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Top 8 Best Offline Android Games | Download and Play Now

There are best offline Android games that do not consume any internet or WiFi. Many game lovers spend time playing the games of their choice. But few games require internet connectivity. There are also a few games that do not depend on the internet. Games are the best tool to release stress. These games do not take more time for a single game. We know that playing a game for long is dangerous for health. These offline games reduce the battery load when compared to online games. There are many online and offline games found on Google Play Store to download or buy. Further, people spend quality time together to play games in many countries.

There are video games with floppy disks and video game chips in the past. But as technology and time changed, new innovations such as smartphones made life easy. Many individuals have their own mobiles in their pockets. But in the modern era, people find new games with few clicks or finger taps on mobiles. There are a lot of new game releases on the Google Play store daily. This article provides some of the Best offline Android games which do not require any internet connection.

Best Offline Android Games

1. Subway Surfers :

Subway Surfers game was released on 24 May 2012. The game has updates based on seasonal holidays. Also, the game had 2.7 billion players worldwide. So Subway Surfers game is referred to as the most downloaded mobile game of the decade. This game is the best offline Android game. It is a continuous runner mobile game developed by Kiloo Games and SYBO Games. Subway Surfers game starts with the players escaping from a policeman. The players can collect coins and dodge obstacles. In addition, the game has regular updates with new cities. It is available on Android and iOS platforms.

Subway Surfers


The players are young graffiti artists who paint on trains in the subway. The police inspector sees it and tries to catch the player. The players run on the rail tracks in order to escape from the inspector and his dog. They can collect gold coins, powerups, and other items along the way. They can dodge the gates, collisions with trains, etc. The players also jump on the trains and use hoverboards. These actions can be performed until the character crashes an obstacle, gets caught by the inspector, or gets hit by a train. There are special events, such as the Weekly Hunt for rewards. The player should avoid crashing into obstacles by swiping in all directions.


These obstacles are trains, poles, tunnel walls, and barriers. The speed increases when there are more swipes and jumps. As a result, players can get more points. If a player crashes, it results in a game over. But the player can continue running by using his rewards and keys. The players collect coins, keys, and super sneakers. He can increase his score with Multipliers. The player takes jetpacks, boxes, and power jumpers along the way. A power jumper provides combustion by increasing the speed of the character. A jetpack has the ability to fly over many trains and collect a set of coins.

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A coin magnet attracts all coins on the track. In addition, super sneakers have the ability to jump high. Finally, a score multiplier multiplies the score of the player. There is a hoverboard that allows the character to avoid collisions for around 30 seconds. The daily challenges and weekly hunts perform the rewards for unique movements throughout the game. There are many missions for completing the game.

There are 18 characters that can be unlocked by collecting coins, keys, purchases, specific items, and connecting to a Facebook account. Most of the characters have 2 different outfits. Moreover, we can unlock a total of 17 hoverboards. A new character has a hoverboard while the game updates to a new location.

2. Temple Run 2 Offline Android Game :

It is a popular game for iOS and Android phone users. It is founded on August 4, 2011. Moreover, it is a product of Imangi Studios. The game is one of the best offline Android games. It is an endless game where the player is a running character. The aim is to avoid obstacles and enemies. The plot of the game is that the character steals a golden idol from an Aztec temple.

Temple Run 2

This causes the Evil Demon Monkeys to catch the player having an idol. The game begins with the player having the idol and ends with the monkeys catching the character. Also, the character can hit an obstacle to end the game. The idol returns to the temple and the player steals it again.

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The game uses the swipe controls to control the character. A swipe up makes the character jump, a swipe down makes the character slide, and a swipe to the side makes the character turn in the side direction. In addition, the player can tilt the device by gyroscope capabilities. It helps the character to move from side to side within the boundaries to collect coins. The player can collect money to buy new characters and items. The major objectives are the Temple Run Achievements by completing a certain task. In addition, the range is to score a certain point to upgrade different powerups.


There are 36 objectives for running in the game. But 22 of them are Game Center achievements. The recent update gives 58 achievements in the game center. In addition, the players can buy items such as powerups, utilities, characters, and wallpapers. These are found at the store for more coins. Powerups appear in-game and change the aspect of the game. The Utilities are instant items that construct the player and boost them forward. The player can also play as different characters by using powerups and utilities. The Dangerous character is normally the adventurer. People can also download wallpapers for Temple Run for the attractiveness of their phones.

3. Smash Hit :

The Smash Hit game has a slow-moving screen through a decorative and colorful way. These types of games are called mindless games. The game has to smash the obstacles with the balls. The initial level has slow motion. The game is one of the best offline Android games. The music changes with the increase in level. The speed increases until the player loses the game. The player has an inventory of metal balls on the screen.

Smash Hit


The players can tap the screen to aim and shoot the obstacles. The player must be careful to not lose these balls. If all the balls are finished then the game over is happened. The obstacles which are in motion come in the way. The player loses 10 balls when he hits an obstacle. Many of these obstacles are made of glass and can be smashed. But some of them are not made of glass. These can be moved out of the way by hitting the buttons. There are powerups such as the infinite supply of balls, the explosive turning of balls, and slowing the time.

There are also crystals with blue polyhedrons scattered throughout the map. The player receives 3 balls if he hits a square pyramid with a ball. In addition, he gets 5 balls if he hits an octahedron. Also, he gets 10 balls if he hits a 3D star. If the player hits 10 of these crystals in a row, he upgrades to multiball status.

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The player must hit 40 balls in a row to reach the maximum multiball status. The maximum balls by which the player can smash the obstacles with a single tap are 5 balls. If the players hit any obstacle or miss any of the crystals, they loose their multiball status.
There are more challenging levels of the game. If the player completes all the checkpoints, there is an “endless mode” at the end, where the goal is to survive as long as possible. For every 0.1% through a checkpoint, 1 is added to the score.

At the end of one checkpoint, the player will gain 1000 points. In the endless mode, the game still counts the points. The objective of the game is to travel as far as they can before the game is over.

4. Asphalt 8 Airborne :

Asphalt 8 is a popular smartphone game that became a success after its initial release in 2013. It is developed by Gameloft. This game has a wide range of in-depth optimization for a variety of gaming experiences. The game is one of the best offline Android games. The PC hardware has full support for PC gamers. Moreover, this PC game models support for high resolution, customization inputs for keyboards, gamepads, and seamless online play modes.

Asphalt 8 Airborne


The gamers can experience a wide number of racing cars similar to other Asphalt franchise games. This game also has a large garage of 47 recreated supercars such as Ferrari and Bugatti. These cars can race in nine tracks. In addition, these cars provide a real racing experience. Also, these cars promote more reckless driving styles by using ramps, slopes, and other stunts. However, gamers can damage their cars in such stunts, which give great visual and performance modeling.


The tracks show spectacular race environments. The game has Busy streets, Open fields, Deserts, Historical networks, and Dangerous snow mountains. In addition, Asphalt 8 game also has other gameplay modes in both offline and online challenges. The built garage cars and the tracks help the game for expanding through the microtransaction system. It promotes the purchase of currency for more streamlined play.

The new 2020 Asphalt game is the unlocked game. Moreover, the game consists of 220 cars in 40 tracks. Also, there are 16 game settings, 9 seasons, and 400 events in career mode. This Asphalt 8 Airborne game is also released in PC games which can run on Windows 8.1 OS.

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5. Shadow Fight Offline Android Game :

This fighting game is developed by Nekki. It is a smartphone game and sequel to the Shadow Fight game. The fight game was initially released on 1st May 2014. It benefits both Android and iOS platforms. The game was later found on Google Play. There is also Shadow Fight 3 game which was released in 2017. Moreover PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have the game on February 14, 2019. The game is one of the best offline Android games. There are over 100 million players in the game.

Shadow Fight 2


The game will not utilize the 2D black shadows for representing the fighters. But the game has 3D characters in an animated 3D environment. The shadows which exist can be accessed through a Shadow Form. Also, the characters have a shadow and perform physics-defying moves for shadow abilities. The players begin the game with an unarmed silhouette. There are tutorials that allow the players to understand the game.


The game also has a multiplayer mode for completing the tasks. The player teams up with other players to defeat eight Demons in the underworld. The Demons are Volcano, Megalith, Fungus, Vortex, Fatum, etc. Also, there are Arkhos, Hoaxen, Karcher, Drakaina, and Tenebris. The players know the presence of Shadow energy in their lives. They learned to use it as their advantage, both in war and in their lives. A powerful Legion plans to attack the dynasty lands for ending the Shadow threat.

The game also has RPG elements that allow players to upgrade their armor, weapons, skills, and magic. The game characters are entirely silhouettes with attractive animations.
The player who earns Gold in the game can buy weapons. In addition, the game contains 7 different provinces with the main boss player in each province. The player also can play up to 5 fights. Then the energy must be regenerated by waiting, paying real money, or watching a limited number of ads. Achievements are also a part of this game. All the Players are rewarded for completing the story as well as for the completion of certain special tasks.

6. Fruit Ninja Offline Android Game :

Fruit Ninja game is a video game developed by Halfbrick. The game was initially released on April 21, 2010, for iPod and iPhone devices. Later it was released for Android OS devices on September 17, 2010. Later Fruit Ninja game was released for Windows 8 operating system on June 7, 2012. The game is one of the best offline Android Games. There are different names such as Fruit Ninja HD game on the iPad and PlayStation 4.

Fruit Ninja

Also, there is an Arcade mode called Fruit Ninja FX on iPhones and Xbox 360. The player should slice the fruit thrown into the air by swiping the touch screen. Also, the player can use arms and hands in Xbox 360. The game has many gameplay modes, leaderboards, and multiplayer modes.


The player slices the fruits on the touch screen with the help of a blade. The player creates a slice motion when he cuts the fruit into half. There are extra points for slicing multiple fruits at a time. These slices are known as combos. In addition, the players can use other fingers to slice multiple times. If any three fruits are missed, the game ends. The players get the benefit of gaining an extra life when they reach scores (multiples of one hundred). Also, bombs are sometimes found on the screen.

If any player slices them then the game ends. The Zen mode allows players to make high scores without any bombs on the screen for 1:30 minutes. Also, the game has an Arcade mode in which players have 1 minute to achieve a high score. The player can see a pomegranate at the end of each game. There are special bananas in this mode which appear for extra bonuses such as doubling points. The game can gradually increase the number of fruits on the screen.


There are also bombs that deduct 10 points from the player score. Moreover, special pomegranates are thrown on the screen in Classic and Arcade mode. The players can slice these pomegranates multiple times to get extra points. There is a rare Dragon fruit in Classic mode which awards fifty points.

A power-up menu is used to buy up to three power-ups in the game. The Berry Blast power-ups for 120 starfruits, Peachy Times power-ups for 100 starfruits, and Bomb Deflect power-ups for 80 starfruits. In addition, there are many effects in dojos and blades in Classic, Arcade, and Zen game modes.

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7. Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia :

This Mini Militia game is a popular mobile game before the release of the PUBG mobile game. The game helps to experience multiplayer battle with 12 players in Local Multiplayer mode. The characters can train and sharpen the skills in offline Training and Survival modes. The players can also enjoy the thrills of bullets flying past the face as the players protect themselves. The players can outsmart the enemy with a Grenade. They can watch them explode with blood.

Best Offline Android Games


This game also has Dual-stick shoot controls, Open world maps, and Dual wield handguns. The Rocket boots are used for vertical movement. Further, there is a Zoom control on different weapons and Melee attacks. The weapons such as Desert Eagle, Uzi, Magnum, MP5, AK47, M4, M14, shotgun, etc. In addition, there are M93BA, SMAW, Machete, PHASR, Flamethrower, and many grenades. The Powerups contain a power boost and a health pack.


There are swiping control buttons on the screen to move the character. There are controls to aim, to fire, to zoom, to melee attack, and to reload the guns. The game has two guns for each player to shoot the enemies. But he can use only one gun at a time for killing the enemies. The player can touch the gun to switch to the other gun. The game has other guns per player who can pick a gun by tapping on the appeared gun. So the earlier gun will be dropped and a new gun will be picked.

8. Dr. Driver 2 :

The Dr.Driver 2: The Wheelman is Back in North America. It is the sequel of Dr.Driver’s video game series. This game is Back on the Streets and is used for easy driving. The game is one of the best offline Android games. It was developed by Reflections Company Limited. It was released by Infogrames Company Limited. Doctor Driver 2 video game was released in 2002. It was released as a range of products by Infogrames Atari. The game was first released as a PlayStation video game.

Soon it was ported to Nintendo Game Boy Advance. The initial game contained weak graphics for the PlayStation era. The game was released as two models. The first Disc contains data on Chicago and Havana cities. In addition, the second Disc contains data on Las Vegas and Rio cities.

Driving 2


The storyline has two cities by removing the other two cities’ missions in the game.
There are slideshows that replaced cinematics. Also, there are sound clips such as Gunshots and Police sirens in the atmosphere. There are graphics with Polygons and 2D streets for pedestrians. There are many updates and removals from the previous models. The animations of Tanner going in and out of vehicles are also removed from the game. In addition, a number of AI scripts such as roadblocks of the police chase are removed.
The Driver 2 game depends on the driver’s structure as well as the ability of the character.


The character Tanner moves out of his car to explore the city on foot. He also controls other vehicles of the game. The story missions are played separately from ‘Take A Ride’ mode. This mode helps the players to explore the cities. The game has easy swipe controls for driving the car. The missions in the game are dependant on the vehicle. Further, these missions consist of ramming cars and escaping from gangsters.

Every mission in the game helps the storyline. So the gameplay is similar to a Hollywood level car chase. The character Tanner leaves his car and interacts with the environment. All the violence takes place during pre-rendered scenes. In addition, the original PlayStation game had a two-player screenplay. The game boy advance game had a four-player link.


All the above games are the best offline Android games that one can play without an internet connection. These games help an individual to get rid of stress, anxiety, and mental depression. However, these games allow people to spend their free time.

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