Buy Nokia 6 Online, Nokia 6 Booking, Buy Nokia 6 Registration, Nokia 6 online Sale in India: It is happening finally nokia is about to launch their first ever android smartphone which is Nokia 6 in India. Although this mobile isn’t available to buy in India yet but they will launch in next 1-2 months. On January 19th Nokia is officially releasing this nokia 6 online mobile in China, later they will release worldwide. But until then here is how you can do nokia 6 online booking registration in India. In China Buy Nokia 6 online booking registrations were more than 500,000 before the launch date, so in India, it will surely take over this year mobile sales.

Nokia 6 Official Release Date in India is Available Here

Nokia 6 Online Booking Registration in India:

In China, nokia 6 online booking registration can be done in one site named although this nokia 6 mobiles weren’t available in India just yet. But in few weeks time, they will launch in India. We are predicting that this nokia 6 might release at the end of February in India. Nokia 6 online sale in India demand is very huge, this mobile is like a flagship mobile with very cheap price compare to other brands flagship mobiles like le max 2, mi 5, Lenovo Zuk and Oneplus 3. The specifications they are offering is more or like the above-mentioned devices but the price is under 18000 or possibly under 15000.

Check out Nokia 6 Price Specifications in India

Buy Nokia 6 Online Sale Specifications:

Price Rs. 16,999
Display Size  5.5 inch
Processor  Snapdragon 430 Processor
Primary Camera 16 MP
Front Camera  8 MP
Memory  64 GB
Battery  3000 mAH
Android Version  7.0
Comments  First ever nokia android phone

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Buy Nokia 6 Online Sale:

There is no doubt that this is much-awaited mobile of 2017 and now it is only available in china. You can also import this nokia 6 online sale mobile by paying some extra tax. This mobile will be available from Jan 19th on It already got more than half million registrations so be sure to register yourself. You can just wait another 2-3 months to get this nokia 6 online sale mobile in India from Flipkart or Amazon. As this is Nokia’s first ever android phone so they aren’t releasing this in any offline stores, so it is only available on Online Sale.

  • Buy Nokia 6 Online Sale site in China:
  • Buy Nokia 6 Online Registration Site in China:
  • Buy Nokia 6 Online Sale site in India: Coming Soon
  • Buy Nokia 6 Online Registration site in India: Coming Soon

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Buy Nokia 6 Booking:

So a flagship mobile and that is from nokia at the price range of Under 20000, everyone is looking to buy this mobile. Wait till the commercial launch on Nokia 6 online booking sale in India, then you can complete your nokia 6 booking from Indian e-commerce site. But before that, you need to complete nokia 6 online booking registrations which will allow you to enter the sale at that particular time. So on the sale time, you have to be real quick to grab the mobile, in case if you don’t know we at Flipshope Providing auto-buy to get nokia 6 mobile from the flash sale. Here is the detailed information on how to grab nokia 6 flash sale in India

Trick To Buy Nokia 6 Flash Sale mobile in India

Buy Nokia 6 Registration:

As mentioned earlier nokia 6 already packs more than half million nokia 6 registrations in the span of  3 days. The nokia 6 registrations aren’t open in India just yet. But these are our predictions on nokia 6 registration dates and nokia 6 registrations sites. Be sure to visit Flipshope blog for regular updates to find out all the information regarding nokia 6 online booking registrations and how to buy Nokia 6 in India

  • Nokia 6 Registration Booking Date in India: February 2017
  • Nokia 6 Booking Site in India: Coming Soon