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Oneplus 1rs Flash Sale, Here is the trick to get them

  • chitrapandi

    flipshope bucket is not showing no dash sale web page

    • Shravan

      it is showing on the official sale page

  • User

    Are you ready during sale ?

    • Shravan

      yeah we are have u noticed it did worked on today’s sale

  • Dipak Kinge

    Send trick please

    • Shravan

      it is available in our extension

      • aryan

        there is no option for onplus sale pls provide fast

  • Mahesh

    Goob very goob one pohne me

  • Mahesh

    Goob very goob

  • santu roy

    can’t share it for complete the registration

  • Sandeep pal

    Options so plezz on mobile no.8882729895

  • is this sale real or fake like mi? plz check this.

    • Shravan

      Mi sale isn’t fake, in this Oneplus sale first you need to get the mystery box then you can participate in the sale.

  • is this sale real or fake like mi ?

  • Purna chandra pradha

    Please inform me

  • Vikash sonkar

    very good product in the onerous

  • Likith Nandigam

    How many days before the Oneplus icon gets added?

    • Shravan

      we will add one day before and we will add the auto-buy just after the 12pm sale, because we don’t want to go in a genuine way.. 🙂

  • User

    There is no OnePlus Rs 1 sale option in extension


    • Shravan

      we will add that just one day before the sale

  • Buyer

    Here problem is
    Without not knowing we have to pay first
    we know what we purchase

    Am i right ?

    • Shravan

      no, see there are some levels each person have to complete those levels to gain the mysteryboxes and those mysteryboxes can only be opned on sale time. So the person who clicks first will get the box. We are providing auto-click on mysterybox to make your work more clear.. 🙂

  • Utkarsh

    Sir, want to know that what are the importance of completing task given in websites. Can you tell in brief

    • Shravan

      once you complete all tasks then you are eligible to draw mysterybox, although the mysteryboxes are limited so we are providing auto-clicks where our extension will click on your behalf

  • Utkarsh

    Sir, there is no option for oneplus mystery box , please update

    • Shravan

      it will update very soon

  • Thnks For Trick

  • sandeep

    OnePlus Option not showing in the list.

    • Shravan

      we will add that very shortly

  • aman

    no option for one plus mystery box in the extension\

    • Shravan

      it will update very soon

  • pavan

    I didn’t get option in flash sale.It’s showing other options except this sale

    • Shravan

      yeah the extension needs to updated, it is taking time from chrome store