, customers can easily locate the nearest store based on their current location. These store locator tools not only display the closest store but also furnish supplementary details such as operating hours, contact information, and directions, enhancing the overall shopping experience. 

5. Asking Locals Or Social Media

You can ask your friends, families, or other localities about the grocery store maps as they can help you find the easiest way to get there. Also, you can consider asking questions about the nearest stores on social media platforms like Facebook so that people can respond to you with the best local stores for groceries.

Tips for Shopping Late at Night for Groceries

In today’s fast-paced world, shopping late at night has become a necessity for many individuals. Whether due to busy work schedules, unconventional hours, or simply the desire for a quieter, more relaxed shopping experience, late-night shopping offers its own set of advantages. However, navigating stores during the late hours requires some specific strategies and considerations to make the most of the experience. Most importantly, before shopping late at night, it is very crucial to know how late the closest grocery store open. In the following section, we will explore some of the tips for grocery shopping during off-peak hours that can help you maximize your time, ensure safety, and enhance your overall experience.

  1. Plan Your Shopping List in Advance: Before heading to the store, create a detailed shopping list to minimize the time and to ensure you don’t forget any essential items.
  2. Choose a Well-Lit and Safe Location: Opt for well-lit and secure stores or areas. Safety is paramount when shopping at late hours, so select stores in reputable neighbourhoods.
  3. Dress Comfortably: Wear comfortable clothing and shoes to make your late-night shopping excursion more enjoyable.
  4. Use a Basket or Cart: If you’re buying numerous items, consider using a shopping basket or cart to ease the load and keep your hands free.
  5. Be Mindful of Store Hours: Confirm the closing time of the store you plan to visit. Many stores close early, even if located in 24-hour neighbourhoods.
  6. Check Payment Options: Ensure you have the necessary payment methods, whether it’s cash, credit/debit cards, or digital wallets.
  7. Be Aware of Store Policies: Familiarize yourself with the store’s return and exchange policies in case you need to make returns at a later date.
  8. Be alert of your surroundings: Stay alert and pay attention to your surroundings. Avoid distractions such as your phone and keep your bag secure.
  9. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash: Use credit or debit cards whenever possible. If you must carry cash, keep it concealed and only take out what you need at the checkout.

Tips for Spending Under Budget While Shopping in a Supermarket

Supermarkets can be a wonderland of choices, offering everything from daily essentials to tempting treats. However, they can also be a place where budgets easily spiral out of control. Careful planning and savvy shopping can help you stay within your budget while still getting what you need. In this guide, we will explore a series of tips to help you manage your budget effectively when spending in supermarkets.

  1. Make a Shopping List: Before heading to the supermarket, create a detailed shopping list based on what you need. Stick to your list to avoid impulsive purchases.
  2. Set a Budget: Determine how much you can afford to spend and commit to staying within that budget.
  3. Compare Prices: Pay attention to price tags and unit prices. Compare different brands and package sizes to find the best value.
  4. Look for Sales and Discounts: Take advantage of sales, promotions, and discounts. Many supermarkets have loyalty programs that offer savings to members.
  5. Buy in Bulk for Non-Perishables: For items with a long shelf life, such as canned goods, pasta, or toiletries, buying in bulk can be cost-effective.
  6. Shop Seasonally: Choose fruits and vegetables that are in season, as they are often less expensive and fresher.
  7. Limit Snacks and Treats: While it’s fine to indulge occasionally, try to limit the number of snacks and treats you buy, as they can quickly add to your total bill.
  8. Reuse Shopping Bags: Many supermarkets charge for plastic bags. Reusing your own shopping bags can help you save on this expense.

All your grocery shopping problems can be resolved in one go if you choose your shopping time late at night. Whether you are working till evening or don’t feel like moving in the afternoon, you will surely have great energy to shop for all your necessary grocery items late at night with a relaxed mind. The above-mentioned article will help you know everything about how late is the grocery store open and how to reach those stores. So start making your shopping list, and don’t let the late-night wind stop your shopping spirit.


Q1. Is grocery store open 24 hrs near me on holidays?
Ans. Yes, some grocery stores are open on holidays, but it is always best to check out how late is the closest grocery store open so that your time and efforts are saved. 

Q2. Is grocery store and supermarket the same?
Ans. No, supermarkets are larger, have a wider range of products, and often stay open longer, while grocery stores are usually smaller in size and majorly focus on food items with limited choices.

Q3. How late is the closest grocery store open?
Ans. It depends upon the location you live in. Usually, the big grocery stores like Big Bazaar, Dmart, Reliance Fresh, etc, open at 10 am and shut down at 11 pm.

Q4. Should I go to grocery shopping at night?
Ans. Yes, you can go to grocery shopping at night by keeping in mind the tips for grocery shopping during off-peak hours.

Hope you find the article (How late is the closest grocery store open?) helpful. If you have any suggestions, please write to us in the comment section below.

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