Droom 9Rs Helmet Flash Sale Date Time & How to Buy

Droom 9Rs Helmet Flash Sale

Droom 9Rs Helmet Flash Sale, Droom flash Sale, Droom get set helmet, Droom Rs 9 Flash Sale On Helmet: We have seen so many 1Rs flash sales in the recent days. Every year both oneplus and Xiaomi conduct their 1Rs flash sale on Diwali and in the summer. Apart from that, there is one automobile accessories site which is giving away Helmets for 9Rs only. This is called Droom 9Rs Helmet Flash Sale, it will happen once a month and sale will run from 11 AM to 7 PM. In the sale time, you can buy any type of helmet at the cost of 9Rs. Here are the more details on Droom 9Rs Helmet Flash Sale with Date and Time.

Droom 9Rs Helmet Flash Sale:

Droom 9rs helmet flash sale

As this month installment, Droom is running their 9 Rs helmet sale on August 17th and they are giving away more than 100 helmets for 9Rs. Where the actual helmet cost is more than 900 Rs. So in this Droom 9Rs Helmet Flash sale user can’t choose the helmet color, you can just add the helmet to cart and apply the coupon at the checkout to order a helmet for 9Rs. This offer is limited to one order per account so don’t try to add multiple orders. Here are the more details on Droom 9Rs Helmet flash sale date and time.

Droom 9Rs Helmet Flash Sale Date & Time:

Previous they have conducted droom flash sale on 25th July and this month they are running the sale on 17th August. Just like previous time, the sale will start at 11 AM and it will run until 7 PM. The user must use GETHELMET coupon code at the checkout time to get helmets for 9Rs. You can find the next Droom 9Rs Helmet Flash sale date from this article, we will update the time and dates for every new sale.

Droom Flash Sale Date & Time
Droom 9Rs Flash Sale Date 17th August
Droom 9Rs Flash Sale Time 11 AM to 7 PM
Previous Droom Flash Sale Date 25th July

Droom 9Rs Helmet Sale Coupon:

Without coupon, you can’t get helmets for 9Rs. Unlike other 1Rs sales, this one is little different. You need to add the product to cart and at the checkout time, you must apply the coupon to get 99% discount on the helmet.

  • Droom 9Rs Helmet Sale Page: Click Here
  • Droom 9Rs Helmet Sale Coupon: GETHELMET

How to Buy Droom 9Rs Helmet:

This flash sale is very simple in other Redmi note 4 and Redmi 4 flash sales you must add the product to cart and complete the payment in 1-2 mins. But in Droom 9Rs helmet flash sale you will get so much time. The sale will run from 11 AM to 7 PM and visit Droom helmet flash sale page above Link.

Steps to Buy Droom 9Rs Helmet:

  • First, you must log in to droom official site
  • Then visit 9Rs Helmet offer page on 17th August
  • Choose the helmet to add that to cart
  • At the checkout page apply coupon: GETHELMET
  • Now complete the payment to buy Droom 9Rs Helmet

Droom 9Rs Helmet Sale Trick:

We at flipshope are providing Flash sale auto-buy trick from more than 2 years. But this droom flash sale is completely different it doesn’t require any auto-buy trick. As it needs one code at the checkout time. So follow this trick to buy Droom 9Rs Helmet

  • Visit droom official site few mins before the sale
  • Login to the site if not sign-up to create a new account
  • Now add the offer helmet to cart and keep that in cart from 10 AM to 10:30 AM
  • At the time of sale visit cart page and apply coupon: GETHELMET
  • This will give you the product for 9Rs and you can beat the rush to buy Droom 9Rs helmet

Frequently Asked Questions on Droom 9Rs Helmet Flash sale:

How many 9Rs helmets can we order..?

You can only order one 9Rs Helmet per account. If you are planning to order multiple helmets then you should’ve multiple accounts.

Is cash on Delivery available at Droom Helmet Sale..?

No, they only accept online payments and wallet payments. You can get 100% cashback from mobikwik at the checkout time choose mobikwik wallet as payment and you will get instant cash back

How long will it take for Droom Helmet Delivery and Shipping..?

The normal helmets will be delivered within 4-5 working days but the droom 9Rs helmets will take around 20 days for shipping. They need to verify every detail if you did anything wrong they hold the rights to cancel your order

Is Droom 9Rs Helmet Sale Real or Fake..?

This is a real sale, so many people got helmets for 9Rs. Although they mentioned the actual product cost is 900 Rs but the quality of helmet isn’t that much great.

Droom 9Rs Helmet Proof Image..?

Here we are attaching the proof which we found on the internet. This sale doesn’t have any negative reviews as the site isn’t much popular yet.

droom 9rs helmet flash sale


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