Flipkart Rolls Out ‘Image Search’ Feature To Its Mobile App

Flipkart has introduced a ‘ Flipkart Image Search ’ feature on its mobile app. The feature is aimed at its fashion shoppers and will let them search an shop for a product based on an image they might have seen. All you need to do now is, see, shoot a pic and buy what you like on Flipkart.

With Flipkart Image Search , users can now click a picture or use a photo on their phones to find fashion products of same colour, pattern or style on Flipkart.

In its official blog Flipkart stated – “By leveraging inbuilt device capabilities like the camera, users can now search for fashion products, close to what they’ve seen—just by clicking a picture. The new feature is a big step that attempts to bridge offline to online experience in the fashion space. Currently available in beta version, this is going to be a game changer in online fashion shopping.”

This new Flipkart Image Search feature  Indeed a game changer in India’ online shopping industry. With this new Flipkart Image Search feature online buyers can now sneak out their camera and snap a quick pic, and shop for something that looks similar to what they have in the picture.

Flipkart Image Search

“We found that fashion users found it hard to narrow down on the right product that they had in their mind. Also, most users had a tough time defining the product they wanted through keyword search. For example – One user, who was looking to buy a nice dress that she saw in a magazine, didn’t really know how to describe it—apart from describing it as a ‘black dress’. And running a keyword search on that gave her over 3000 results!” said Leo James, Product Manager, Mobile Apps, Flipkart.

Currently, more than 75% users accessing Flipkart through their smartphones, mobile app dominates the total visits on the platform. And there will be more such innovative features and developments in the coming months, added James.


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