Airbnb Refer and Earn Travel Credit with Referral Program

airbnb refer and earn

Airbnb Refer and Earn Travel Credit with Referral Program , Airbnb refer and earn , Airbnb referral Code: Ever dreamed of going on a free trip all over India or Worldwide..? Well, your dream is about to come true because with the brand new Airbnb Refer and Earn program you can gain up to 5 lac Rs free travel credit. You can use this Airbnb travel credit to get Free home stays and free experiences all over the world. Check out phonePe Referral Program for easy payments. Here are the more details on Airbnb Refer and Earn Program

Click Heresign-up for Airbnb account and get 1200 Rs off on 1st Trip

Airbnb Refer and Earn Program:

This is one of the best referral programs in recent times, both referee and referral will get credit on their trips. First, you must use above link to New signup. Whenever you take the first trip you will get Flat 1200 Rs off on booking over 3300 Rs and if you want to gain more travel credit then share your referral link with your friends. If they travel they will get Flat 1200 Rs off and you will get 1200 Rs in your Airbnb travel credit. It’s a winning deal for both of them, Here is how to participate in Airbnb referral program

How to Participate in Airbnb Referral Program:

Just like every other referral program user need to invite their friends. First, you must create an account in Airbnb and then visit invite friends option. There you will find one unique URL, just share that URL with your friends. Whenever they take the first trip you will get 1200 Rs and whenever they host you will get 3300 Rs.

Steps to Participate in Airbnb Referral Program:

  • Visit Airbnb website. Login or create a new account.
  • Now simply click on invite friends link. It will take you to Airbnb referral page.
  • There you can type the email id’s of friends or you can simply share the URL
  • Share the URL with your friends and whenever they take a trip you will get credit.
  • Repeat the same process to gain more and more Airbnb Travel Credit

Airbnb Referral Code and Terms:

As mentioned earlier you will get Airbnb travel credit whenever your friend takes a trip but there is a little twist. Your friend must take a trip worth 3000 Rs then only you will earn travel credit. For hosting there is no limit, whenever they host their first guest you will gain 3600 Rs Free Travel credit in your account.

Airbnb Travel Credit:

Each Airbnb travel credits were valid for one year, suppose you got travel credit in the month of September and few more in the month of October. The validity for both of them is different and of course, you can use the whole credit for a single booking. Here are the few suggestions and answers related to Airbnb Travel Credit.

Airbnb Travel Credit Not Appearing:

First, you must log in to Airbnb account and then you will notice an option of Travel Credit. Just click on that it will show you the available travel credit. I tried checking Airbnb travel credit on App but that is not working. You can only check the travel credit on Airbnb website in the desktop version.

Airbnb Travel Credit Pending:

Whenever your friend book a trip you won’t get the credit immediately. First, they must complete the trip then everything is fine Airbnb will add the credit to your account. This whole process will take around 1-2 weeks.

How to Check Aribnb Travel Credit:

After logging in Airbnb official site you will see an option of Travel credit. Just click on that that will give you available credit with an expiry date. In case if you want to check individual credit then go to account and then Manage Payments. This will give you the list of referral with their coupon codes.

Airbnb Travel Credit Code:

You can use this travel credit for a whole trip or you can divide this into coupons. Each referral will add one coupon to your account. This Airbnb Travel Credit code will only be valid on the selected account. For more details, you can visit Airbnb Terms and conditions from this link

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