How to Check Mobile Number on Airtel Idea BSNL Vodafone Reliance Aircel

how to check mobile number

How to Check Mobile Number on Airtel Idea BSNL Vodafone Reliance Aircel : In these days every person is maintaining the minimum of 3-4 sim cards and it’s very hard to remember all those numbers. Sometimes we will save them on our contact list but at one point we will surely forget the contact name of those number. In the end, we will search for the sim card package which is very hard to find so apart from all these methods we are giving few simple USSD Codes to check the balance on any type of network. Here is how to check mobile number .

How to Check Mobile Number :

In some cases we will make a call from that sim card to know the mobile number, apart from these methods you can simply dial one USSD code to get the number or you can just use any telecom app to check mobile number. These are the 5 simple steps to check mobile number

Steps to check Mobile Number :

  • Find your network operator, this can be done in the sim settings
  • Once you got the network name just use the below ussd codes
  • Type those ussd codes in dialer to check mobile number
  • USSD codes are different for every network so choose wisely
  • You can use *1# USSD Code to check mobile number in almost all networks

How To Check Mobile Numbers on Airtel, Idea, BSNL, Vodafone, Jio, Docomo, Aircel, Telenor & Reliance

We are providing a list of USSD codes to check mobile number on any type of network. All the codes are different for every network, as an alternative, you can simply install any network app to know your own mobile number.

Check Mobile NumberUSSD Codes
Check Airtel Mobile Number*121*9# or *121*1#
Check Idea Mobile Number *131*1# or *121*4*6*2#
Check VodafoneMobile Number*111*2#
Check BSNL Mobile Number*222# or *1#
Check Jio Mobile NumberNA
Check Docomo Mobile Number*1# Or *124#
Check Aircel Mobile Number*131# or *1#

How To Check Airtel Mobile Number

You can simply find your own Airtel number with one simple USSD Code, just open mobile dialer and enter *121*9# that will give your own Airtel number. This will work on any type of Airtel Sim card if not you can still use an alternative code which *121*1# this can be used to find your own Airtel number.

Check Airtel NumberUSSD Codes
Airtel Number Check Code *121*9#
Alternative Code *121*1#

How To Check Idea Mobile Number

To check Idea mobile number you can either use any of the below USSD codes or you can simply install Idea app. That will let you log in with mobile number and after logging in you can find your own number, this won’t require any password. It will send an OTP to check Idea Mobile Number .

Check Idea NumberUSSD Codes
Idea Number Check Code *131*1#
Alternative Code*121*4*6*2#


How To Check Vodafone Mobile Number

Vodafone and Idea have now collaborated but still, they are using old USSD codes. So just like Idea, you can find your own Vodafone mobile number on the application. If not use any of the below codes to check Vodafone mobile number, you can use alternative USSD Code which is *1# to check the mobile number of almost all networks.

Check Vodafone NumberUSSD Codes
Vodafone Number Check Code *111*2#
Alternative Code *1#

How To Check BSNL Mobile Number

BSNL which got a huge coverage all over India but they don’t have proper things for support. You can’t find your own BSNL number on their application and you must use below USSD codes. There is still an option BSNL is giving away free 100 SMS to every customer so to check BSNL number just send a message to any other number. This way you can find BSNL mobile number.

Check BSNL NumberUSSD Codes
BSNL Number Check Code *222#
Alternative Code *1#

How To Check Jio Mobile Number

We have written one perfect article on how to check Jio mobile number, so many people complained that USSD codes aren’t working in Reliance Jio. Yes, they won’t work in most cases because jio planning to make it digital so you must use MyJio app to know your Jio Sim number.

Check Airtel NumberUSSD Codes
Jio Number Check Code NA
Alternative Code NA

How To Check Docomo Mobile Number

Docomo is the only network which isn’t giving any offers on their 4G sim cards, they are still running 3G offers. So to find Docomo mobile number just Dial *124# this will display your own Docomo number, apart from this you can also use *1# to check Docomo number.

Check Docomo NumberUSSD Codes
Docomo Number Check Code *124#
Alternative Code *1#

How To Check Aircel Mobile Number

Check AircelNumberUSSD Codes
Aircel Number Check Code *131#
Alternative Code *1#

How to Check Mobile Number

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