Champone C1 Sale Postponed, Due To Technical Reasons

Champone C1 sale postponed

As you all know about this world’s cheapest smartphone which is priced only at Rs. 501 is supposed to available on Nov 21st at 5PM. But just before 10 hours prior to the sale time champone c1 sale postponed and all the registrations have been cancelled too. There is no proper reason for this champone c1 sale postponed, and also there is no sign of next sale date. Is this sale just to improve their brand value, or is this a real one..? Let me know your opinion in the comments.

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Champone C1 Sale Postponed:champone c1 sale postponed

Champone C1 website which can be accessed from here, now they changed to one page by saying “We appreciate your interest and faith with ChampOne India, due to some technical glitches the Flash Sale is postponed till further notification. We will be Back Soon”

Feature Updates: The Champone C1 Mobile Next Sale Date will be Update Here

They did confessed this champone c1 sale postponed just because of technical glitches but why did they cancelled all registrations..? They cancelled my registration without any prior notice, so after cancelling the registration there is an update in the site by saying sale is postponed. We are at Flipshope really looking forward to the sale, as we are providing auto-buy feature in this flash sale.

Champ1 C1 Sale Registration:

There is no sign of registration in their official, the registration process barely run for 40-50 hour overall. It was opened yesterday morning and it was closed after few after hours. The actual registration process is started  on August 22nd, so let’s see when they are gonna begin their process. So coming to this mobile it looks more or like a freedom 251 just like a publicity stunt by saying they are giving away flash sale product at the cost of Rs.501

REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN Click Here :  Champone  C1  Registration

As you can see we have witnessed so many flash sale, but when we heard the work of flash sale the first thing that came to our mind is we are not gonna get it anyway. This happened with Mi 1rs flash sale this year, as they announced to give away so many products at the cost of 1rs on the honor of their second anniversary. But that is 100% fake sale, we have one more proof to show you people which is Mi diwali fake sale, which can be accessed here

Xiaomi Diwali Rs 1 ‘Fake’ sale, Here is the proof

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