Buy LeEco’s Le 1s (Eco) In Flashsale

Buy LeEco’s Le 1s (Eco)

Buy LeEco’s Le 1s (Eco) : LeEco and Chinese internet have come up with a ‘supertainment’ package in its new mobile Le 1s Eco.

The supertainment package is offered by the tie up with the entertainment companies like Eros Now,

YuppTv and Hungama music.


Buy LeEco’s Le 1s



Buy LeEco’s Le 1s (Eco) In Flashsale


Le 1s (Eco), along with Supertainment package and 5 TB cloud storage is priced at Rs 10,899 and goes

on sale on Flipkart on May 3. Le 1s (Eco) is available at Rs 9,999 and yearly subscription of LeEco’s

Supertainment package costs Rs 4,900.


While there are thousands of buyers to lay their hands on Le 1s (Eco) during the flash sale, not everyone

can proceed till the checkout page. With the Flipshope extension, you can use its Auto Buy feature to

purchase the Le 1s (Eco) in a flash of a second.




How to buy Le 1S(Eco) using Flipshope?

Here is how you can now buy Le 1S (Eco) mobile without getting on your nerves using Flipshope during

the busy flash sale.

Step 1: Download the Flipshope add-on from the website flipshope. Add the add-on to Chrome using the

Add To Chrome button. The add-on then appears on the top right of your browser.

Step 2: To register for the LeEco Le 1S (Eco) mobile, click on the Flipshope icon in your browser and

click ‘Register to Buy LeEco Le 1S (Eco)’

Step 3: To confirm your registration, visit the Le 1S (Eco) page and check if there is a blue popup at the

bottom right.

Step 4: Just before the mega sale starts, visit the Le 1S (Eco) page and leave your system on for the

automatic adding of the mobile to your cart.

Step 5: Now login to your Flipkart account and the Le 1S (Eco) mobile will be automatically added to

your cart.

Flipshope has already been successful with its Auto Buy feature in the flash sale of LeEco Le 1s and

Lenovo K3.

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