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Trick To Buy Redmi Note 4 Flash Sale Auto Buy Script

  • nakul mehta

    mi website par nhi popup aa rha haui

  • ravi

    in website there is only one link for all colours in sale page…but in extension there is seperate link for colour…how to buy it???please reply

    • Shravan

      All steps were clearely mentioned in the blog, please do check it

    • ravi

      is it required to refresh page on,if necessary when we should refresh

      • Shravan

        No need to refresh, our extension will do the work in the background.

  • Vijay Pawar

    Nahi hua bhai purchase mobile last moment par error show kar rha tha flipkart par

    • Indra Kiran

      Bought a MI Note 4 in flash sale today from MI store. THANK YOU FLIPSHOPE. Though the product was out of stock in a minute, I could purchase one. All credits to this wonderful extension.

  • vinit pancha;

    which server is choose for set time to internet time

    • Shravan

      Just choose internet timing from the settings

  • Surendra Pal Singh

    Jio 4g 3g mobile me nahi chal pa reha nahi chal reha

  • Surendra Pal Singh

    Jio 4g 3g mobile me nahi chal pa reha

  • Sanjay

    Can you tell me what we should do after the green notification appears

  • susheel

    after adding it to cart how much time will get to complete the transaction …will i get 1-2mnts ?? because on first sale i didn;t use any extension to buy redmi 4 note ..i tried to buy it thru normal steps from flipkarrt and within 1 mnt it was sold out ,,,

  • surajit guchchhait

    Baghajathin pruba phoolbaghan. 7/1

  • Talpada narendra kumar Kiran bhai

    I have phone 1000 rs good

  • Talpada narendra kumar Kiran bhai

    I have to buy 1000 jio reliance 4g smart

  • santosh rajal

    Jio 4g rs 1000 mobile chahia

  • Junaid

    Why did u delete my comment???

  • John

    do we get atleast 5 min to make payments and enter delivery address or less than tht ?

    • Shravan

      no you won’t get any time, if the products were in stock then you will get more time. I would suggest you to go with our auto-checkout where it will directly take you to the payment page

      • Prashant

        i tried auto-checkout , but it was just taking me to the cart page, and from where it got deleted after i clicked ‘order now’ button.. it happened a few times. Finally, couldn’t buy it 🙁

  • SAM

    Thanks bro succesfully ordered REDMI NOTE 4G

  • Amit Panwar

    What happen after added to cart can i buy it at any time even its out of stock on web side ???

    • Shravan

      no you must complete the payment before it goes out of stock

      • Biris

        Hi Shravan.. Could you recommended a trick or two to get past the payment process quicker
        . some kind autofiller ? Or am i just typing fast and hoping for the best?

  • Paramesh Mondal

    How I add redmi note 4 on cart on flash shale?

  • Prashant

    Gajab mobile h Bhai

  • manoj kr mahto

    I want to buy 1000 reliance jio 4g smartphone

  • manoj kr mahto

    I want to buy 1000 R’s reliance good 4g smart phone which support volte