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Best Music Apps in India

Everyone loves music and listens to it almost every day, in this digital era access to music has become very easy with different Music apps. today we are going to check the Best Music Apps in India, music apps carry big library and give us chance to listen to our favorite music anytime and anywhere. They keep updating the library with new songs so that users do not have to go anywhere else for finding the songs. Keep reading this article to know about the best music apps on Android.

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Best Music Apps in India

Best Music Apps in India 

Music apps are the best way to listen to our favorite songs. These apps carry a large no. of songs and we can also listen to regional songs, new songs, old songs, podcasts Etc. We also get the option of easy music sharing. We can also search for our favorite song easily. Below we are sharing the best music apps on Android so keep reading. 


Spotify is one of the best music apps in India, this app offers millions of songs and podcasts for free you can enjoy music in Many Languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil Etc. You can easily search and listen to your favorite songs and also, it’s easy to find music for any event, genre, and mood. 

Check out top Spotify Features at a glance: 

  • Stream new music for free 
  • Easily find trending music 
  • Listen to music from any genre 
  • Make and share your own playlist 
  • Choose your favorite language for music and more.

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best music app on Android (Spotfy)


Gaana is made in India music streaming app you can find and listen to your favorite Hindi, Bollywood, Regional music, Bhajans, mantras Etc. is also available on Gaana. You can listen to top music and explore new or old songs depending on your mood. You can also browse Top charts like Top 50 Hindi songs, top 50 Bollywood Songs, etc. It’s one of the best music apps on Android. 

Check out top Gaana Features at a Glance: 

  • Over 45 Million MP3 Songs 
  • HQ HD music Streaming 
  • Lyrics of your favorite songs 
  • Thousands of playlists created by Experts 

Hungama Music 

On the Hungama music app, you can listen to music online or you can download for offline. Do you like Old classics? Hindi Songs or International jams, on Hungama music you can listen to your favorite music in your preferred language. This app is also one of the best music apps in India. 

Check out top Hungama Music features at a Glance: 

  • Library of 1 crore+ Song 
  • Live and on-demand channels for you at online Radio 
  • Music Reconditions according to your taste of music 
  • Dynamic Lyrics 

Wynk Music 

Wynk was one of the oldest and Best Music apps on Android. On Wynk you can listen to new songs & Offline music. This is a one-stop app for the greatest and the latest music that you love. You get to listen to HD songs and a wider list of songs. You can explore trending songs and playlists. 

Check Out top Wynk Music Features at a Glance: 

  • You can stream live music Concerts 
  • Thousands of Curated playlists for every mood 
  • You can follow Artist and Playlists you love 
  • Create your Playlist and Share it with your Friends 

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Best Music apps in India(Wynk)


This app lets you listen to millions of songs, Radio, and Podcasts, and all that for free. You can enjoy the latest songs from a collection of music across Hindi and English songs. You can also find a good collection of Devotional songs on Saavn. We can count this app as the best music apps on android. 

Check Out top Saavn Features at a Glance: 

  • Unlimited Music 
  • Expertly Curated playlist 
  • Smart and Personalized recommendations 
  • Original Shows and Podcasts 
  • Lyric live sync for karaoke 

Best Music Apps on Android list at glance: 

  1. Spotify 
  2. Gaana 
  3. Hungama 
  4. Wynk 
  5. Saavn 

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Online Music apps come with many useful features and the best part is we can listen to music online without downloading it, and these apps have an ever-growing library which is also a benefit as we get to listen to Old or New music and curated playlists get half of our work. with so many features and free availability, this becomes the best way of listening to music.

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