Cheap To Unique Home Decor Items

Cheap To Unique Home Decor Items

A home is a place for love, comfort, and peace. Everyone wishes their home to look beautiful and have a positive and peaceful environment. A pleasantly decorated home can put your anxiety and negative vibes at ease. The best thing about decorating your home is that you can do it without spending a huge amount of your savings. You must be thinking, how? Well, home decor items online can be extremely cheap if you know where to buy them. There are numerous home decor items online that will match your standards and budget. To know more about cheap and unique home decor items, read the following article.

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Cheap And Unique Home Decor Items

S. No.Cheap And Unique Home Decor Items Price 
1.Solar Wind Chimes Crystal ball colour changingRs. 810
2.Carpet for home decorRs. 807
3.Antique Sand Clock Timer Rs. 674
4.Antique Chair Design Tea Coffee Coaster SetRs. 449
5.Bubble ball string lightsRs. 315
6.Antique music decorative itemRs. 295
7.Decorative wall art MDF wooden wall hangingRs. 279
8.Dream catcherRs. 261
9.PVC vinyl bedroom wall stickerRs. 249
10.Unique wall key holderRs. 199

Home Decor Items

10. Unique Wall Key Holder

unique items
Unique Wall Key Holder

Are you someone who always keeps keys at unrecalled places and then wastes time finding them? If yes, don’t worry; we have a solution. This unique wall key holder will not only help you to keep all your keys together but will also increase the attractiveness of your home. The radio design of this key holder will remind you of old times and give your house a vintage look. You can hang this key holder anywhere in your living room to make it easy for you to find your keys. So don’t waste a minute and buy this cheap home decor item at just Rs. 199. Here are some great things about this product that will entice you to buy it.

  • Lightweight
  • Hang indoor or outdoor
  • Ideal for hanging keys, masks, and other miscellaneous things

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9. PVC Vinyl Bedroom Wall Sticker

home decor items
PVC Vinyl Bedroom Wall Sticker 

Are you confused about how to decorate your kid’s bedroom? If yes, then you don’t have to worry anymore since this is the ideal way for you to renovate it without any hustle. This wall sticker will help you make your kid’s room look more charming and cute. The design of this wall sticker is very unique as it involves stars, flowers, and other cute little things. The wall sticker is easy to stick on the wall. So what are you waiting for? Buy this unique home decoration item at just Rs. 249.

  • Ideal for kids
  • Self- adhesive
  • Easily applied on walls and floors

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8. Dream Catcher Wall Hanging

cheap home decor
Dream Catcher Wall Hanging

They are always known to create positive energy and a peaceful environment. The feathers in it are not only beautiful but will also enhance the look of your walls. This product comes in various designs, colour, and shape to lure buyers. Whether you are an adult or want to buy it for your kids, the dream catcher will never disappoint you with positive vibes and pleasure. You can hang these dream catchers anywhere in your home, be it on the bedroom wall, living room, or on your porch. Hurry up and buy this dream catcher at just Rs. 261.

  • Available in multicolour
  • Brings peace to homes
  • Handmade and durable

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7. Decorative wall art MDF wooden wall hanging

unique home decor
Decorative wall art MDF wooden wall hanging

The walls are the most attractive part of every house. Decorating walls with different things gives a unique and modified touch to your home, and these wall paintings are the perfect example of it. The paintings are made with the purpose of enhancing the look of your residence. They are well-designed and are quoted with an inspirational message on them. The best thing about these unique wall paintings is that they are extremely cheap and affordable and are available on amazon at just Rs. 279. Have a look at the following perks to get a clear view of this product.

  • Handmade
  • Motivational quotes
  • Eye-popping colour

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6. Antique Music Decorative Item

home decor items
Antique Music Decorative Item

They say music is the soul. Well, it surely is! People who love music always crave to keep it close to them. That’s why we are here with this unique music-decorative item that will make your lifestyle more melodious and joyful. This item will give your home a vintage and fun environment. It is extremely durable and strong. You can buy this item from Amazon for just Rs. 295.

  • Brings prosperity and happiness to music lovers
  • Vintage look
  • Durable

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5. Bubble ball String Lights

cute home decor items
Bubble ball string lights

If you are somebody who loves lights, then you must be happy to know that these lights will always brighten up your surroundings. The beautiful lights will make your home look extremely attractive. The lights are water resistant, so you can hang them anywhere without any worry. In addition, the lights will keep your house delighted on every festival or occasion, be it Diwali, Christmas, birthday parties, etc. You can buy these lights from amazon for just Rs. 315.

  • Suitable for every occasion and festival
  • Unique design
  • Long-lasting

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4. Antique Chair Design Tea Coffee Coaster Set

home decor items online
Antique Chair Design Tea Coffee Coaster Set

The antique designer tea set will enhance the look and value of your home dining table. This set is made of wood, and that’s why it is extremely strong and solid. You can keep it as your home decor item or also can gift it to your loved ones on special occasions. The set comes in brown colour and is very easy to clean. If you are struggling with cheap home decor, this can be your perfect home decor partner. You can buy it online for just Rs. 449.

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Unbreakable

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3. Antique Sand Clock Timer

cheap and unique home decor items
Antique Sand Clock Timer

This cheap home decor item is not only unique but antique as well. This hourglass makes it easy to track your work and check your progress without any interruption. You can keep this anywhere you want, like on your bookshelf, centre table, study table, etc. This rose gold antique sand clock timer will surely escalate your home decor. Buy this one of the best home decor items online at just Rs. 674.

  • Useful for tracking work
  • Wooden material
  • Lightweight

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2.  Carpet For Home Decor

home decor online
Carpet for home decor

Are you one of those who can’t keep their home without carpets? If yes, then you would be happy to know that this item is here to make your home look classy and sophisticated in front of special guests or outsiders. You can keep the carpet in your living room or in your bedroom. There are several colours and shapes available in the product. So what are you waiting for? Buy this soft and classy carpet now to keep your home warm and stylish.

  • Lightweight
  • Extremely soft and furred
  • Available in different shapes

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1. Solar Wind Chimes Crystal ball colour changing

online home decor
Solar Wind Chimes Crystal ball colour changing

Wind chimes are known to cast back bad luck and negativity; hence they are one of the most used home decor products. People keep wind chimes at their homes to bring positivity and peace. You can hang these beautiful solar wind chimes both inside and outside of your house. The best thing about these wind chimes is that it has different colours in it that will enhance the look of your home more profoundly. You can even gift it to your loved ones on their birthday, anniversaries, etc. If you are searching for the best wind chimes for your house, then have a look at this model. It will surely not disappoint your expectations.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor home decor
  • Different colours in the single wind chime
  • Brings positivity and peace

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