Delete Sent Messages on WhatsApp

How to Delete Sent Messages on WhatsApp

Delete Sent Messages on WhatsApp, how to delete a sent message on WhatsApp group, delete WhatsApp message one tick, delete WhatsApp message from server: WhatsApp has become one of the most widely used all over the world. As we all know that we can send messages, make a video call, audio call, share pictures and other media file, etc. using WhatsApp. So almost every people are using WhatsApp these days and they are almost spending hours on WhatsApp. According to recent updates, WhatsApp app has brought a new feature for their users. Now we can delete sent WhatsApp messages. Here in our article, How to Delete Sent Messages on WhatsApp we will describe this news in detail. As we know that around millions of people are using WhatsApp all over the world. Also, you can read about How to Revoke Sent WhatsApp Messages. This will help you to get the things in a better way.

 Delete Sent Messages on WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is just making it better and trying their best to bring the new updates for their users. Every now and then they are experimenting new things to make it easy and better for their users. Here in this post, How to Delete Sent Messages on WhatsApp we will describe this latest feature of WhatsApp in detail. So now everyone using WhatsApp can delete their sent messages if it was by mistake. As some messages have been sent to the wrong person or by mistake using autocorrect the message got some other meaning. So now all these bullshits can be finally ended. Just upgrade your WhatsApp and get the latest feature.

Steps to Delete Sent Messages on WhatsApp:

  • Upgrade your WhatsApp on your phone by going to the play store.
  • Now select the message you have send to someone and now you want to delete.
  • After selecting the message you will now have a new “delete” option there.
  • Just select “delete” and your message will be deleted.

This latest update is not yet official. So users might have to wait for a little longer before using this awesome feature of WhatsApp. Before WhatsApp will not provide any notification regarding the messages that it will be read by the user or not.

Revoke Sent Messages on WhatsApp:

  • Once you delete the message using this new feature the message will be deleted.
  • The message will be deleted from every phone u selected during the deletion of the message.
  • The message will not be deleted from your phone. So again if you want to send it to others, you can easily share.
  • Still, this update has not been active completely. But within this week this update will be available everywhere.

Every people are having a smartphone these days. And they all are using WhatsApp on their phone. So every time this app must be updated properly according to user’s choice or according to their ease. Also, you can read about How to Use Whatsapp without Internet Connection.

Delete Sent Messages on WhatsApp


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