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CitrusTel Website Pricing Free Online Calling

CitrusTel Website, CitrusTel Free Online Calling, CitrusTel Call Rates: Ever thought to make unlimited free calls without spending money..? Well, Reliance Jio is already providing that but what if you want to make free calls on the desktop or Free International Calls..? Here is the solution for that, now you can make unlimited free international calls without spending a single penny. There is one site named CitrusTel which providing free calls on over 150 countries and the good thing about this is it won’t ask you to install any application and there are no charges. We are providing more details on CitrusTel website, free online calling, and Pricing much more.

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CitrusTel Website:

It is a new website which launched around 1 week back. Right after the launch CitrusTel website went viral on the internet, so many people are already started using this. This is very easy to use, all you need to do is visit this website and there you will find dialer section. Type the number you want to call and hit dial, everything will work in a normal way afterward. Here are the 5 simple steps on how to make free calls on

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How to Make Free Calls on

As mentioned earlier this will work in over 150 countries which means any of those country members can use this website to make calls among those countries. This is still in beta stage which means in some countries users need to pay the minimum amount to enjoy the free calls on

Steps to Make Free calls on

  • First, you must visit CitrusTel Website
  • Then you will notice one Dialer screen, just sign in to site
  • From Dialer just select the country on which you want to make call
  • After that type the mobile number and hit dial
  • It will directly connect call to that number without any charges

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CitrusTel Call Rates:

Although this is a free platform you should pay the minimum charges after 1 or 2 mins. Because this website allows only first 2 mins as free calls. You can check the detailed CitrusTel call rates from this link, here we are listing top CitrusTel call rates in India

CitrusTel call ratesPrice in INR
From India to India 1.42
From India to US 12.55
From India to UK 0.93
From India to Australia 2.73
From India to Nepal 1.37
From US to India 1.6p
From UK to India 1.9p

CitrusTel Credits:

To make multiple calls you must pay the minimum charges or you can just use CitrusTel credits. They have launched this website very recently so they are giving away free credits at this moment and all you need to do it just share their site on Google + and then you will receive CitrusTel credits. This offer is only valid for some time so this might be your first and last chance to earn credits.

CitrusTel Country List: 

This feature is now available in more than 150 sites and it is now operated in every country. Here is the complete country list of this site and you can only make calls to the countries which are mentioned in the last. They will surely make it available in all over the world in the upcoming days. There are some top countries which are missing on their list

  • Nepal
  • United States (few Regions)
  • Some Europe countries &
  • Some African Countries

CitrusTel Login & Sign-up:

At the starting, they will allow up to 2 free calls so to enjoy the services for a longer time just log-in to the site or sign-up to create a new account. You don’t need to pay any amount until you receive any warning. When you got the warning just share the site on Google+ they will give you few credits which can be further used to make calls on all over the world. Here are the complete FAQ & Feature details of this new site.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Payment Method..?

They accept Major Debit & Credit cards, this includes Paypal as well. Presently it is in beta stage so Payment method only enabled in 20 countries. They even accept bitcoin payments

Is Every voice call data secured or not..?

Well on their official website they mentioned it as secured but there is no end to end encryption. So to be on safe side try to avoid secret conversations from this site.

How Many free calls are available for new user..?

This is limited to 2 mins per user which mean you can only make 2 calls of 1 min each. After that, you need to pay the amount.

We will update this article with more information on CitrusTel Website free call rates and more

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