How to Use Google Allo Personal Assistant Features and How To Set-Up everything

google allo personal assistant

There are so many messaging apps launching every day for better communication with your friends. But, irony is that the number of apps on your phone is more than the number of friends you have. Along with Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage, Google’s Allo is trying to top the app list. Although, Google owns a chat app “Hangouts”, the main aim of Allo is to  be an app with “smart” abilities as it makes a user’s mobile device a “machine with a brain.” Google Allo personal assistant adds to the smart features of the app. But, it seems like Google Allo is rudimentary than Google Now and Apple’s Siri.

Google Allo Personal Assistant

Allo comes with an intelligent AI, Google Allo personal Assistant. It answers your questions and helps you find what you need. To probe the Assistant, type “What can you do”. If you like the suggestions of the Google Allo Personal Assistant, you can also give him a “like” or “dislike”.  You can chat directly with it, else you can ask it to join your conversation with friends by typing @google. There are so many tasks that the Google Allo Personal Assistant can achieve and here are a few among them,

Here are the Top Google Allo App Features and their Details

1. How To Set Reminder or Alarm with Google Allo Personal Assistant Features

If you are forgetful about meeting your girlfriend or attending an official party, inform Google Personal Assistant about the party’s time in prior. You will receive a notification just before the time set for the meeting. It’s just as simple as that now you don’t need multiple apps for all your works. Because google allo personal assistant is worth 100 applications. Here is how to set alarm with google allo app

Steps to set alarm with Google Allo Personal Assistant:

  • First go to the Google assistant Chat box
  • Then type Set Alarm, it will ask for the timings.
  • Before giving the timings you can also remove the previous alarms
  • So simply type your timing like 8AM or 7PM.
  • That’s it you are done Google Allo Personal Assistant will set the Alarm

Steps to Set Reminder with Google Allo Personal Assistant:

  • First Visit Google Assistant chat box
  • Then type Add to Calendar or Set Reminder
  • Google Allo will ask you for the event name, type and date
  • Just give those answers then it will set the reminder for you.
  • You can simply cancel them with one tap

2. How to ask Google Allo Personal Assistant features to help you find a restaurant

  • Tell the Google Assistant that you are hungry by saying I am Hungry
  • It will ask you about your favorite food, so give an option like Pizza
  • Accordingly, it will find the nearby restaurants.
  • Your food preferences will also be stored on Google’s servers for further queries.
  • You can also get the restaurant location with navigation, so what else do you need more.

It’s better than Zomato because you can get the rating of restaurant in that searches. Now you can simply remove Zomato app only if you are trying to clear the mobile apps.

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3. How To Read Emails with Google allo personal Assistant features.

As I told earlier google allo app got the complete access over all google things, you can do any stuff related to google with allo app. You can even ask your personal assistant to read your mails, remember it doesn’t mean your mails were shared with public. It will just read it from your inbox. You can also display all of your e-mails in Allo with Google Allo Personal Assistant without having to open the email app. All you need to do is tell the Assistant “Show me my mails”.

Steps to Read emails with Google Allo Assistant:

  • Simply type Show my mails then Google assistant will show all your mails
  • You can customize these mails by saying from yesterday then it will show you the mails you received from yesterday.
  • You can also get mails from one conversation by saying like mails from joey
  • Then google allo assistant will display all the mails received from Joey

So no need to check the gmail app for everything you can get all the stuff with one simple tap. The main use is you can do the multiple works with google allo personal assistant.

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4. Fly anywhere with Your Google Allo Personal Assistant Features

Rather than searching for a flight from goibibo or make my trip you can get all the information from google allo personal assistant. You can follow these simple steps

Simple steps to Book a Flight with Google Allo Assistant:

  • Open Your Google Assistant and type “I need to fly to <destination>”
  • It will display all the available flights, or you can also type like Next Flight to <destination>
  • It will display all the flights in next 1-4 hours.
  • This is pretty awesome you can even get the cheap flight by saying Cheap Flights to <destination>
  • That’s how you can book a flight with your google allo personal Assistant

It will give you all the available information and it will save you tons of money. Because if you don’t know sites like Goibibo and Makemytrip uses cookies which will store the user data. Then later they will show the same price for your flights even if the actual price is dropped. So use your google assistant and save your money.

5. How to Check weather with Google Allo Personal Assistant Features

Want to play cricket, or want to go some place for a trip, then you should know the weather details. Google Allo will help you find any place weather details with their forecast and it will also predict the weather for two upcoming weeks.

Steps to check weather with Google allo personal assistant:

  • Simply type weather in your google assistant
  • It will show you the weather with a funny quote like if it is raining then it will show you might need an umbrella
  • If it is too hot it will say Are you planning to go out in Hot Weather.
  • It will also show minimum and maximum temperatures of that place.
  • It can even show you past and previous temperatures

6. Play games with Google Allo Personal Assistant Features

There are two fun games in Google Allo app, Emoji movies to guess movie names and Emoji riddles to crack the riddles using emojis.

  • You can play these games with Google Allo Personal Assistant.
  • In addition, you can even play with your friends in your private chat.
  • or Everyone can play in the Group chat

7. Easy to share videos with Google Allo Personal Assistant

To share videos, you will have to either copy the link from the browser and paste it in your chat window or share it externally to a third party app. In Allo, just type “@google <video name>”and Google Allo Personal Assistant will share the video with your friend.

Other Google Allo Personal Assistant Features:

Allo also has other cool features like stickers, incognito chat, end-to-end encryption, create doodles on images and expiration of messages for privacy. Finally, the Google Allo Personal Assistant also turns annoying when it pokes you with suggestions while chatting with your friend even if it doesn’t know what you are talking about.

Here are some things which you can’t access or unable to find in google allo personal assistant, I am giving every solution some small problems like how to send big text and how to edit images with text on them. Like this I am giving some solutions

How To Send Big Text in Google Allo Personal Assistant App:

  • Visit allo app and go to any chat box
  • Type a message and hold on don’t send it directly
  • So if you want to send a big text hold the send button and move it above or below.
  • This will determine the size of text, once you got the enough size just remove your finger from the button.
  • That’s it, you just sent a big text from your google allo app.

How To Edit Pictures in Google Allo Personal Assistant App:

  • Again visit the Google allo app and go to any chat box.
  • There you will see one plus icon click on that
  • It will show you some stickers but at the bottom you can find pictures option click on that.
  • Select the picture you want to edit, after selection you will see edit icon on the left bottom corner.
  • Click on that and edit your picture or add text and send it to your friends.
  • That’s it you just edited pictures in google allo app.

Furthermore, Google Allo Personal Assistant can access your pictures from Google Photos in its chat window. For instance, if you ask “show me my pictures of cats”, it will get the images of cats from your Google Photos. Yet, this command is not available in a private chat. Also, it can help you know about sports updates. Another feature of Google Allo Personal Assistant is that you can opt for subscriptions from magazines. Type the name of the newspaper, “The Hindu” and it will show up every day at the time you specify.

The drawback to Google Allo Personal Assistant is that not all services are available within the bot. Certain services bounce back to the browser and this makes you experience with Google Allo Personal Assistant quite grouchy. Also, in many cases, Google Allo Personal Assistant’s services are the same as Google Now. You can also simply goof around with Google Assistant with silly questions for which it will come up with answers.

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