Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with a 400-ton hydraulic press ? Guess what happen

Samsung India has unveiled its new flagship mobiles Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge in its event on Tuesday. The mobiles have already been launched at MWC 2016 in Barcelona. It has sent invites for the event to other tech giants with the tagline “Witness The Next Galaxy Revolution as it unveils its new sensation!” It is expected that Samsung would reveal its new accessories also in the event.

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YouTubers come up with new ways to ruin perfectly good electronics all the time and now SlickWraps is joining the fun with a video titled “400 Ton Hydraulic Press VS Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Specifications Galaxy S7 Edge

  • Display                 :           5.50-inch
  • Processor            :            1.6GHz
  • Front Camera     :           5-megapixel
  • Resolution          :           1440×2560 pixels
  • RAM                    :           4GB
  • OS                        :           Android 6.0
  • Storage                :           32GB
  • Rear Camera      :           12-megapixel
  • Battery capacity:          3600mAh

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