Google Allo App New Competition to WhatsApp..? This got many features with Personal Assistant

google allo app features

Google just released they new app which is Google Allo App, this app got so many features. It is just perfect in many ways if everything goes well this got a very good chances to beat whatsapp messenger. Google allo app is a instant messaging app which also provides google assistant for your needs. Where you can get all answers and you can do anything with google allo assistant feature. Google previously holds so many messaging apps like GTalk, G-chat, Hangouts and Google wave. But this app is something special it got the capacity to beat whatsapp messenger. So let’s find out what are Google allo app features, and Google allo app India use and download

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Google Allo App Download:

You can download this app by simply clicking on this link, which will redirect to google play page where you can Google allo app download. Here are more details on google allo app download

Size: less than 10 MB

Release Date: September 2016

Requirements: Android version 4.1 Minimum

Permissions: It requires so many permissions like camera, phone, microphone, location and much more

How To Download Google Allo App:

  • First visit Google play or Play Store App
  • Then Search for Google Allo App
  • You will find one app, which is 10MB in size
  • You can simply Download and Install that app

That’s it you are set to use Google Allo App, This app is now available in almost every country. You can use google allo app from the following way.

Google Allo App Use:

This app requires so many features, but using this app is very easy. At the starting you might feel little uncomfortable with all those feature but once you started using it you are gonna love this app. It will never ever boring you, in fact if you feel bored the you can play with it. Here I am giving more details on How To use Google Allo app

How To Use Google Allo App:

  • So after downloading google allo app register from your mobile number
  • Once it verifies with OTP you can set-up your Profile Pic(DP)
  • After that you can choose your name
  • Once everything is set you will get a screen with google allo app
  • That’s it you just set-up Google Allo App

Once you done the above steps you are then allowed to enjoy all google allo app features.

Google Allo App Features:

As I told you earlier this is not just instant messaging app, it provides so many other features. In one word it is EVERYTHING, remember the fact it made by google. So it got no boundaries google is providing complete access to google allo app features but let’s find out what are they

Google Allo App Features: Smart Reply

This smart reply google allo app features enable messages without even typing a single word. Smart Reply features learns learns over time and it also suggests responses to your text and photos, in your own style. It is a pretty good google allo app features right..? it’s like you got your own system which understands everything about you.

Google Allo App Features: Ink

Now you can send pictures by editing them, editing means you can doodle them or you can even add text to those images. It’s like whole new way of using messaging app, once you started using this app you gonna love this google allo Ink Feature.

Google Allo App Features: Stickers

Every messaging app won’t be finished without stickers that’s what it says here the perfect stickers in google allo app features. These stickers aren’t added from the existing ones they made by using professional artists from around the world. This shows how important this google allo app is.

Google Allo App Features SHOUT or whisper

That’s it no more typing this google allo app feature take you to the new level with this SHOUT option. Now you can give your voice by louder or quieter by simply changing the size of your text with one simple quick swipe. It’s not like any voice mail, your content will be auto-typed with your voice. One can’t miss this google allo app features SHOUT

Google All App Features Meet your personal Google Assistant

Ever wondering of getting a new assistant for your works, or your personal things. Well I had this dream and it just came true. This google allo app features which is Personal google assistant is completely awesome. One can’t stop ignoring this feature. Google Allo app which gives you the one Google Assistant,currently running on preview edition. This can Find nearby restaurants, can share videos to watch, and he can even answer your questions, right in your conversation with friends. Add @google to your group conversation or chat one-on-one with your Assistant. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help. I will add more information about google personal assistant in his own article.. 😉

Google Allo App India:

This amazing app is now available in India, it got no restrictions in India. You can use it in anyway, once you matched the allo app requirements from play store then you are all set complete google allo app download and use features. There is now doubt that this app would record maximum downloads in India. Because india is the most english speaking country because there are so many people who follow technology every one will download this app to enjoy chatting with their friends or relatives. Let’s wait for couple of months, then we can see whether is it gonna beat whatsapp or not.

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