Apple Users Can Now Get The Reliance Jio 4G Sim With Preview Offer

Reliance Jio Sim has been released earlier in this year they now enabled for more than 10 brands on over 200 mobiles. But still it didn’t came to Apple Iphone. So many people have been asking me regarding this so here I am giving our one method where you can get Jio Sim Preview Offer on iPhone. Previously I have given on how to use Jio sim in any 4G mobile with free Jio sim and How to use Jio sim on 3G phone. I got a good response and now this is the 100% working trick on how to get Jio Sim Preview offer on iPhone.

So, if you own the compatible iPhone then you can get the free Reliance Jio 4G SIM, which will come bundled Jio 4G preview of three months unlimited 4G LTE internet, voice calls (VoLTE) and messages (SMS). Reliance Jio is now planning to offer 4G preview offer to the VoLTE enabled iPhones, which further includes the latest mobiles like Apple iPhone 6s Plus, Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6 Plus with the iPhone SE.

Buy Reliance Jio Sim Online for onli 199 INR with Free Home Delivery

How To Get Jio Sim Preview Offer on iPhone:

  • If you own any of the above above Apple iPhone, then download MyJio app from Apple iTunes.
  • After that open the MyJio app, then click on the ‘Get Jio sim’ button on home screen.
  • This app will now generate a unique coupon code and also a barcode which can be valid for up to three weeks.
  • Then simply Visit any of the Reliance Digital or DX Mini Store in the nearest area to claim the free Reliance Jio 4G SIM.
  • You have to carry all the valid and required documents including address and the identification proof along with the couple of passport size photo.
  • Once you got the Jio 4G SIM, then insert it into the same iPhone the one which you used to claim the offer.
  • To Activate the Jio Sim Preview Offer on iPhone just call 1977.
  • Once the Jio 4G SIM is activated, then go to the MyJio App and register for avail the 3 months Jio 4G preview offer.

This offer is working on every iPhone, reliance soon set to launch the official offers to iphones. So stay tuned to this page for next updates.. 🙂

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  1. i have downloded myjio app on iphone 5s but there is no any get gio sim option so what can i do can u help me..!!

    • harry, i am sorry the trick is on hold. I will let you know once i got the perfect method

      • Hello.Shravan,

        I purchased an iPhone 7 yesterday..I got Jio sim for the same and the same would work for 12 months..I would like to know if i can give this sim to my friend and can he get to use it on his Andriod devise…As i dont use Jio Sim..Will he get 12 months free..

  2. I have a iphone6s but there is no option
    Get the Jio sim ….what can I do

  3. i have iphone 5s will it work on 5s

  4. Hey bro m using iphone 6s nd have tried ur steps bt it won’t show as they have not declared this for iphone nd the steps u tols above are not ment to b for iohone this steps are for thlse who owns an eligible preview offer devise nd till now no one is able to sucessfull claim sim by generating code on an iphone ??

  5. guys its not official yet jio preview offer is not there for iphones their website does not have it in the devices!
    But good news is it is expected to get the offer starting tomorrow after the AGM of reliance company!

  6. I just simply download my jio app in my iphone 5c, there is no any “get my sim” option , unable to generate code

  7. I have downloaded my jio app but it is not working in iphohne 5s can u pls help me…???

  8. I have generated code using an android phone, so once i activated the sim with unlimited preview offer can i use that same sim in iphone with same unlimited offer

  9. The option of ‘get jio sim’ is not being shown. Kindly post any alternate method.

  10. Not working in Iphone 5s so please help me.

  11. am having iphone 6s installed all apps of jio but still there is no option to get sm

    • Update the jiyo app in ios market.. 100% u will get sim option.. After otp.. It wnt generate code..that’s where it’s struck. Anyhow from today no need for this app..all mobiles can go and pick on stores

  12. Dude , have u even tried or just keep posting for your publicity?

  13. There is no such option to get sim on iphone.. Pls help! Tried every steps as you said

  14. I have iphone6s. There is no option inmy jio apps to get the sim please help how to generate code.

    • At the moment the trick isn’t working for few users. I will give the old version of jio apps then you can get the code.

  15. I have an iphone 6 but the option to get sim is not there i have tried each and every step but no use !

  16. do i have to download the app from the laptop and then transfer it to phone 6

  17. I have iphone 6… In jio app there are no option for get jio sim.. Now what to do..??

    • Just follow the steps carefully it will work, or if you own a 4g or 3g mobile i will recommend you to check those articles.

  18. I have iPhone 6Plus but in jio app not showing options of get jio sim… what can i do…

  19. will it work on iphone 5s

  20. I have iPhone 6 but in jio app not showing options of get jio sim… what can i do…

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