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Best Laptops

Best Laptops, Best Laptops for Students, Best Laptops for Gaming: Choosing a laptop is a very big deal because you will use that regularly. One small mistake will lead into every day regret, so here we are giving some suggestions on how to choose the best laptop for students or best laptops for gaming. We will give you each and every detail in all price ranges. This is the complete guide to choosing the best laptops starting from the range of 20,000 Rs to maximum range laptops and why you should prefer mid-range laptops over top laptops.

How to Choose Best Laptops?

While selecting laptop you must consider these 3 things, because every laptop performance is complete depend on these factors. They are Processor, Storage, and Graphics. If you are a heavy gamer you must choose the laptop with heavy graphics for this you can refer best gaming laptops under 50000 and if you are a coder you must go for the big processor laptop. In case if you are a heavy user like storing stuff and all then you can consider Storage as a factor.

Steps to Choose Best Laptops

  • First, you have to make a choice on how you are gonna use that laptop.
  • If it is for gaming purpose then choose the high graphic laptop
  • If you are a code choose the big processor laptop
  • If you are regular laptop user then choose the laptop with all round performance.
  • Once you chose the above things then finalize the budget.

Best Laptops:

In this article, we are presenting you various best laptops for students and best gaming laptops. All these comes in different budget ranges from 20,000 to 1,00,000 Rs. The entries were selected from best laptop brands in India, you can also find our list of best budget laptops. That list will cover best mid range laptop and best entry level laptops. So if you are looking to buy any laptop then this is your stop, read this article till the end to choose your good laptop.

Top 10 Best Laptops in India:

S. No Top 10 Best Laptops in India
1 Best Laptops Under 20000
2 Best Laptops Under 25000
3 Best Laptops Under 30000
4 Best Laptops Under 35000
5 Best Laptops Under 40000
6 Best Laptops Under 45000
7 Best Laptops Under 50000
8 Best Laptops Under 60000

Here we made an article for every price range, now you can see the top 10 different laptops in the price range of 5,000 Rs. If your budget is limited you can stick to 25k & 30k, in case if you are looking for Mid-range laptop with full functionality then you can go for 40k & 45k range laptops. If you want the Buy  laptops you can choose the list of best laptops under 60000.

Best Gaming Laptops:

What’s fun if you don’t have any graphic cards in your laptop. Well, be aware because some seller may fool you on shopping sites like amazon and Flipkart. Some top laptop model will differ with the presence and absence of graphic cards. Once you missed the graphic card in your laptop then you can’t add that internally, you again need to buy one external graphic card to enjoy your games. While selecting laptop just check whether the graphic card is available or not, because without the graphic card you can buy the laptop for 5000 Rs less. If you aren’t a gamer then we will recommend you to go with the normal laptop because without any graphics you can still run some basic games.

Best Laptops for Students:

The major laptop sales of India belongs to college freshers because research shows 60% of people who bought a laptop for the first time is when they are in college. Students will use the laptop every single day so choosing basic laptop will lead into major problems in the near future. Here is the detailed guide on how to buy the laptop for every college student, programmer, and engineering students.

Best Laptop for College Students: 

In case if you aren’t a programmer then you can choose your laptop from the lists of the best laptop under 30000 and best laptop under 25000. That list contains the details of laptops with the minimum of 4GB RAM and 500 GB Hard disks and some even come with graphic cards. That laptop can easily last for the minimum of 4-6 years and you can stream HD videos and can make video calls.

Best Laptop for Programmers:

So if you are a programmer you can’t just use the basic laptop in the range of 30000 Rs because all those laptops come with the i3 processor which is very old and some laptops won’t even powered by intel processor which isn’t good for programmers. We suggest you go for the laptop which offers i5 3rd generation processor and the minimum of 4GB RAM. Programmers no need to worry about hard disk size because one can easily increase that at any point in time.

Best Laptops

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