Jio 4G Sim in 3G Phone Video Proof

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  1. Please help me with galaxy grand2 please bro

  2. chetrajitkonjengbam

    help me for Micromax q332 …I want to use Jio sim

  3. chetrajitkonjengbam

    help me for micromax q332

  4. I have a jio 4g sim but i have 3g phone

  5. bro help me qaim using htc dire 816

  6. Plzzzz help me thati have the samsung galaxy vplus and i cant run the jio in my phone plzzzz help meee

  7. can we use jio in samsung 7582

  8. In Moto g2 in the select preferred network I am not able to select any option… It is not changing the is taking GSM only option no other option

  9. Help me for Panasonic T44 3g mobile

  10. help me samsung j1 not work jio 4g

  11. Jio sim on 3g mobail

  12. Rakesh Kumar dewangan amoda

  13. Help me for htc 816 desire

  14. Tripura 3G jio Sim chi

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