6Easy hacks for tech problems.

“Problem Solved !!! ”

1) No audio? No problem.

audio solutions pc laptop

It’s quite common for older PCs, particularly

laptops, to suffer from audio issues. Either the 3.5 mm jacks get rusted or something breaks or even a circuit might get fried. The solution, again, is quite simple. You can pick up a USB sound card for as little as Rs. 600 and partake of the joys of audio once again.

Spend a little more and get a good quality USB audio card for a better experience. The audio quality from these sound cards is usually way better than your motherboard’s onboard audio solution and that should be enough for most users.

2) Let there be light

USB LED lamp

Playing games or watching movies in the middle of the night can be a strain on the eyes, especially if you play with the lights off. And what if you don’t have a backlit keyboard? Get yourself a simple USB LED lamp (they’re available for as little as Rs. 100) and a cheap USB extension cable. Or you can also pick up USB-powered LED strips and attach them to the back of your TV, which, by the way, will usually have a USB port on the back anyway. Another quick tip, in the event of a power failure, plug that USB lamp into a portable power bank and you’ve got a handy-dandy emergency lamp. Sure, you can use your phone’s LED as well, but now you can save it for something more useful, like playing Candy Crush.

3) To the cloud.
Microsoft OneDrive

Data black out is a vaguely persistent thorn in everyone’s side. You know you have to do it, but you also know that it’s going to be expensive and the archiving process is going to be dreadfully dull. Well, here’s a quick fix for you, get yourself a Microsoft Office 365 Home subscription. Why? You pay Rs. 499 a month, or a lump sum fee of Rs. 4,199 for the whole year and you get a licensed version of Microsoft Office (the first step to going legit) and 1TB of cloud storage each to five separate accounts. So you can have original Office installations on all of your personal computers. If that’s not a steal we don’t know what is.

With OneDrive, you get to access your data from anywhere, be it your phone, tablet, PC, etc. Uploading is also as easy as drag-and-drop so backing up your pictures for example, is simply a matter of dragging your pictures folder from its current location to the OneDrive folder on your PC. A quick and simple solution.

Just remember to keep illegal content away from your OneDrive folder and your data should be safe and accessible to you for as long as you’re willing to pay for the subscription.

4) Power struggle

power struggle

Fighting over USB chargers must be the norm in most households by now, what with everyone carrying multiple devices and all that. Fear not! You needn’t worry about power ever again if all you do is take the trouble to pick up a few wall sockets with USB adapters. These things come dirt cheap and all you have to do is replace your regular wall socket with one of these. You get USB power without the hassle of a charger and you can place them all over the house at minimal cost.

Do remember that these USB chargers will only be as good as your electrical connection and the manufacturer so try to pick up only good quality sockets or your precious devices will be fried before you’re even aware that something’s not right.

5) Get an SSD

intel ssd

An SSD might sound like a really expensive indulgence, but prices have steadily declined over the years and you can get a 128 GB drive for under Rs. 5,000 very easily. Why would you want an SSD? For one thing, the response time will improve dramatically, especially if you dedicate your SSD as an OS drive (i.e. the drive on which you’ve installed your primary OS). An SSD has a response time that is at least 15-20 times greater than that of your HDD and the difference in startup times and responsiveness of programs installed on the SSD will be noticeable.

If you’re a laptop user, you should also see a definite improvement to your battery life and as a bonus, you can rest assured that your data is more secure because an SSD is not as fragile as a HDD. The improvement to transfer rates is also an added bonus.


USB capture device

It’s a little rarer now, but there are sure to be a great many of you who’ve still got an ageing collection of precious VHS tapes and LP records. It’s high-time that you moved into the digital world, if only for archiving all that precious data.

You could take the easier, but more expensive route of paying for a professional service that will digitize and archive that collection for you. Or, you could do it yourself.

You will, of course, need a large enough HDD to store all that data and a PC. You can then purchase a cheap, USB capture device that will accept the RCA, S-Video and any other vintage input that your player might use and directly stream that data to your PC for easy recording and capture. This works for cassette tapes too

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