Mi Diwali 1Rs Flash Sale, Trick To Buy 1Rs Products

The most successful foreign smartphone company Mi is about to announce their Mi 1Rs flash sale as a part of this year Mi Diwali Sale Offers. The announced the official dates mi diwali 1rs flash sale is happening on 17th to 19th October. This is a 3 day carnival and Mi is giving away 100 of mobiles in their Mi 1Rs Flash Sale. They are also offering a chance to win so many gift vouchers with their game, apart from Mi 1Rs flash Sale and Game they added new items like power banks and price drops on so many mobiles, products. Special Offers and Non-Stop Deals are bonus in their anniversary program. So let’s read each and every offer in detail.

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UPDATE: Latest Mi 1rs Fan Festival Flash sale is available only on app, so we at Flipshope extension aren’t providing any service. But you can read more about Mi fan festival sale for 1Rs Redmi note 4

Mi 1Rs Flash Sale:

Mi 1Rs Flash Sale on Mi Phones and popular accessories at 2pm everyday! So many people are looking for Mi 1Rs flash sale, I have to say you are in the right place. Our extension will help people to buy their products from flash sales. Now we are also providing our auto buy feature in Mi 1Rs Flash Sale on every mobile. This Mi 1Rs Flash sale will take place on 3-days with 3 different mobiles.

Three Mi 1 rs flash sale were scheduled in 3 consecutive days all will start every day 2pm. Follow these simple steps to get those mobiles on flash sale.

  1. Visit Mi site by clicking here.
  2. Login and Share their offer Page this will get you registration on the Flash Sale products.
  3. Download Flipshope Chrome extension, after that you will notice our icon.


    Buy Mi 1 rs flash sale products, 100% working auto-buy script. It will automatically add the 1 rs products to cart

  4. Click on our extension icon and check any 1RS Flash sale product from all sixmi 1rs sale
  5. Once you check your entry you will be able to see Flipshope pop-up on mi sale page, this will confirm that flipshope is all set for Mi 1rs Flash Saleflipshope
  6. Visit the mi 1rs flash sale page on the sale time, then our extension will add the product to cart.

Just follow above steps you will get a chance to receive flash sale products.

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UPDATE: If pop-up isn’t appearing for you or the tick mark isn’t storing on our extension icon, then please change the time zone and just set that to (UTC+5:30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi

Mi 1Rs Flash Sale Products:

Last year and this year Mi 1rs flash sale they only announced 10 units of mega 1rs like mobiles and 20 units of other small products like powerbanks. But this yeah Mi Diwali 1rs flash sale is going to be even bigger, they are giving away up to 100 units in just 3 days all of them at the cost of 1INR. In addition to this they are even announcing 300 more units of 1Rs products here are the complete details.

  1. 30 Mi Redmi 3s Prime, 100 Mi Blutooth Speakers on 2PM October 17th
  2. 30 Redmi Note 3 Mobiles, 100 units of 20000 mAh power banks on October 18th
  3. 30 Mi4 Mobiles with 100 Mi Band 2 units on October 19th

How To Buy Mi 1Rs Flash Sale Products:

We are at Flipshope will provide auto-buy script on all Flash sale so in this sale we are providing Mi 1rs Flash Sale auto buy script. All you need to do is install flipshope extension and check your entry. Here are more details with the step by step mi 1rs flash sale auto buy script process.

Steps to buy Mi 1rs flash fale products

  • First you must install Flipshope Chrome Extension
  • Then check the auto buy option in our extension icon.
  • Now visit the Mi sale page on sale time, you will notice flipshope pop-up
  • So at the time of sale it will automatically add the product to cart.
  • That’s it now you can buy Mi 1rs flash sale products in one click.

Here is the link to install flipshope extension, in case if you have any doubts jump in the comments I will help you out.

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Mi Diwali 1Rs Flash Sale Top Offers

Mi obviously don’t want to miss your chance, here they are offering upto Rs.4000 off on their mobiles and bluetooth speakers. Here is the list of Major product with their buying links.

  1. Mi 4 Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Stainless Steel Frame 12.6cm (5) IPS Full HD display. Now: ₹10,999 | Flat 4000 Off
  2. Mi Bluetooth Speaker Full Metal Body Outstanding Sound Quality Now: ₹1,999 | Flat 700 Off
  3. Mi 5 Black White 2016 Mi Flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor 16MP Camera with 4-axis OIS. The offer is only valid for Mi 5 Black & White variants Now: ₹22,999 MRP: ₹24,999

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Mobile Offers on Mi 1rs Diwali Flash Sale 2016

NEW Mi Diwali Sale Items:Mi Latest products

The new Mi items you’ve been waiting for will be available everyday at 10am, from 17-19th October One of the most successful Mi product of all time is their power bank. The quality and price of the power banks are really awesome. So on this 2nd Anniversary they brought back the power banks and ear phones. Here is the list

  1. 10000 mAh Mi Power Bank. A new addition to the Mi Power Bank family. 10000mAh Panasonic / LG battery cells Business card sized ₹1,299
  2. Mi Capsule Headphones Comfortable capsule design Hypoallergenic silicone earbuds Spiral damping system ₹999
  3. Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro Gold Acoustic tuning by four-time Grammy award winning tuner ₹1,799

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  1. Hi, I downloaded the app and ticked my desired smartphone at flash sale for Rs.1 i get registered myself too but not in FB, will that effect anyway? And one more thing i want to know are they going to sell at Rs.1 only really or they will collect full value or full payment later. kindly reply brother.

    • any social media sharing will give you the entry to all 1rs mi flash sales, they won’t even collect delivery charges you just have to pay 1inr from your debit card.. 🙂

  2. Hey there,.
    I have already installed the extension.. I just see the Auto buy icon with the description given below… but how do i check this auto buy option ??

  3. Is there are any discount on debit card payment ?

  4. can u tell me 500₹ off next date

  5. Hi,I have added the xtension..where do i see the mi icon on the xtension…I am not able to find…

  6. I HAVE installed the extension
    having fast broadband connection

    then also

    In Mi 2nd Anniversary Sale
    nothing get
    every sale day nothing in my cart

  7. Did Anyone Got??

  8. Failed Again 🙁

  9. Did anyone get?

  10. Please update the app for July 22nd sale – Mi Max and Mi Bluetooth Speaker, i just downloaded and cant see these products

    • Hello it’s been already updated and chrome also approved the recent update. All you need to do is just check your entry by clicking on auto-buy Mi 1Rs Flash sale. This confirm your registration from our side.

  11. The countdown timer on the Mi page is always 4-5 seconds behind than the system time. I have synchronized the system time with the internet server time so many times, still there is always some difference in the timer. Please help…

    • We updated our script to start 3 mins before the sale, as you can see it will start clicking 2-3 mins before the sale. This process will run in the source code so whenever they update the button it will click on that right away. No need to worry about time difference.

  12. i have a question!!

    if a use ur extension and and one script on different tab
    can u tell me i can go more fast from 10ms in set interval funtion??

    if i set is to 5 will it work correctly , and browers will detect the click ?

  13. Hello,
    I had checked for Mi sale today. But couldnt get one, instead got a pop up message which says that i have been registered for Auto Checkout/ Add to cart for next sale. What does that mean? Can you pls help?


    • Yeah,
      That mean the product got sold out as the number of products were only 10 and you have to try again in next sale.

  14. Sale is Fake
    They made buy now button as oops out of stock message

    Check yourself with website source

    This is posted in mi forum and someone make video YouTube

    • Hello, Thanks for your comment but we did saw the buy now button yesterday that’s why we are adding this script anyway we will look into that matter as well.

      • one more this yesterday I used a script with a high-speed internet than also as soon as buy now button comes message shown oops out of stock

        That means sale is fake
        Also they posted numbers all are newbies (employees own) ( because same when huwai also done rs 1 sale on online store starts they also posted user ids one id having huwai id )

        Today if possible you record screen than reveal how they cheat the public and get publicity free

        • Yeah sure we are planning to take the screen video or their source code. We will update this article with more info just after the sale.

          • Expecting exposed news from you

            As i participated in many flash sales and know the tricks

            Today also used script with high speed internet
            also used your extension

            Nothing worked

            As soon as 2 pm buy now but messages oops out of stock

            Clear Fake sale

          • Hello as per your suggestion we did tracked their source code but there is nothing wrong in that. That means the sale is real atleast we have to wait for the winners to show up with their product screen shot. Then only we can confirm that this sale is a genuine one.

  15. can you please tell when mi band and redmi note 3 script will come?

    • Hello Rohit, we already added the auto-buy option for redmi note 3 and mi band option in our extension icon. Just click on that it will automatically add both the products to cart. Just make sure that you are already registered for the sale. If you want to know the trick to complete mi game visit this article: http://flipshope.com/blog/mi-2nd-anniversary-game/

  16. also do we have to check auto buy option today ? or just before sale starts?

    • You can check that anytime, as you were already registered in every flash sale so we added the script accordingly like once u register on our extension it will eligible auto-buy option to every flash sale product.

  17. sir did the auto buy trick worked today? were you able to grab any product??ma

    • Hi Mannan, We added the script just before 1 hour to the sale. There were only 10 mobiles in this flash sale we don’t know whether this sale is real or not. We will keep you updated with other details but make sure you got the high speed internet and registration on our icon.

  18. but i dont see autobuy option forMi5

  19. how to add xiomi rs 1 flash sale in flipshop chore icon as it still showing le max 2 options ??????

    • Hello Jey,

      We are really sorry, as our team is sorting out whether this sale is a real one or not. We have no idea in which page they gonna show their flash sale products. So that’s why we couldn’t add auto-buy option. I promise you we will surely add auto-buy option in tomorrow’s sale.


    • Jey, we just updated our extension with the auto-buy feature for Mi5 mobile. We wish you the good luck on today’s sale.

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