Google Pixel 2 Release Date in India

Google Pixel 2 Release Date in India

Google Pixel 2 Release Date in India, Google Pixel 2 Official Release Date in India, Google Pixel 2 Release in India: Android O has been taking its rounds on the Internet and everybody is excited about what Android O can offer. The Beta version of Android O is already launched in Google’s Android smartphones. Sources suggest that the official release of Android O will be on Google’s next flagship, called Google Pixel 2. This is a rather smart move as they will be able to showcase features of Android O and Google Pixel 2 at the same time. Earlier, Google released Google Pixel and it is definitely a hit in the market. Google is now working on Pixel’s successor called the Google Pixel 2. There have already been many leaks and rumors about its specifications and release date. We have rounded up all the details of Google Pixel 2. Read this article to find out about Google Pixel 2 release date in India.

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Google Pixel 2 Release Date and Features

There have been many leaks about the specifications of Google Pixel 2 and we have rounded the up all those aspects here. Google Pixel 2 is powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor which will help in high-performance maintenance. It is expected to work on Google’s latest update called the Android O. However, there are rumors that it will work on Android Nougat and will get the Android O update in the coming year. Google Pixel 2 boasts a unique design with a curved display. A recent news claimed that Google has ordered for OLED display from the famous company, LG. Another rumor tips that the handset will come in 5.6 inches with a metal finished case. The screen will support a colorful full HD display. Since the Google Pixel Phone was released in the fall last year, the next series is also expected to be released in this fall 2017.

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Google Pixel 2 Release Date in India

Another exclusive feature of Google Pixel 2 is that it will be a waterproof handset. Sources also claim that it will have a dual camera as the rear primary camera of 12 MP and a front camera of 7 MP. This will allow you to capture the best pictures of rich quality. Apart from these features, it will mostly house a storage of 64 GB supported by a 6 GB RAM. There are rumors that there will be a variant of 128 GB storage too. Since its predecessor was released in October 2016, Google Pixel 2 is also expected to be released in the month of October too. We will have to wait for the official statements to put these rumors to rest.

  • Expected Google Pixel 2 Release Date in India: 20 October 2017

Google Pixel 2 Release Date

There has been a lot of rumors about Google’s next prodigy called the Google Pixel 2. This will be a high-end Android smartphone and the cost of the phone is expected to be on the higher end too. The expected price of Google Pixel 2 is estimated to be more than Rs 55,000 as it will feature the latest Android update, Android O, too. If you are wary of high-end Samsung phones or luxurious iPhones, then Google Pixel 2 should be considered your next choice. Google Pixel 2 will most likely be released in this October. Yet, we will have to wait for the officials to make reports on Google Pixel 2. Stay tuned on this blog as we will update more information about Google Pixel 2 soon.

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