black friday sale 2020

Black Friday Sale 2020 in India | How to grab Black Friday 2020 deals from India?

Black Friday Sale 2020 is on 27th November and you can access the Flipkart Black Friday Sale from today in India. In this sale, you will get brand new products at unbelievable prices with jaw-dropping discounts. Although this sale is specially hosted in the USA, but you can see some of the sales in India too. Let’s have a look at more details of this black Friday sale:

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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday Sale in India

Black Friday is the name of the biggest sales day of the year in the U.S.A. It takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving (usually, a festival in foreign countries). This year Black Friday is on 27th November. It is an annual retail extravaganza where every year brands and retailers run special offers, deals, and discounts on a variety of products. In the United States, Black Friday will start from 27th November, 12:00 am.

Flipkart Upcoming Sale Date & Offers

When is Black Friday 2020 in India?

Black Friday is not originated in India. However, it still proves to be a  great opportunity for Indian retailers and businessmen because Indians still follow it. And therefore, retailers and brands make a huge profit through this busy day. In India, Black Friday starts on 27th November, 10:30 am. However, the deals start early from 15th or 16th November and stay till Black Friday. Even, Flipkart Black Friday Sale 2020 is going on.

Tips for Black Friday shopping

Even though, Black Friday shopping could seem harmless. But there is always a chance that fraud businesses would take the opportunity to take advantage of your money. Hence, the following are a few tips for avoiding such situations:

  1. Most of the digital tools and services generally come with a refund policy. So in case you buy anything, try to always test it out within 7-15 days. This will make sure that you are satisfied with your product and also that your money does not go to waste. And then if you feel like returning the product, you can return it with the help of the refund policy. Hence, always make sure that the deal comes with a refund policy.
  2. Try not purchasing anything for a month or two. If you need good discounts, at least buy it for a year. As there would be Black Friday, you can take advantage of new services next year again.
  3. If we talk about cards, international visa, debit or credit card should be there with you. Try not using RuPay cards, as those cards can’t perform the international payment. And if you do not own any cards, you can use SBI’s global debit card, which runs on all websites smoothly and performs international payment. There is also an RBL digital account for non-card users, where you will get a digital card, and also this card does not use any forex fee making you save 3.5% of your money.
  4. Moving onto discounts, there is no guarantee on the fixed amount of discounts. However, whatever percentage of discount you get will be the best deal of the year.

Flipkart Black Friday Sale 2020

What should I buy during Black Friday 2020 from India?

Black Friday Sale 2020

  • Apple is celebrating Black Friday, by making a big price cut of $69 off, on the latest Apple watches, earpods and more
  • is giving phenomenal deals this Black Friday on various of its electronics, mobile phones, earphones, etc.
  • Lululemons, the clothing brand, is also introducing mindblowing deals this Black Friday and taking their customers on a frenzy.

Though, none of the Indian brands have announced anything on the sale. Sources say that they will soon make a comeback by equally great deals.

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Will the pandemic have any effect on this Black Friday?

As the whole world is going through a pandemic hence there will be some changes in this year’s Black Friday sale. Customers cannot form crowds in any stores and always need to wear a mask. The store must have on the spot hygiene facilities like sanitizers, hand wash, etc, and also there must be a digital thermometer to check the customers. In the case of online shopping, customers should avoid cash on delivery and stick to digital payment. Both the customers and the retailers should look to it that the products are properly sanitized and that during delivery, they maintain social distancing.

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