Airtel To Provide VoLTE Service soon

Airtel To Provide VoLTE Service soon and Call rates will get cheaper

Airtel To Provide VoLTE Service soon, Airtel vs Jio VoLTE Service War: Airtel is one of the leading figures in the telecommunications industry in India. It has been a dominant player in the market and has had its fair share of users as well. But Airtel has lost a lot of ground lately thanks to its new rival. This new rival we are talking about is none other than the reliance Jio. Last year, after the arrival of Jio, the telecom market in India has seen an upshift in better plans by all the telecom companies at a lower price. Airtel had done the same but it’s now planning to up its game by a level as well. It will do this by using the same technique reliance used with their Jio sim. Airtel is planning to set up their own VoLTE services by using their 4G network. They do not have the service at the moment but plan to install it soon.

Airtel To Provide VoLTE Service soon:

The Company is planning to notch their game level one up and compete with Jio supremacy in the market. Airtel has already earned a few browny points with its consumers by giving them 30 GB Free Data in Monsoon Surprise Offer. The new upgrade to the Airtel service consumers would be the update of its service with the VoLTE services.

Right now, Reliance Jio VoLTE is the only network which provides VoLTE service to its consumers. This means that reliance can use its 4G network to facilitate calling over its network. Reliance in doing this can keep the call rates low and often to a minimum. This started a war in the telecommunications industry in the form of highly affordable free voice calls by Reliance Jio for over a year along with high-speed internet. Reliance was able to provide people with such cheap call rates because they were setting up a data-based network all along. Reliance’s plan was to get the consumer to join their network and then charge them later on for a single data plan with calling being free. The calls were directed to their 4G carrier network using VoLTE technology. VoLTE is an acronym for Voice over LTE network. This means that it uses 4G network to make calls possible.

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Airtel To Provide VoLTE Service soon:

According to our sources, Airtel will be launching the service at the end of this year for its users.  This news comes after Airtel recently accepted that it’s testing its VoLTE services in five metro cities. Gopal Vittal, MD and CEO (India and South Asia), Bharti Airtel said at a conference “Our Voice over LTE is in the works. We are currently doing trials in five cities, we have done some testing. At some stage towards the later part of the year, we should be able to take VoLTE everywhere,”. This means that the users can expect the call rates to go down even lower and in time absolutely zero. You will be charged for the data you consume though, just like the reliance jio does. This will also result in the VoLTE subscribers in India increasing to more than 100 million and touching 370 million by 2022 according to Ericsson.

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