UPDATED with TWO NEW METHODS: Awesome Tricks on How to Use Reliance Jio 4G Sim Card in any 4G Mobile

trick to use Jio Sim In All Mobiles

Tricks on How to Use Reliance Jio 4G Sim Card in any 4G Mobile: Reliance one of India’s major market company has tried everything in their business then even entered in Bollywood movies. But it’s never been that much famous in the recent years. But now they broke the internet with an awesome Free Reliance 4G Sim Card with unlimited internet for the first 3 months. The problem with this sim card is it only works on Reliance Mobile but now here we are giving you 4 possible solutions on the trick to use Jio Sim in all mobiles. So with these Reliance Jio 4G sim card Trick, you can use this sim in any of your 4G Mobiles. Including recently launched Redmi 3S Prime, this trick will work on every mobile.

Reliance Jio 4g sim is now available in the market only with LYF phones bundled offer. Which can only be available under ‘Jio Preview Scheme’ this is forcing users to use 4g sim only in their LYF handset – handset locked sim! Most of these LYF handsets are good only for mobile internet purpose or using them as Hotspot but due to low quality built of that mobile which makes really hard to use those smartphones.

NEW METHOD ADDED:  How to Use Reliance Jio 4G Sim in 3G Phone

How to Get Jio Sim on Supported Devices:

First of all check this article whether your device is supported or not, if your device name is not in that list just jump down to next two methods. So if your device is supported all you need to do is follow this simple steps.

  • First Download MyJio app from play store
  • After that Open MyJio app, remember there is no need to download all 10 apps.
  • Then it will ask you to fill the details, in next process, you can see generate OTP
  • Click on that fill the required details then enter submit.
  • That’s it you will receive Barcode take the screenshot and visit Jio Store

This is the trick to using jio sim in all supported mobile, but if you want to know the trick to use jio sim in all mobile just read ahead.

How to get Free JIO 4G Preview Offer On All Rooted Devices:-

Note: – Download the Jio App From Link Which I Provided Otherwise This Trick Will Not Work.

Before going to do this step I recommend you to check out this article. Jio sim is available on more than 10 brands with over 1000 mobiles. So check now whether your mobile can support to get the Jio sim for free, if not you can follow this method to get the sim on other devices.

HOT TOPIC: Reliance Jio Sim Activation Time Status Problems are Solved

  • First of All download and install Xposed IMEI changer app.
  • Then change Your IMEI to 353005070562xxx. Replace the xxx with any number.
  • After that Download & Install Exposed MobileFaker App
  • Now Open mobile faker and select Android version to “5.1.1” after that on the next section you can select “Samsung” and again in the next section you have to select “Sm-a800i” or Select 4.4.2 and select S6.
  • Download the MyJio App From Here. and Don’t update the app AT ALL, If you update the app the trick won’t work.
  • Then Open My Jio App, Open MyJio From Listed App List In MyJio App.
  • After that, You Will See A Prompt Above Login / Sign up mentioning That “Get Jio Sim Offer”.Just Click On It.
  • This Will Automatically Detect Your Location and Prompt You Whether is it Available in your location Or Not. In case If It Fail Detect You Location You Can Manually Enter.
  • Now It Will Provide You T&C Of The Jio Offer, Just Check It as you always do & Click On “Agree And Get Jio Offer”
  • Then It Will Provide An Offer Code and Bar Code, Save This As Screenshot, This is must Get Jio Sim.
  • Then It Will Show You the list of Documents Which Are necessary To Submit For Getting The Jio Sim.Just Keep This In Mind.
  • After that, It Will Show You Nearest Jio Offline Store Where You can show the Bar Code & Submit Your Identification Documents with photographs To Get Sim.
  • Done now You got the Jio sim now.. 🙂

Note: Jio store might ask for the original bill, just try to handle them. Just jump in the comments if you have any doubts.

For iPhone: Apple Users Can Now Get The Reliance Jio 4G Sim With Preview Offer

How to get Free JIO 4G Preview Offer On All the Other Unrooted Devices:

  • I recommend you to Use Wifi For Better Experience, Because with mobile data it may stop in the middle
  • Download MyJio App From Here. You have to download from this link and never ever update that.
  • Open the My JIO app In Your device and Download All Listed 10 Apps In MyJio App.
  • After downloading All  10 Jio Apps, close the My Jio app and Disconnect Your Wifi.
  • Again open the My Jio app and then open My jio From App List In My Jio App.
  • Click On Offer Saying Get Free Jio Sim  Just Above Login / Sign up Option.
  • It Will Say Required Internet Connection, just Enable Wifi & Again Click On That Offer Saying Get Jio Sim.
  • This Will Automatically Detect Your Location & Prompt You Whether It Is Available Or Not In Your Location. In case If It Fails To Auto Detect You Can Manually Select Your State & City.
  • Now It Will Provide You T&C Of This Jio Offer, Just Check It & Click On “Agree And Get Jio Offer”
  • Now It Will Provide An Offer Code & Bar Code, Save This As Snapshot, It Is Compulsory To Get Jio Sim.
  • Now It Will Show You Documents Which Are Mandatory To Submit For Getting This Sim.Just Keep This In Mind.
  • Now It Will Show You Nearest Jio Offline Store Where You Have To Show Your Offer & Bar Code & Submit Your Identification Documents To Get Sim.
  • Done Now, Just Reach The Nearest Jio Store & Show Your Offer & Bar Code & Submit Your Identification Documents To Get Sim.

FIXED: Jio Tele Verification Number 1977 isn’t working Solution

Trick To Use Jio Sim In All Mobiles (Solution 2):

The main problem in Jio sim is handset lock. Each and every handset of any mobile comes with unique IMEI number (Dial *#06#) and all you need to know LYF IMEI number to use Jio sim in all mobiles. Using this method will bar from using LYF mobile because IMEI number is unique & using it multiple times isn’t recommended at all.

  1. First of all, you need to ROOT your android mobile
  2. Then install XPOSED module
  3. Now find IMEI Changer in XPOSED module and activate it
  4. Replace your 4g mobile IMEI number with new LYF handset
  5. Now use Jio sim card and wait for the network to go live.
  6. After that Manually create Jio settings for web browsing with APN: jionet, APN type: default,supl, Bearer: LTE, Authentication: No authentication is Required(None)
  7. You are ready to go.

Trick To Use Jio Sim In All Mobiles (Solution 3):

If You don’t own a rooted device or If above mentioned method failed to work then this is the perfect trick to use jio sim in all mobiles. All just need to copy the text of build.prop file in LYF mobile & then paste it into your current mobile’s build.prop file. But don’t modify the build.prop file modifying that file will cause system damage.

  1. Install ES File Explorer by visiting play store.
  2. Now Browse ‘/’ location > go to System folder & find build.prob file & copy the whole texts.
  3. After that use LYF build.prop texts in your 4g mobile


Trick To Use Jio Sim In All Mobiles (Solution 4):

Wait for the official Jio 4g commercial launch & use this 4g sim in any mobile without any further issue, Or just use LYF mobile phone as Hotspot. You can also use Jio-Join app to make HD calls from any 4g mobile using Jio sim. This is not the best trick but if you don’t want to take any risk you can use it as a hotspot by connecting to your router.

Now the Jio commercial launch has been announced so you can get Jio sim on any mobile with the above mentioned tricks, then you can use jio sim in all mobiles with our tricks.


Trick to use Jio Sim In All Mobiles


  1. Hi, Friends

    I have a jio sim of 6 months old(It was with me last 6 months, but I didn’t use it). Is it possible to activate this sim in Redmi Note 4 or I have to insert new jio sim? Can anybody tell me how to activate this sim in Redmi Note 4 mobile?

    Thank you

  2. Hi
    I have samsung note 4 dual sim ph imported from hongkong.
    all other network sim are working except jio
    Plz guide the best way to make it work


  3. Sir mere pas lumia 540 dual sim hai kya isme jio sim kam krega .. Mine apka trick use kia pr tower nahi aya.. Ismw jio kaise use karu

  4. sir,

    i have GOOD ONE G7 mobile its support 4G (BSNL,IDEA,VODAFONEetc..) but JIO sim not support .. any way to working JIO sim in this mobile

  5. Hello…..

    mere pas Samsung galaxy grand neo plus phon hai……
    Kya mai isme jio 4g use kar sakte hu?
    waiting for a comment…….!
    explain please!

  6. Sir my device is mediatek device but in network selecting LTE/gsm/CDMA (auto) is not available in MTK Mode, what to do????

  7. My phone is samsung note 2
    and this is 3g phone and exynos proccessor .
    so may u help me how to run jio sim in this device ???
    or u told already about this then can u send me link of that page?

  8. Hello Sir Good Evening,,
    Sir i had activated jio 4g sim , Sir how to use that jio 4g sim in my spice mi-535 (3g) mobile..
    any chances is available?
    pls help me Sir…
    Thanks in Advance

  9. hi sir mera Naam narendra pradhan hai mobile mi redmi2 hai esme jio sim chalane ka setting aur jio sim active kese kare signal nahi aa raha hai plese sir

  10. Sir i have jio sim some other bar code scaning . My mobile is 3g gionee m2 . I put jio in my mobile . I can’t can’t get network tower . Kindly help me to fix it?? Is it necessary to root my mobile ??

  11. Hi Shravan,
    I am using Micromax Canvas Express E313 model 3g mobile. I used ur trick without changing IMEI to get barcode for jio sim. But I am not getting any option to get jio sim. It is asking to sign in when I open Myjio. Plz do the needful……………

  12. I am using Samswung Galaxy S2 for this. It has an exynos processor ARM Cortex. I have tried two ways:

    1. Installing the Xorware app and then doing the required settings as mentioned. I can see network bars, but it says emergency calls only.

    2. Installing the Shortcuts Master Lite app and trying to run the code (*#2263#), but this code is not running on my phone for some strange reason, while other codes like *#0*#. *#06# are all working.

    Kindly assist me in this.!

  13. Hello, I hv xolo q1010i 3g dual Sim, here I want to use Jio 4g net only on my xolo q1010i set. Can I use it or not possible? I arranged Jio 4 g Sim but doent show signal. Pls help me & mail me a link how to use Jio 4g net on my mobile. My mail id is alokbhilai@gmail.com. thank
    Alok sharma, 9301192872

  14. सर, मैंने Bluestacks से बार कोड जनरेट किया था, और मुझे सिम मिल गया| मेरा 3G हैंडसेट भी खराब हो गया है मेरे पास बिना नेट वाला मोबाइल और एक लैपटॉप व 3G मॉडेम है, तो अब मैं अपना नया सिम कैसे ACTIVATE करूं ?

  15. Hi I have gionee p4 3g phone .is it possible to run jio sim in it if yes then please send a link or details so I can follow that.

  16. I have a 3g phone doodle 3, with android 4.2. When i try to install thr 10/11 apps of the myjio app some of them are not compatible with this device. What can i do next?

  17. Hey bro, in my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro, all the app got installed with your old MyJIO app, but only the JioMoney and AJIO is saying, your device in not compatible. Probably older version of this two would help. I wonder if you could help!!!

  18. Bhai redmi note4G hai aur isma network nahi aaraha hai aur aata bhi hai to 2 point network aata hai aur na hi net chl raha hai jb sa sin liya hai huma kya krna padega

  19. I am using Redmi note old one not note 3 or note 3g. Released on 2014. I have tried to use Jio with using Xorware 2g App, also tried to change phone infoinformation 1 but it was not changing.
    OK help me

  20. I have Samsung galaxy s5(3g) but jiyo is not working even i tried all 3g methods. My jiyo sim is already activated as i checked with my friend’s 4g mobile. There are only methods for mediatek & snapdragon processors not for exynos. My mobile has exynos chip. Could you plz tell which trick is work for my mobile. Thank u

  21. Can I get my Jio sim activation in moto g2 mobile no XT1068.i have a Jio sim and tried all ways which you have mentioned above..but of no use please tell me in detail

  22. I have a vivo y27l which is one sim slot support 4g but barcode is not getting and l am already get Jio sim other device which sim is running vivo cell phone. What can I do for a barcode.

  23. Hii i m using lava iris x1 grand it is 3g phone how can i use jio sim in this phone i m already try mtk engineer mode but it does not worked plss help mee
    Pls inform me to my email id

  24. Im using moto g2 model xt 1068 phone. Your all instructions follow but couldn’t get jio network. Please help me how to get jio network.

  25. Mine is Lenovo k5 vibe note..with 4gb volte..i got the bar code but the jio store fellow says.mine barcode is redeem ..now im unable to buy jio sim. ..give me solutions.. pls help…

  26. hello
    i am using htc desire 628 sevice
    sir, kal maine jio sim purchace ki thi jio centre se but vo abhi tak activate nhi huu hai….
    please sir help me…..

  27. sir mere pas 3G Panasonic P65 mobile h lakin hum confusion h ki kese hum Jio 4G sim chalae .please trick ko step by step
    starting se btao ki kripya kre .hum apke bhut bhut aabhari hoge.my whatsap number 8266083460 h ho ske to whatsap PR please chat kr lo .

  28. My sim is showing network signal but when we turn on mobile data it’s not working .we called customer Care they took complaint but there is no response they said my sim is activated. Please tell me solution.i need data to listen video classes

    • first make sure to check whether the sim is working in other devices or not. If yes choose the jio 4g network from your mobile networks in a manula way. That will work

  29. Hello, i am using asus zenphone max but model number is z010D. I installed the latest myjio app but still not getting any option to generate OTP to get that barcode. What should i do now?

  30. Hey brother.. I got the bar code and even the jio Sim in my unite 3 which is rooted.. But it doesn’t work on my phone and even not showing tower.. But in my friend phone which is j2 it’s work.. I don’t want the reason.. Just give me the solution Plz.. Brother it’s all on you..

  31. hy.. my phone xolo era mediatek processor but (jio sim) no service network and emergency call only I use this trick xoware apk but no results and I select network manual no get any 4g network so help me….. fast…fast ….

  32. Hi, I am using jio sim in lenovo k4 note. I can’t access you tube, Amazon, flipkart, paytm, gmail etc. Apps but I can make calls I can access whtsapp band Facebook and Google chrom. What is the reason behind that. And also plz tell me the solution to fix this.

  33. I have got jio in buying a mobile do i get without giving any document to shop owner he gives me free from mobile. So now in my phone i have 1 time generated barcode but that is experied so now how can i activate jio sim without barcode?? I think from calling for tele verification (1977) i can get i think… but give me solution..

  34. Hello sir Mera Samsung j2 mobile Hai mujhe jio Sim mil gaya Hai lekin usme network abhitak nahi chal pa raha Hai knuwki document aapne verification abtak nehikia hai. please wo document recive karke mera jio sim activity karlou please my document sent karu kya?

  35. I have Jio sim and it is not working in my mobile Samsung grand Max SM-G7202. I have purchased this handset as it is 4g enabled but I faced real problem, request you to kindly suggest me any way to or setting in my phone so that I can use jio sim.

  36. I have HTC desire 820s dual sim.. There I couldn’t get get jio sim option in my jio app. In old app I get option but it says connection error. Device is not rooted. Did hard reboot once. How to get jio sim bro ??

  37. I generated the barcode, got the sim, waiting for activation.
    I wanted to know if the offer is the preview offer or welcome offer(4gb Capped) ?
    Of course I’ve used older apk file.

  38. Hello.. i have taken jio sim with my mobile barcode only. my moble is samsung galaxy grand 4g prime. But it is not working in my mobile . It’s working in one of my friends moble… when i put sim in mobile it shows signal points nly it does not shows 4g signal nd it is not working for outgoing cals also… i have changed all the settings like mobile network nd etc but the result is?what’s wrong with my mobile ….? Can u please suggest me

  39. Plz tell me Jio facilities available for coolpad note 3 or not .To send mail and how got sim card Coolpad note 3 lite Mobile.I generated coupon but care person said coupon is invalid plz help me getting Jio sim

  40. Sir pls tell me mere Coolpad dazen1 me network are hhai but net nai chal rakha hai mene YouTube se video dekh k APN bhi sahi select kiya but for much nai aaraha hai pls koi solution ho to bta do

  41. shravan could you plz post a blog abt how to use jio Sim in Infocus m2 with steps plz…. tried every tricks but its not worked…

  42. Sir mere paas lg g3 hai n vo 4g lte supported hai n jio sim activate bhi ho gya bt vo mere phone me nhi chl rha bt dusre 4g phone me chl rha hai….plz help

  43. if I follow your second solution then is there any chance of getting caught up that it has been generated using wrong means or will there be any activating problem

  44. Mera jio sim chalu ho gya other 4g phone mein chal ra h but mere redmi note 4g me network nahi as rage what should I do ?

  45. I tried the method and changed the phone information but stiL i am not getting jio network wt should i do my mob is moto 2gen

  46. Sir mere fon me jio la sim sim nhi chal ra h jbki dusre phone me chal jata hai mai do phone change kr k dekh chuka dono me chal ra h..mere me netwark aa rhe h pr chal nhi rha..mera fon coolpad dazen 1 h..help me

  47. sir,
    i had activated my jio sim in lenovo mobile. it was successfully activated.
    now, i want to use this sim in other 4g mobile but it is asking for OTP. This OTP is not coming to my number that i had given as alternate number.
    is there any solution for this?
    is there any other way to install it in other phone.??

  48. sir i have purchased a jio sim n to check it weather it is started or not i put in my friend mobile n get started then it was activated but it is not working in my phone what should i do

  49. Sir,

    I have coolpad dazen 1.I bought jio sim and is activated. Network signal is visible but mobile data is not connecting. I have updated APN correctly. Any idea to fix this?

  50. Sir mere pass 4g mobile h. Get jio sim option ni aa rha h. Samsung on7 h. Barcode kese nikalu dosto help plz….whatsapp 9571539873…plz msg and help

  51. Hi ,, i use Micromax Android one , 3G mobile.
    I got barcode from this mobile and also jio 4g sim . Also I got a SMS from jio service for receiving application and order number .
    But when i put the sim in my mobile , it donot show any network .
    So i request you , how I use the sim in my Micromax Andriod One .

  52. I got gio sim yesterday. I’m using moto g3. I got the signal VOLTE with exclamation mark. I again ask the retailer. He told it I may be Phone problem. Then I switched sim to k3 note phone. Again that same problem but without exclamation mark. I tried in different ways. But it remain same.

    Whaaat can I do tell me

  53. I am using Mobile lenovo s60 but network is not showing in (emergenc call only) but in other Samsung j2 device the sim card work properly
    But Bar code is generated from j2 handset will it work in lenovo s60 please help
    Give any trick sir

  54. Hi shravan i am using Samsung galaxy s4 3g mobile i get in jio sim with root method but how to use the sim in 3g mobile pls help me

  55. After I installed the jio app as u said…..when I open my jio from the list it is asking me to update…..I’m nt able to cancel the note….wht am I supposed to do?

  56. Hi! I am using smartphone moto g 2nd gen 4g LTE but i can’t jio sim bar coard on mi jio app please friends help me please

  57. Sir I have mi Redmi note 4g nd I also have Jio sim it works 2 days but after 2 days it can not show the Jio signal nd I searched my fone can’t show Jio Ind network so what I do now
    PLZZ help me

  58. Hi I have moto e 1 gen and moto g 2 gen as per the instructions I switch the sitting to LTE and gsm only ..after doing that I’m getting signal.. Can u help me out too which network I should select to get the network..I stay in Karnataka ..so help me out

  59. sir i get the jio sim but it was not working in my nokia lumia 625.i follow all the steps but i can’t use the sim.but the sim works in samsung j2..but i can’t use in my windows phone.plz do something.

  60. Mere Coolpad dazen 1 me option nhi aa rha hai
    Barcode ka …Jio app download kr liya usme Jo apps hai vo bhi kar liya. Phir bhi option nhi aya …

  61. Sir please my barcode was stolend by anoun person non to me when i was visited store getting jio sim i dont no ho has stolend this please send me another link get bar code generated

  62. Hello Bhai I m using Micromax E313 3G phone and already generated to barcode from unupdated version but Bhai now I can’t use Jio sim in my phone singnal bar is not showing please help me how to use in my phone

  63. Hi bro.
    After following your tricks whenever I click “Get Jio Sim” it shows ‘Our system couldn’t process your transaction’
    How to Use Jio Sim on my Samsung Galaxy Note3 without rooting…plz help

  64. I ma using Moto E first generation.. My Jio SIM activated but the signal not displaying. I did *#*#4636#*#* option… but still not working please help me

  65. sir iam for up east i have samsung gt-s7392 sir pls tell any trick to get free jio sim and how to activate and rum on my 3g phone plz sir

  66. hi i have using coolpad note 3 lite how can I activate the jio sim card?
    I have getting range in this mobile but does not activate mobile data start.

  67. Sir

    Mera pas Gionee M3 3G. Phone hai
    Jio cod. Sa jio sim be la le.
    Kya chal payage.

    Jio sim abhe active nahi. Huya hai
    My phone is rooted ‘
    ,. Xposed Framework. Installed hai &. Imei changer bhe hai

    Tell. Me. Please

  68. sir mere pass coolpad dazen1 h aur jio sim bhi aur 4g network show kr rha pr mobile data on krte hi new apn setting ka option aa rha h , muje kya krna hoga

  69. Mai coolpad dazen 1 use kar rahi hun .jio Sim ready hai ..par network Videocon show kar raha hai.2 bar reset mar diya phir v thik nhi hua ..or recently apps has stop v dikha raha ..kuch kuch

  70. hi shravan am using redmi prime 2(16 gb) current android version is 4.4.4 and miui… pls help how can I install jio sim in my phone and can generate bar code and is their any chance to enjoy the extended offer (i. e till December 2017)…. I have the jio app but it’s not opening… and whether your trick will affect the phone software in future or not….. pls suggest

  71. Dear Sir,
    Hu asus Zenphone 2 use karu 6u me tema kode generate karyo to ane sim card Lidhu ane sim chalu thayu pa6i e maro phone damage thai gayo 6e to me have new mobile vivo lidho tema hu net use kari saku 6u parantu voice calling nathi thatu tema voice call offline dekay 6e teni application ma voice offline na setting number offline ave 6e to mare online karva su karu jethi mare calling thay.

  72. Mr Shravan, you’re a genius. It finally worked out. I just want to get your attention to the imei numbers you’ve mentioned. Almost all the permutations of 3530050705624xx have been used up. After a number of tries, I finally decided to permute the last 3 digits and in the first try itself, it worked like a charm. So it’d be better if you edit your article. 🙂

    Good work there Mr Shravan. Your works are well appreciated.

    • Thanks Jae for your comment I will update this right away, glad to know it did worked for you. Hope you complete the activation soon. If you face any problem refer our blog I have mentioned every jio problem solution.

  73. Can you tell me how to get bar code whenever I click on get Jio sim there is always network busy please help.me my phone is of YU yunique please fast

  74. Done all the steps mentioned in rooted trick. Imei changed. Phone model changed. Old version of my jio app installed. Still not getting “get jio sim” in the app. Please assist.

  75. Sir which method to use Jio sim in micromax q380.i am using mtk engineering mode but LTE not select.when I select LTE network not change it shows GSM always or unknown is select..

  76. bro, i had asus zenfone 5 model tooj… it was 3g mobile, and having intel processor. how can i change to 4g.. and what is the process… please

  77. I have Lenovo A-7000 mobile and I used my jio app ( all version) methods to generate barcode but barcode don’t generate..
    Please help

  78. Hi Shravan, I’m using Xiaomi Mi3 phone (Indian purchase) How can I use Jio 4G sim in My 3G enabled phone? Please reply as I have one spare jio sim with me.

  79. Hello sir good evening!! I would like to inform you that my friend entered his details on my myjio app, and he got the bar code ,and then he got the sim. Now I want to get the gio4g sim . How can I get it with my same phone?? My phone is not rooted. Help please!!

    • so you are planning to get multiple sim cards on one mobile..? IF yes then you must follow these instructions your phone isn’t rooted so you can’t follow imei changer trick. That means you can’t generate multiple barcodes. But you can still follow old method to get the barcode twice, just make sure that your imei number isn’t submitted to jio. If you submitted the number then don’t go for two sim card they will end up blocking both of them.

      I hope this helps

  80. Bro ..I have got a Jio sim for my Nexus 5. It was working before when I was running with stock Android marshmallow. Later I flash a custom Android nougat on my Nexus . Everything worked fine ,it can detect the Jio sim is inserted but when I turn on the mobile data nothing happens..I have tried putting the setting on LTE (it didn’t worked) .used the myjio app ..it said “please insert a Jio sim “. Any solution?

  81. Dear Shivram
    my redmi to is regularlly reboot and no start. last 10 days i use jio sim in device. i think JIo sim problems and whats solution my redmi 2 phone.

  82. I’ve Mi4 3G… I generated the bar code using the old myjio app with every jio app installed trick… Will the bar code work ? And if I get the sim how’ll I activate it on my handset?

  83. Hi Shravan,

    I recently got a Jio SiM on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, it’s a US handset and unlocked. The SIM was recognized, however, I couldn’t make any calls not browse net. Any help is much appreciated.

  84. Hi ,
    I am using galaxy note3 purchased from UK.
    When i went to take jio sim they told me it will not work in phones which has been purached ourside india .
    Can you hepl me to find an solution in detail.?
    Thank you,

    • did you told them that you brought from outside india. If yes then try visiting the shop again by saying it purchased in India. Incase if your phone is rooted you can use that IMEI changer trick to generate the barcode. Once you got the bar code they have to give you the jio sim.. 🙂

  85. Hello shravan, shravan actually I have a jio sim which is I am using in Samsung j2 , my question is if I put this in my moto g3 which is 4g ..is it will work without doing any changes??

    • yes it will work, but sometimes you won’t get signal because you need an activated jio sim for that. In our blog I mentioned every solution of jio problem you can refer suitable articles.. 🙂

  86. Reliance Jio is undoubtedly one of the biggest projects of Reliance Industries, which is aiming to bring a new digital revolution in India. Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries has just blown the bugle for the company’s 4G services at the company’s annual general meeting. He even called the company’s 4G LTE network ‘Jio’-the largest in the world.

  87. sir, i have motorola moto g 2nd generation android mobile..sir plzzz tell me how to start or activated jio sim in my mobile for using unlimited internet and voice..plzzz tell me sir what can i do..

    • if your other network is LTE then you can use both. As only few mobiles were supporting VoLTE make sure you got any system updates to complete.

  88. sir is it necessary to have volte enabled devices for using jio sim. i have redmi noye prime. it is 4 g supported. but not volte enabled.

    • yeah with volte you will get free hd calls, without volte you can still use internet. Check your system update xiaomi sent volte updates to few devices.

  89. I using meizu m2 mobile already got and worked good in jio , unfortunately my mobile was re boot till now not working jio sim , i was installed my jio app ….. plz hlep

  90. Sir i have samsung galaxy grand prime 3G.Can i use jio sim in my device if yes then how…. and which mathod is best for this device.

  91. Can I use jio sim in my Redmi 1S mobile, even I have bought sim with this mobile ‘ s barcode..
    And I have a rooted handset with version MiUi v.

  92. Sir maine jio ka sim lene ke liye bar code n sabhi id proofe shopkeeper ko diya tha aaj 3-4 din ho gye but abhi tak koi message nhi aaya hai n ab mai get jio sim pe click kr rha hu toh barcode pe redeemed likha hu aa rha iska kya matlab hai n ab kya kre

  93. When i use your first method i see get jio sim option but when i press that that imei is already redeemed. Please provide a new range of unused imei number.

  94. Hello sir,
    I have HTC one M 8 device which actually supports LTE (4G) but as my phone is imported one, after several tries I am unable to found jio network. Though HTC list shows that M8 supports jio SIM but due to imported one it does not works. I have activated myjio SIM through jio-fi. And also I got the jio SIM by bar code generated from my imported M8 but using some tricky method not by usual process. Now please suggest what to do now?

  95. Hii bro, I recently got bio sim by following your trick, ( by changing imei no.) And gave them a fake mobile bill containing the modified imei mentioned on the steps above.
    Will my sim be activated?
    Plz reply me…. Thnx

  96. Hey i am using micro max juice3 (q392)3g handset preferred network is not changing to lte using your trick and my device is not rooted can you help me out

  97. your suggested link for downloading my jio app is not working. i means its required for updating els its not working.
    what should i do now?

  98. sir..

    kyaye trick use krne pe jio sim coolpad dazen 1 4G fon me support ho jayegi?
    or koi dikkt to nahi hogi na?
    plzz suggest kijiye?
    or koi risk ke bare me phle se btaiye

  99. If i generate qr code from my redmi 1s can i use it to activate my sim using the trick that you have described to use 4g(reliance jio) on 3g phone.

    Plz answer asap.

  100. Shravan brother my handset is moto e 1st generation my question is
    1) can I be able to generate jio barcode from my mobile?
    2) will I be able to activate the sim from my moto e 1st generation….. ?
    3 will it allow to make outgoing calls ?
    Plz reply brother.

  101. Sir I have an cooled note 3lite. In which bhava downloaded my jio app with all 10 apps reqd with it. But when I opened my jio then there is no option of get jio SIM. Could u help me sir!!!! :

  102. Hello sir mere pass Intex aqua power hd phone h kya usme chla skte h jio sim m sare method try kr chuka hu par LTE GSM nai hora mera mobile.. aur mere paas ek 4g phone b h usme jio sim chalu h kya uski sim nikal ke m apne 3g set m use kr skta hu plz koi solution batao ..?

  103. Redmi 2 me sim activate hone ke baad call nhin ja raha hai jio connect se call ja raha hai data sahi kaam kar raha hai please help kaise direct call hoga

  104. Hi bro I have already generated code through my brother’s mobile who is leaving in other city and now I have jio sim so my question is can I activate it on my 4g mobile and today I have also generated code through my mobile so I will take another sim on that code on monday but the first sim may be start tomorrow.
    Plz tell me what to do should I active that first sim or to wait for my mobile special sim???????
    I want 4g as soon as possible
    And im afraid to active first sim as if they not give unlimited offer and may affect to my specific sim

  105. hy shravan plz tell me ….. i have coolpad dazen 1 phone so how to use myjio sim .
    i m already install myjio app but didt not working my sell phone ….i really need dis sim plz help me wat can i do for dis sim ..and my phn is not rooted

  106. Moto g 2 gen xt1068 Qualcomm MSM8226 Snapdragon 400 can i try way 3 my friend sim insert in my mobile finished all step LTE change but network not showing in my device and any activation for mobile ?

  107. Is coolpad dazen1, will support jio sim as it don’t comes under volt list of jio. Plz help for just data connection..
    No. 7843880997

  108. Mere pas lenove k3 note has usame kid prkar jio 4g vhal Santa hai my bio app ko opin Marta hu tab bio sim ka code mangta hair koi jankari do.

  109. I have moto g3 I XT1550,snapdragon410,android version 6.0.1,but after installation my jio app,i have go my jio but I didn’t got Get jio sim offer,so I can’t got bar code,so plz help me for getting that,also plz help me how I use jio sim in my phone,my contact no is-8093070190

  110. hello,
    am having samsung grand 2 and followed the above mentioned steps for changing the imei number and faking app but the problem is that the link you provided for the myjio app is an earlier version and it asks for update. however, when i updated the app, its not opening up(not showing response on clicking). what to do?

  111. Hi their,,,i just want to know,if i took a jio sim which is already activated in lyf mobile and then i inserted in 3g smartphone which has both mediatek and 4.4kitkat version,then jio will work on the 3g smartphone or i need to do any additional steps for that..plz rply me as soon as possible.

  112. Sir i have moto g 2 and i have jio sim also .i dint do verification and all … Sim will activate but it will work on my moto g2its 3 g phone ..

  113. Sir ,I have lenovo a7000 ,will jio work in my phone without any trick or I have to use any trick , and if my phone doesn’t support it , and I don’t use any trick , what will happen , will it give me only internet access without calls or it will give me nothing , please sir reply , I am very confused , please

    • Hi jony, first of all reliance sim cards aren’t available for Lenovo so you have to use the trick. The normal mobiles won’t work by placing the jio sim

  114. Sir . Mera paas mi 2 prime hai. Jisme GET JIO SIM Nahi aa rha hai. Koi upay btaiye jisse GET JIO SIM option bhi aa jaye aur device ko root bhi nahi krna pde. Plse . Maine above trick use krke dekh liya hai. Koi aur upay btaiye

  115. Sir … first of all I don’t have sim.bcozzz they wanna bar code but in my redmi mobile,jio app is still not opening… send me the solution without rooting method plz…..

  116. Hi Sharvan,

    Can u tell which Reliance Digital Xpress stores in Delhi has JIO SIM available now.
    I have Dwarka and west delhi but no stocks.
    Any help will be appreciated.

      • Yes, I have already generated bar code using your trick in redmi 3s prime. Have all documents barcode ready, So please tell which delhi outlets has SIM available with them.
        I have checked 7 8 outlets in dwarka and west delhi.

        • I am not from delhi, so i don’t much about that. You can try contacting their customer support. They will let you know about the availability. You should hurry up bcz jio is releasing the official sim cards day after tomorrow.

  117. Sir maine jio apps jis name se kiya tha aur id jo maine lagaya hai wo diffferent hai to kya mera jio sim activate ho jayga ki nahi plz sif help me

  118. Sir i got jio sim for my coolpad dazen 1 but………but its speed is limited
    …… how can make It unlimited data with full speed

  119. I brought jio Sim card 8 days back. Still no msgs from customer care, no network. So I have tired calling customer care using non jio Sim card @ 18008901977, they’re not answering my calls. I have tried hundreds of times , please suggest me what to do further. I’m helpless.

  120. hello sir
    mere pass lenovo k3 note (non rooted) hai. sir me jio sim kaise get kr skta huu plz help me…n all 10apps download vali trick me kr chukaa huu i never seen that ‘get jio sim ‘ soo sir plzz help me in detail…

    • First you need to get the jio sim and need to activate it, then you can place the sim in 3g phone with our tricks. Visit our blog to know the free jio 4g sim card trick

  121. Sir. .I have generated barcode on j7 Samsung. .and I have got sim…can I use jio sim in samsung glexy grand 2 ..If not how can I. …use jio sim in my phone

  122. hii shravan, I got a jio sim 5 days ago from reliance digital showroom in Delhi for my lenovo k5 vibe but it still not activate how much time it take to activate.
    or 3 months offer will work on my phone or not.
    help me bro.

    plz. email me information about it.

  123. I am download all aap but jio xpress news show no iteam available and i am on my mobile data tgen on my jio app wheather i cant show the offer

  124. If I change the imei number…is there any chance to affect my mobile warranty because only two months was passed ,my mobile age….????

  125. I have got all the things right for my lenovo vibe p1 m and got the jio sim.tried to activate it but call wasn’t connecting anywhere.I activated only data services through my alternate no..data was working but when I opened my jio app it showed me that I have got 2 GB of data 100 SMS and 100 mins.I exhausted the data thinking that it will itself get to unlimited but didn’t.now I am able to call just through the jio join and can’t use data..can u plz tell me how to convert it to unlimited???

  126. Sir mai jb bar code generate kia to maine location dusre district ka dal dia jo pass mai hi hai to kya mere mai jio sim activate ho jayega lene pr

  127. My handset asus zenphone maxx is eligible for the free jio sim offer…but i could not create bar code on my phone …why..?? Pls give me solution

  128. Hi

    I am using lenovo a6000 plus rooted mobile.

    I changed imei and drive details via your trick and I downloaded jio app in your link and install but not coming get jio sim option.
    And I tryed new my jio version that app come get jio sim option and I click that come old generated barcode with key that’s validity is last month July 31 come .and first I pressed only get jio sim option directly come that old generated code ..

    Please help me for get new generated code .
    I am trying to get jio sim first time

  129. Sir my question is a dealer is giving me a free jio sim without giving him barcode can I directly put in my sony m4 aqua which is not offered for the jio offer but is4g there is need to download all the jio apps or not or I directly call the customer of reliance for the activation or I need to download all the apps

  130. sir maine jio barcode (samsung galaxy j2 ) se nikala tha kya main ab dusra mobile(samsung galaxy j3) pe use kar sakta hu plz rply