TRAI Letter to Facebook -Free Basics

TRAI  Letter to Facebook  : Yes we are again on the same topic about Facebook’s “Free Basics”.TRAI Letter to Facebook

TRAI Letter to Facebook,

TRAI Letter to Facebook

We all know Facebook promoted its Free Basics like anything through aggressive campaign. And due to that aggressive campaign, TRAI  received 18 Lakh Emails supporting Free Basics.

So, now it was TRAI’s turn to take a huge step and they took. TRAI wrote a big Five Page Letter to Facebook in return.

In past I told and still I am telling, Facebook should understand one thing, people at TRAI are not creating any opinion poll, they know what is right and what is wrong.

And you can read the Five Page Letter sent by TRAI from here

After reading the letter, we should Thank TRAI  for supporting the right thing i.e. Net Neutrality.

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