EKEN H9Rse 4K Action Camera Review

buy EKEN H9Rse 4K Action Camera Review

EKEN H9Rse 4K Action Camera Review: In the world, we live today, memories are no longer saved in the human brain only but are rather formed and shared through different mediums. There are many ways to shoot and share memories of your special trips, most do that by using their smartphone or an entry level DSLR. These devices work as both a camera and a video recorder and do a good job at them. But what if you are moving in rough terrain or at high speeds or underwater even. Then you need an action camera which can take a beating and still come out with beautiful shots. So here we are presenting you EKEN H9Rse 4K Action Camera with the detailed review. This is an exclusive banggood product in case if you have any doubts visit our article on how to buy banggood products in India.

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EKEN H9Rse 4K Action Camera Specifications:

Price3499 Rs
Display Size 2 inch
Photo  12MP/8MP/5MP/4MP
Video 4K       @ 25fps (3840*2160 pixels)
2.7K    @ 30fps (2704*1524 pixels)
1080p @ 60fps (1920*1080 pixels)
1080p @ 30fps (1920*1080 pixels)
720p   @ 120fps
TimeLapse Available
Water Resistant Up to 30m
Wifi Support Yes
Battery 1050 mAh
Weight 60 grams
Storage and Card Micro SD up to 32GB
Comments Cheapest 4K Action Camera

EKEN H9Rse 4K Action Camera on Box Accessories:

All this comes in a plastic pack with an optional charger. The action camera is a feature packed device that comes with a 170-degree wide angle lens. The camera contains a 12 MP OV4689 Sensor. The camera is also light, weighing at only 64g including the battery. It has built-in WiFi and a 2 inch TFT LCD which gives a live preview of what you shoot. The camera runs on a Sunplus 6350 chipset along with and a 2.4G 3m water resistance remote controller with a 20 m control distance. But what steals the show as the best feature of the camera is the 4K ultra HD video shooting, which I will discuss further in the review.

EKEN H9Rse 4K Action Camera Review

The first thing you notice when you open the box is the amount of gear you have got with the camera considering the price point. Now, this is not to say that you don’t have brands to choose from, even at this competitive a range(Under Rs 4000), but the sheer performance and the hardware provided with it makes it a winner in this segment. It takes some fidgeting for some hours to get a good idea about how to use the gears and we will make a review video explaining that as well.

Look and Feel:

The camera is a light and sturdy looking device which looks impressively small. It consists of 4 buttons and playing with them in different permutations and combinations gives control to all the settings, which will take another few moments. The camera can be set up and mounted on a bike/bicycle handle, a helmet, or even on sides of different vehicles using the given mounting gear. Once that is done you can either use camera to take pictures or good quality videos using either the in camera buttons or the 2.4G wireless remote controller.


The remote works and can be used to take pictures and videos or even switch the camera on and off. The remote works smoothly minus a minor problem that a lot of people faced with the battery, which we will be covering in the review video along with the solution. The EKEN H9Rse 4K action camera has four video modes to choose from which are 720p @120fps, 1080p @30fps, 1080p @60fps, 2.7K @30fps and the invincible 4K @25fps. The device can also be used underwater with its underwater camera case and mount. You can view the video being shot by either the built-in 2 inch LCD screen or the camera app which can be connected to the camera using its WiFi connectivity. The app gives you the power to change the camera settings directly through it. You can shoot 1 hours of 4K video with its 1050 mAh battery or 1.5 hours of full HD at 30 fps. The video quality is sharp and crisp in the day and natural light but loses a lot of details in the night. The night performance of the camera is not as impressive, though with good enough quality for viewing, more like that of an entry level smartphone although it is cheaper than one.

Final Verdict:

Overall, it’s a device which gives you the functionality and ability of an action camera at a fraction of the price. Although it lacks in low light video making and still shot capturing but more than makes up for it by giving 4K video mode at an unbelievable price with loads of features and optionality. Therefore, EKEN H9Rse 4K action camera is definitely worthy of being someone’s travel mate and your first action camera.

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This is an upgraded version of previous EKEN H9 model, presently it’s not available in major Indian shopping sites. If you want to buy EKEN H9Rse 4K Action Camera then you must visit banggood. Here we are giving buying links of EKEN H9Rse 4K Action Camera from banggood, presently this product is exclusive to banggood site only.

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  1. H9Rse doesn’t do 720/120fps at all

    Did you actually get this cam to test or just rehash the manufacturer / Banggood info ?

    1/2 of the Banggood info from your link is for H9R
    4k is fake … And no way is it good footage
    Even the H9R – with the better sensor – 4k is rubbish ( also fake)
    It’s 1080 digitally blown up (interpolated)

  2. Poor review, since it fails to mention
    Resolutions 4k and 2.7k are fake
    720/120fps is fake
    Picture resolution above 3mp is fake

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