Flipkart’s The Big Billion Day – a pricing SCAM?

Flipkart recently announced The Big Billion Day sale on 13th to 17th October 2015 as an equivalent to the Black Friday sale in the USA. Let me remind you about flipkart big billion day on 6th october 2014 . Flipkart ever since it was launched as full fledged e-commerce portal and Flipkart claimed that it was the giant sale ever in the history of eCommerce in India. However, people found it rather strange and smells rat in it.

Flipkart might have underrated and underestimated its customers of their intelligence and shopping techniques as lot of people who use to buy things online uses tools and plugins to track the prices for x days and can also compare the prices of particular commodity available on difference e-commerce stores. Online tools such as Pricify and Chrome extensions like flipshope provide users to monitor/track prices of any product for n-number of days and compare prices of same brand products on different e-stores.

Cherry Parekh, one of a Flipkart customer bought a dress worth Rs 899 this week (see shipment details in image below) and on big billion day she was shocked to see the rate which was increased to Rs 1899, which on the sale day might again be Rs 899.



Flipkart’s The Big Billion Day


SEE another example of price scam on big billion day 2014

Flipkart price scam



What to do this big billionday to not become victim of price scam ?

Add flipshope chrome extension .The flipshope chrome extension gives daily price graph variation of each item each day and also comparison on 50+ sites

It will show you daily price variation on each site each day .
Big Billion Day pricing scamThe flipshope chrome extension gives a comparison of price items for a period of time. Must check before you purchase

flipkart price comparison

It is important for us as consumers to be aware about such marketing gimmicks and take purchasing decision wisely after considering all the factors.



  1. actually these blunders are because of three reasons..
    1. Miss communication between technical and category team.
    2. Sellers wants to showcase their prices at a lower rate (despite the fact that they are actually the same).
    3. Lack of ecommerce experience of the young site like Flipkart (comparing to Amazon and Ebay)
    Putting Big Billion day only for app is yet another disaster

  2. e-commerce turned to m-commerce, Trend is changing. I wonder this year Flipkart’s 2nd edition of Big billion day is going to be App only sale. Now affiliates are trying to grab the attention by providing additional rewards on the top of big billion day offers 2015. One of those cashback sites I found is encashit. They are also the mobile first platform with android app so this will be a big move for them. If you get time try this app >>

  3. Cant help this time. The flipkart BBD is app only. Installing the extension wont help. Possible that the discount could be seen only on the app.

    This will help only at times where the price has been slashed.

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