How to Forward Whatsapp message to 256 members or More at a time

Forward Whatsapp message to 256 members

Are you searching for the trick to Forward Whatsapp message to 256 members at a time? Sometimes we wish to forward jokes and messages to our more than 5 friends or colleagues or family. But Whatsapp has restricted us to forward a message to 5 or less members at a time. You need not to worry we are here to help you. Here in this post we will share 3 most amazing methods, these methods have some limitations and can be use in different different conditions. Here in this post we will discuss all of them one by one in details.

How to Forward a message on Whatsapp (Normal method)?

Simply we use these simple steps to forward Whatsapp messages.

  1. Select the messages you want to forward.
  2. Click on forward icon.
  3. Select upto 5 members whom you want to forward the messages.
  4. click on done.

How to forward a message upto 256 members at a time?

Here are those 3 Golden tricks to Forward Whatsapp message to 256 members at a time.

  1. Whatsapp Broadcast

Whatsapp Broadcast is the least used method on Whatsapp. Most of the Whatsapp users don’t know about this method. In this method we can select 2 or more than 2 friends and make a broadcast in which we can forward Video, link, Audio, Image, Text or GIF. In this method you can select upto 256 members.

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Benefits of Whatsapp Broadcast:

  • In this Each member will get message message individually.
  • No other member will know about the other recipient.

How to make Whatsapp Broadcast?

  • Search for or select the contacts you want to add.
  • Tap the check mark.

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  1. Whatsapp Groups

Similar to broadcast we can use Whatsapp Groups. Almost every one of us have a Whatsapp group in our Whatsapp. In this we can add upto 256 members at a time including you.

Who is a Group Admin?

In a Whatsapp Group a leader is known as Admin. In this a person who makes the group is automatically becomes an Admin and other become members.

What Group Admin can do in a group?

  • admin can make more than one admin in a group.
  • he/she have right to add or remove any member anytime from the group.
  • admin can share group invitation link.
  • he/she have all the rights to modify group in any manner.
  • admin can restrict all members to send Video, Audio, link, Image, Text, GIF or to change group info.

What Group Members can do in a group?

  • All members can have right to change the group DP (Display Picture) or Name.
  • Any member can share Video, Audio, link, Image, Text or GIF in the group.

Note: But Admin can restrict all members to send message or to change group info.

  • Any member can leave the group anytime with or without deleting the Data.
  • Any member can see the information of other member like DP, mobile no. associated with Whatsapp or nickname.

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How to make Whatsapp Group?

  • Open Whatsapp.
  • Click on green icon at bottom right corner of your Whatsapp window.
  • Click on New Group.
  • Select the contacts you want to add in group.
  • Click on green Arrow icon at bottom right corner.
  • Type the Group name.
  • Click on green tick icon.

How to change Whatsapp Group DP?

  • Open Whatsapp.
  • Click on your Group Name.
  • Again click on your Group name from top.
  • Click on previous DP or green space above group name.
  • Select image from your gallery.
  1. Whatsapp Status

This is a story you post on your Whatsapp timeline which automatically deletes in 24 Hours. Your status can be seen by all the members whose no. is saved in your contact list any who have saved your no. in his mobile phone. It can be a small Video, link, Image, Text or GIF. You can’t upload an audio file here.

You can select one, two or more person who can see your status. Or you can restrict anyone to see your status.

How to restrict anyone to see your status?

  • Open Whatsapp.
  • Click on more options and select “Settings”.
  • Select Account > Select Privacy > Select Status.
  • Select My contacts except > Select
  • Click on green Tick icon at bottom right corner.

Now those contacts which you have selected here can’t see your status.

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How to make send a Whatsapp Status?

  • Open your Whatsapp app
  • You will see three option at the top, Select status(middle one).
  • At the bottom you will see pencil and camera icon. Select the appropriate option.
  • For text information select pencil icon and type your status and click on next icon from the bottom.
  • For media select camera option and if you want to click a picture for status then click and upload. Otherwise Scroll up from bottom and select media.
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