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Flipkart Flash Sale Auto Check Out Feature now Buy Flash sale Product with a single click: As you all know Flipshope the Online Shopping Chrome extension holds so many features like Price Drop Alerts, Price Graph, Auto-Buy, Comparison, Coupons, and Deals. We recently released one more new feature called Auto-Apply coupons. Where you can apply all the available shopping coupons with one click and now we are back with one more awesome feature which is called Auto Check Out. This is the best deal for people who are struggling to buy Flash Sale products and people who are spending so much time filling the address details and payment details. So we are here to solve your problems, this Auto checks Out presently work on Flipkart and soon we will expand to more sites.

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Auto Check Out Feature (UPDATED)

This feature isn’t available anywhere except Flipshope Extension. You can follow these simple steps to use our Auto Check Out feature. Right now on today’s Redmi Note 5 sale, we are testing out a new tool. You can’t buy Redmi Note 5 pro with COD option so many people are facing issues. If you are unable to complete the payment on time then the products will become out of stock. So we are directly taking you to the payment option here are the more details

The main purpose of the Autocheck out feature is it will directly take you to the payment page. In many cases, Flipshope will add the product to cart but this feature can save a lot of time for a user to complete the payment quickly.

  • Visit Flipkart site and Login or Sign up with your details
  • Once you install the Flipshope extension then go to Flash Sale section
  • At the top, you will find an option called Auto Check out on Flipkart
  • Choose any one of those payment methods and we will redirect you there
  • If you hold multiple address details we will consider the first address only. But you can still change the address even after placing the order
  • At the time of payment if you already chose COD option we will order the product directly. Do note that Redmi Note 5 Pro doesn’t have any COD option

Without Payment Method

This means you will be redirected to the payment options sections on Flipkart. There you will find so many options to complete the payment. This Flipshope Auto-check out feature will take you from the Product page to Payment options in less than 2 secs.

Choose any of the following payment methods manually to complete the order of your Flash sale product. In the next steps, we are sharing details about PhonePe

PhonePe/UPI Method

Since Flipkart removed COD for Note 5 Pro there is only one other way to buy this as quickly as COD method and that is PhonePe. You just need to link your Flipkart account with PhonePe and choose the same from Flipshope Auto Check out.

Please only choose this option if you are planning to pay from PhonePe. Once the sale started we will directly take you from the product page to PhonePe payment page. This can give surely help you buy Redmi Note 5 Pro on time.

Flipkart Flash sale Auto Check Out:

Buying a product from Flash sale is almost as equal to getting the tatkal ticket from IRCTC site. But we at Flipshope made a flash sale very easy now you can buy any flash sale product without you have to do anything. Previously our extension adds the product to cart sometimes Flipkart also removes the product which is available in cart. So to avoid the problem we are introducing auto check out for Flipkart flash sales. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and check your auto check out the entry on extension icon. That’s it you will get the product in less than 10 seconds.

We will provide this feature on every Flipkart Flash sale product, and you can have a chance to go for auto check out or you can still go with the old add to cart method. It’s completely up to user but we recommend auto check out method this will guarantee the product 100%

Why Auto Check Out?

Let me tell you why not auto check out, as you all know in these days buying a newly released product or flash sale product or discounted product is very tough. You have to add the product to cart, then fill the address details after that you have to complete the payment process. So to avoid all these steps we introduce you this feature this will help you in buying

  • Any type of Flash Sale Product
  • So many Discounted Products
  • Newly Released Products
  • It works on all products

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some questions with their answers which are related to Flipkart flash sale auto check-out feature. Read them if you have any doubts regarding this feature.

How to Enable/Disable this feature?

You can simply find an option to enable Auto to check out Flipkart Flash sale products. Check that option to enable this feature. So after the sale, you can simply uncheck to disable that feature.

How is it Helpful?

You can see after adding Flipkart Flash sale products to cart sometimes you will notice like product went out of stock. Although the product is originally available you still need to get them by trying several times. So to avoid this problem we introduce this feature where it will complete the process in less than 10 seconds.

What about the Payment Method?

In case if you chose the COD it will order the product automatically if you chose the debit or credit card payment it will take you to the payment page where you need to enter OTP and CVV to complete the payment.

Which address will it use?

If you have only one address in your account it will take that address if you have multiple addresses it will take the first one. So make sure to edit the address to first one. If not you can still change the address after placing the order.

Auto Checkout

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    • Yes, you can download the Flipshope extension now and use it before 5 minutes of the sale. But we suggest you open it before 10 – 15 minutes for the best results. 🙂

    • Aap Credit ya Debit card save karke rakhiye jaldi payment karne ke liye agar COD option available nhi hai to. 🙂

  1. Hi

    I installed the Auto checkout option but I dont see this option enabled in Chrome.
    I also dont see the checkout feature enabled on the product page. How can i pre-register on Flipshoppe?

    • Click on the Flipshope Extension icon in Chrome, then you will see the “Signup” option to register an account. After registration you will be able to use the Auto-Checkout feature.

  2. I used your plugin and sucessfully added to cart but falied to buy. it does not checkout automaticly. it stuck and failed me.

    • See the max we can do is take you to the payment page and that’s what we did. But you didn’t complete the payment on time so that wasn’t exactly our fault. Anyway do try in next sale then you can surely get the mobile.

  3. Sorry but despiteI ticked auto checkout, Flipkart deleted Redmi 5A from my cart. After I clicked on Place Order button, it showed me the product is out of stock. This is the first time Flipshope failed in my case. A little bit disappointed. Hope Flipshope will take care of that issue as early as possible…

    • Well the thing is products are out of stock. Becuase Flipkart won’t give you any time to checkout the products. So you must complete the payment in less than a minute as you can see Flipshope didn’t fail. It did the best to add the product to your cart

  4. Please remove flash sale option for redmi note 4 mobiles. To buy the mobile we have to wait for a long time. Please tell me how to buy redmi note 4 mobile 64gb.

  5. Hi,

    I tried to buy Redmi Note 4 64GB Gold 2 times before but failed. Today I used your extension for 1st time and i got the phone in the very first attempt. Thanks a lot for this wonderful extension.

    Vevek D

  6. Unable to find Auto Check Out Option on above of Buy Now and Add to Cart Flipkart.

    Can u pls send a screenshot for reference.

    Will be trying out for Redmi note 4 tomorrow.


    • Click on flipshope extension icon, visit flash sale option. Then you will see auto-checkout on flipkart option in the first place.

      • Hello Shravan

        Thanks for your reply.

        I did find the auto checkout option in the extension icon but when I go in the product page no Auto check out option on above of Buy now and add to cart is appearing.Can u pls help where I am doing wrong.

        • Hey anirban auto-checkout option is just a name allotted by flipshope extension, it is only available on our extension. Just visit Flash sale option on extension icon and you will find auto-checkout option.

          • Hello Shravan,

            Thanks for your reply.
            I have enabled the “Auto Checkout on Flipkart”checkbox.
            But where can I fill out my address and my payment option beforehand for quick checkout during sale.

  7. Can I use Flipkart gift card balance during Auto Checkout? Where do I select COD or gift card or credit card option?

    • the craze for redmi note 4 is too much, so you won’t get any time to apply gift card. But you can do one thing order this mobile from COD later flipkart will ask you to complete the payment at that time use your giftcard.

      • I already added gift card to my account. How do I enable the same in Auto checkout feature?

        Also will I need to refresh the product page at 12 Noon or will the extension automatically find out when the product is in stock? Also will the extension also Auto checkout till end or only till the payment page where it will need manual intervention?

  8. i tried auto check out option in todays sale but then it was showing error on flipkart and then i refreshed and while i was buying the phone i was asked email address and as soon as i entered email address it showed out of stock

  9. Is it possible for you guys to make the cash on delivery option get checked previously, with that thing the full process will get completed, just like auto checkout make one check box for COD, if we tick that the order will get placed on COD, we would love to see this feature.

  10. sir, plz tell me how i will buy redmi note 4 64 gb by EMI , Is it possible to buy in Auto check out option in EMI..??

  11. I’ve selected Redmi Note 4 from “flash sales” option. But it does’t shows any pop-up. How to confirm that it will place order for me?

  12. I have registered from fb account now iam confused that how it will auto buy 3s prime for me from flipkart, How it will associate bcoz it didnt ask anything.

    • actually it did worked but the mobiles were out of stock. Only one person can get the mobile out of 20000 and there are few people who already got it from flipshope

  13. Ok, all the brains at Flipshope, your extension worked! I have received a confirmatory email from Flipkart.

    This is the 3rd time I tried your extension. I think your adding auto-checkout helped. So a very BIG THANK YOU to all of you!

    At least you update your extension on a regular basis while the other chaps, who also have extensions for flash sales, do not even update them.

    There was a moment of uncertainty because your extension managed to get-in only after almost a minute after 12.00 p.m. My address was added automatically. Please inform your users to include their address in the Flipkart -My account- Add address, only then the address will be there in the system for your extension to add it automatically.

    I also faced another glitch because after the screen of my order appeared it asked for me to enter my email address and then nothing would happen. Then I realised that I was being prompted that “this email address is already in use”. So I immediately entered another of my email addresses and only then it accepted and then went to the next which was payment.

    Sharing this for use by others who may face similar hiccups.

    Thank you very much again.

  14. Auto-checkout doesnt seem to be working for me. Could please upload a video on youtube showing a demo of auto-checkout.

    • yes we will in the next sale, may i know where did u tried the auto-checkout it was available on 28th september only. It will surely work on 12th october sale so do give it a try

  15. ok then in payment page I want to select cash on delivery and ordered the product.
    How to cancel this order_???
    after that while buying redmi 3s, is autochkout set my add and payment method to my previous choice and will directly order redmi 3s successfully_????
    and one more question sir.
    in mi’s website they shows their sell in 12th oct.
    But some websites shows 5th oct.
    what is the correct date_????

  16. sir if I use flipcart for d 1st tym and open a ac only for buying redmi 3s and failed to buy the product after adding to cart previously then what happend to my add and payment method as I did not ordered any product before from flipcart_???
    then how auto chkout hlp me_??
    what is t step to add add and payment method previously before buying redmi 3s_???

    • go to account and add any product take that to payment page it will ask for billing and address details fill them. Now check the auto check out icon and your mobile option in flipshope then we will take you to the payment page.. 🙂

  17. Tried to buy the redmi 3s prime for last two sale dates. but today Flipshope has done it. love this site . i was very much excited aboout that phone. last i have done it by flipshope. ts amazing job ……….
    I hvae my product shipped today…

    wish to give 5/5 ……..

  18. HI,

    I installed the Auto checkout option but I dont see this option enabled in Chrome.
    I also dont see the checkout feature enabled on the product page. How can i pre-register on Flipshoppe?

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