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Reliance Jio Sim No Network Signal Problem Solved: 5 Possible Solutions

  • Nasir

    Hi bro,
    Not working on Moto E2 tried all methods plz help .

  • Chinmaya

    I have Honor 4X Mobile and i m having the Jio Sim and it is working but when i switch on the mobile DATA the Networks Fluctuates a lot.And *#*#4636#*#* option is not working in my Honor 4X and my phone is not having VOLTE so how can i enable this option.I have recently updated My mobile to Marshmallow.Plz Help Me.

  • Shivam

    I got the sim for my Miphone4i, used it in my phone was working fine. Now when put it in old Moto e using your 4th method. No signals were caught by moto e. Preferrd network type is 4g. Even then no signals are there. Rebooted many times but no signals. Kindly help

  • Shravan

    you can visit jio store they will give your number


    hi bro.. i complained on twiter @JioCare and asked me for all details such as name, Jio no., registered number, shop address… after 2 days(19th sept).. they informed me twitter that your SIM is successfully activated .. but now today is 22th Sept and i’m not getting signal..i did all settings..regarding Jio in Phone . My Phone Model is MOTO G 4 Plus, No tel-verification.. But they confirmed that your SIM activated… Now What I Do ?

    • Shravan

      Yeah sometimes it will happen you won’t get any signal after sim activation. It’s because your mobile isn’t compatible but don’t worry i wrote an article with 5 possible solution for no network signal on jio sim you can check that here:

    • PK

      Bro, I too have Motorola g4 plus..Your sim must be in slot 1..Try putting it in slot 2 and it will work!

  • nitin

    when i call 1977 they say that your number is tele verified and say you will receive confirmation message so when will i receive the message? and please give your whatsapp number so i can explain the situation exactly

    • Shravan

      Just wait for some time you will get the activation message.

  • Adonis2503

    I am using Jio SIM in My BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Z30. I can access their data services but can’t make calls. I tried insalling Jio Join/Jio4Gvoice but it fails to connect with the sim. It shows an error – “Insert a Jio SIM”. I confirmed with BlackBerry about the VoLTE technology in my devices. could you help me with a solution please. Thanks

  • Yash

    I purchased Jiofi device on 16/09/2016, but not received message of activation.
    I complained it to customer care, but even after expiry of my complaint time, they didn’t activated my sim card.
    Customer care people are just adding time, but not resolving issue.
    I have received sms of order number but not further sms of activation, when i call to 18008901977 and enter my number it says that your number is tele verified , nuy my jiofi is not showing signals, what to do

  • My Tele verification has done but not getting signal….if I put any other 4g sim in that slot then we can get the 4g signal…but jio sim can’t getting signal

  • Uday Kadam

    Not working on moto g2 tried all methods plz help

    • Shravan

      did u enabled volte support bcz moto g isn’t VoLTE supported here how you can do it:

      • Uday Kadam

        yes i tried, but i asked for network problem & i tried all your tips for using jio 4g on 3g phones.
        but no sign of network

        • Shravan

          is your phone VoLTE supported or not..?

  • Dhanjyoti Nath

    Sir i have vivo y11 3g smartphone and i have tried all the tricks but still i don’t get network what to do plz help me sir plz plz plz…….

    • Shravan

      is your sim activated..?

      • lovely tiwari

        sir i m trying to activate jio sim in my mobile which is micromaxD303 but network is not showing

    • KRUPALKumar

      4g sim card active 3g phone sported vivo y11 help

  • abinash

    Setting>sim cards n mobile network>default setting>select joi sim foe both dial and internet

  • Alkesh

    My sim is activated but signal is fluctuating regularly so what should I do to fix it..

  • Vikash singh

    I am Vikash my jio order no 00000SPIX NOT activate pl help me

    • Shravan

      have u tried visiting jio store for a solution..? and did you got any message for tele-verification

  • Ravisankar M


    I got the following SMS to my alternate number from JIONET.

    Dear Customer,

    Tele-verification of your Jio number is still pending. To activate both voice & data services, dial 1977 from your Jio Number. To activate only data services, dial 1800-890-1977 from any number. Thank you, Team Jio

    I called 1800-890-1977 from my alternate number to activate the data services (having Jiofi device). But after entering my sim number, it is saying my number is not ready for tele verification.

    I just want to know what will be activation ready SMS message.


    • Shravan

      Hey if you got the message that means it’s ready to activate, I would suggest you to check the number which you gave at the time of jio activation. Does it match with your aadhar card number and try contacting jio customer from that number only.

  • pavan yadav

    I am Pavan yadav tele verification has done but not getting signal


    my activated jio sim is not recognized by jio join app,im using data services but not voice,
    my mobile is lenovo k4 note,

    • Shravan

      so your mobile isn’t volte supported, i am about to write an article on that check in 2-3 hours you will find every detail.

  • Me and my friend got our jio sims yesterday. we both did the on counter verification with myjio generated bar code and adhaar successfully. but now his redmi working just fine but my samsung a5 which is 4g not showing signals. in mobile networks mode i manually searched for them and i found JIO 4G . i selected it but its not registering on that network.
    following things i tried…
    1 i did restarting and reinserting sim
    2 I checked it on other devices and it do have signals
    3 i toggled between the WCDMA/gsm to LTE/WCDMA/GSM
    4 somewhere i heard that there is SWITCH ACCESS in accessibilty mode which somehow helps but unfortunately my phone do not have that feature
    5 i tried changing my APN settings manually
    6 i tried calling jio customer care (but they are just too busy for pick my phone)
    7 my device is compatible with 4g because it runs fine airtel 4g sim.
    8 i even tried praying (not actual point :D)
    9 formating my device

    please help ! i tried 3 days in row to get it but now i got it and its not working !!!

  • hari

    im useing honor4x i inset the solt 2 but the network is more then times cut plz help me

    • Shravan

      is your second sim slot supports LTE or not..?

  • Prabuddha verma

    got sim televerification complete but not getting signal

    • Shravan

      is it activated..?

      • sumit

        sir’ i have mi 2 prime. I got the following SMS to my alternate number from JIONET.but don’t make a call for televerification from jio number plz help me

        • Shravan

          is your sim activated..?

          • Jay Thakkar