Technology to sense cancer by 2026-Microsoft

microsoft cancer technology

Microsoft and Jasmin Fisher of University of Cambridge have proposed technology based cancer research using cloud computing and data analytic. A Microsoft researcher has revealed that technological advancements in the next decade will help diagnose cancer but not cure it. This prediction was made in a post about technology and the working minds of Microsoft Technology and Research group are expecting this prediction to come true this year.

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Fisher, the leader of the research group in the department of biochemistry at the University of Cambridge has said that cloud computing will develop new research potentials to detect cancer. He also said “Ten years from now, cancer will be a solved problem thanks to interdisciplinary, ground-breaking approaches that will enable researchers and clinicians to compute driver mechanisms of it , as well as to understand, detect, diagnose and treat patients at an individual level. I believe executable biology will play a key role in tackling this enormous challenge.” Fisher defines executable biology as the design and study of computer algorithms that would help describing a biological phenomenon like cancer.

Cloud computing that organizes several computers, storage and networking is considered as a mammoth technical fortune to solve hard problems. Microsoft, Google and Amazon have been advertising their public clouds as the testing platforms for the complex problems.

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