Apple iPhone 7 Bend and Scratch Test: Video’s Added

Here comes the much awaited article, as apple iphone 6 plus bend is a huge success so people are wondering whether apple iphone 7 will bend or not. Your wait is over the recent test shows iPhone 7 can bend but not as much as iPhone 6s Plus. Here I am giving every detail of apple iPhone 7 bend test, apple iphone 7 scratch test. I will update this article once I got the more information on apple iphone 7 water resistant and etc. The apple iphone 7 bend test, apple iphone 7 scratch test has been done by the YouTuber JerryRigEverything. It has already managed to test the new iphone 7 so all the footage were collected from their source.

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Apple iPhone 7 Bend Test Video, Heat Test and Scratch Test Video:

In his latest youtube video, this YouTuber performed a series of tests on apple iphone 7 to see how Apple’s new device responds to scratch test, heat test and iphone 7 bend test. Here I am giving each and every detail of those tests including video footage’s

Apple iPhone 7 Scratch Test information and Video:

iPhone 7 will holds scratches from a simple utility knife, contact from a mineral pick equivalent to the level 6 and above on the Mohs hardness can leave permanent and huge damages on your apple iphone 7 screen. Similar to the display,iPhone 7 camera won’t hold a standard razor blade,just like before level 6 and above mohs hardness can leave permanent damage. So unless you want a real scratch, the normal scratch won’t even do anything to this new apple device.

Here is the Apple iPhone 7 Scratch Test Video:

This apple iphone 7 scratch test raises some interesting questions. Apple already claims that both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus come with the sapphire lens covers, but this test shows the other way around. Although this test was done on the original apple iphone 7. So when it comes to apple aluminum back cover, the Matte black model can holds up well to the few scratches from keys, but contact from sharper objects such as knifes or blades can result in major damage. So you can try at your own risk.

Here is another apple iphone 7 scratch test Video:

Apple iPhone 7 Bend Test:

In case if you’d remembered the apple iphone 6 plus got free promotion in the name of #BenditlikeBeckham. Because that apple iphone 6 bend test is a huge success, you don’t need to keep the force it will automatically bend just by placing in the pockets. But this recent apple iphone 7 bend test shows now it is in safe hands. As it requires so much energy to actually bend that phone. Here watch it yourself in the apple iphone 7 bend test video, one need to apply max force to bend apple iphone 7. So it’s not like the old iphone 6

Apple iphone 7 bend test video:

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