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Lyf Flame 8 Comes With Jio Offer, Buy it for 4199 INR and Get Jio Offer worth of 3000 INR

  • Bhimasen Mulbagal

    Why JIo LYF phones particularly Flame series are not available in JIO stores and elsewhere. Is Reliance Mukhesh Ambaniji withholding Stocks to sell only high priced ones

  • hari

    Lyf flame8 time up to how many months Jio free

  • darshank

    I want to purchase lyf 7i . i dont know it is under the 1 year free internet phone or not ? Please gide me and can i purchase any site ?

  • Aditya Singh Rajawat

    I have Lyf flame 8 with Jio activated sim.
    How to claim 1year welcome offer…….please help me

    • Shravan

      please refer jio site, and ask them whether you are eligible for that offer or not

  • m.k

    Is lyf flame8 mobile good or not for all purpose

    • Shravan

      it is good but check it whether you can unlimited data for a year or not

  • Manita Sharma

    Hi my jio SIM not activated yet I bought lyf flame ph 5 days ago

  • Zunu Ahmed

    I bought this phne 5dys ago, but still not active , I submit all documents at store,
    Is is true that jio internet is free fr 1 yr?.in lyf phns?

    • Shravan

      Yes it is, they will enable the offer in the next month.. 🙂

      • Vineet

        Still the offer is not enabled