Mi F-code, how to generate mi f-code, f-code redmi note, use mi f-code: If you are familiar with the mi.com/in site then you will surely face the situation of mi f-code. Mi will accept these codes to buy the products at any time, in case if you are looking to buy redmi note 4 from mi.com/in then you can use the help of mi f-code to get the mobile at any time. This code will help you get the mobile even when they become out of stock, so read ahead to know more about how to generate mi f-code and use it to get redmi note 4.

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What is Mi f-code?

This is also known as Mi Friends code, they are giving away these codes to the people who contributed to Mi site. People who are active on mi thread will also hold a chance to win the mi f-codes. You can use this codes to buy the newly launched products without ordering them in advance. It’s like a reservation for you in the mi official site.

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How to Generate Mi f-code?

There are many ways one can easily get these codes but remember you can only redeem them on mi site while ordering any products. These mi f-codes can’t be clubbed with other offers and you can’t even exchange them with others for money. So these are the steps to generate mi f-code

Steps to Generate Mi f-code:

  • First visit official mi.com/in Indian version site.
  • You can also visit other mi sites such as en.miui.com or miui.com
  • Participate in the miui or xiaomi threads by commenting
  • Give them feedback with your suggestions
  • This way you can generate mi f-code from the mi site.

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How to Use Mi f-code?

There are many ways you can obtain the use of this code, but you can’t exchange that for money. Once you got the code it will be valid for life time. You can’t buy the mi f-codes anywhere on the internet, one must generate them manually.

  • You can use them to order any out of stock product
  • You can use them to order exclusive products
  • You can use them to get exclusive discounts on Xiaomi products

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Mi F-Code Redmi Note 4:

This is also known as friends code, which is more popular in china. But due to the huge craze of Redmi note 4 in India, people trying to get the mi f-code. One can get these codes by helping Xiaomi in any way. F- Code can also be obtained by participating in contests that are held by Xiaomi. These contests are held from time to time. So if you want to participate, follow Xiaomi on a regular basis. You can also take an active role in Xiaomi and Mi Forums and get an F-Code.

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Here we are giving out few sample pages where you can get mi f-code to grab redmi note 4 in no time. Please visit the following links to gain the codes today and shop anytime to want to get the brand new redmi note 4 in your hands.

Example of thread: [Announced]Describe Mi Power Bank in less than 10 words to get F-codes

For example: Give feedback for 4.2.7 to win F-codes for Hongmi & Mi3!