How to Use Jio Sim in Any Sim Slot, Jio Sim Slot Not Working Solutions

In these days there are so many rumors like Jio Sim slot not working, after using jio sim slot is broken, if we use jio sim in one slot we can’t use that again and jio 2nd sim slot not working. Well they are all FAKE NEWS, although Jio sim might change few network setting but you can use jio sim in any slot and you can also use jio sim in 2nd sim slot. Remember you are just placing the jio sim in a slot, it won’t harm your device hardware so jio sim won’t break sim slot and you can simply use any other sim in that slot. In case if you haven’t got the jio sim use our trick to get free jio sim. Also we are giving you an option to get unlimited jio barcodes and sim cards here is the trick

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How To Use Jio Sim Slot in Any Mobile

Many people don’t know how to use jio sim properly, let me remind you again Jio sim only work on LTE enabled sim slot. So make sure your device is 4G supported and you must know which slot is LTE enabled. In some devices like Remdi 3s Prime both sim slots support LTE and in some other devices like Yu Yuphoria only one sim slot support 4G LTE. So you can simply place in the LTE enabled slot, but for devices like Yu Yuphoria you can place other 3g or 2g sim in 2nd slot. Some mobiles can also come with 4G and 2G sim slots in that case you should place 2g sim in 2nd slot.Those people who are using jio sim in 3g phone with out tricks they might need to keep the second slot empty. Because in few methods you can only select LTE option and there is no choice for 2nd sim slot.

Steps to choose Jio Sim Slot

  • Check the device specifications whether it is 4G LTE enabled or not
  • If 4G LTE enabled in both slots then you can use jio sim in any slot
  • If 4G LTE enabled in one slot, you must use jio sim in that slot.
  • There is no need to keep the other slot empty you can use in any 3g or 2g sim.
  • This is the most basic way to choose jio sim slot.

The above steps are mainly to choose the jio sim slot, let me give you the solutions of the problems which other people are facing.

Jio Sim Slot Not Working Problem

So many people are complaining like jio sim slot not working, Let me give you some common jio sim slot not working problems. This problem will happen only if you have done the following things.

  • Placing the jio sim in non-LTE slot
  • In case if you aren’t inserted the jio sim properly.
  • May be your device isn’t supported to Jio sim, for this you need to enable LTE
  • or You are using not activated Jio Sim

Remember not every 4G mobile isn’t supported to Jio, here is the complete list of VoLTE mobiles. So you must check whether you device is compatible or not, but don’t worry if your device isn’t compatible you can still use Jio sim in any type with our tricks. Here are few solutions

How To use Jio sim in Any Mobile

How To Use Jio Sim in all 3G Phones

How To Use Jio Sim in Windows Phone

How To Use Jio Sim in iPhone

How To Use Jio Sim in Modem

Jio Sim Slot Locking Problem

So the latest rumor on the internet is jio sim locking phones, which means you can’t use other sim in Jio sim slot. Let me tell you this is a RUBBISH NEWS. No sim card in the world not even jio sim slot can lock phones. So forget about all the rumors and simply enjoy our jio sim slot unlimited internet and voice calls. Placing the sim might change the network settings but it won’t affect your device hardware. Also you can get this settings back at any time.

Jio Sim Slot No Network Signal Problem

So after using jio sim slot if you want to place any 3g or 2g sim you might won’t get the Jio sim slot network signal. This happens sometimes because after changing the sim from 4G LTE to 3G it will take some time to settle. So here are the few possible solutions to get the network signal in other sim slots.

  • After Removing the Jio Sim from the LTE start restart your device.
  • Once restart completed then place in new sim and restart again, this will give you signal.
  • or You can manually choose the network setting of other sim.
  • Go to Sim cards option in setting and search for manual network selection, or
  • You can choose automatic sim selection option too.

This is the way to get network signal on other sim in Jio sim slot. In case if you aren’t receiving the network signal after place jio in jio sim slot, then refer this article. Every possible solution is mentioned on how to get jio sim slot signal

Here are the few frequently asked questions with the solutions, if you have any doubts on this topic or any jio related problem. Just jump in the comments I will help you out.

FAQ on Jio Sim Slot not working Problems

In Which slot do I need to place Jio Sim ?

If you are using 4G LTE device then you should place Jio sim in 1st Slot, in some devices which support both LTE then you can place jio sim in 2nd slot too. But if your device supports only one 4G LTE then you must place in First Slot

How To Use Jio Sim 2nd Slot ?

Apart from 3G devices any 4G device holder can use Jio sim 2nd slot. Simply place the sim in 2nd slot it will detect the network setting and start working. Although I mentioned 3G holders can’t use 2nd sim slot, because the tricks which I mentioned on how to use jio sim in 3G will empty second slot. So if you place jio sim in 2nd slot it won’t detect at all.

Once we use the Jio sim slot and we can’t use the slot for any sim is this true..?

Completely Rubbish, there is no such thing this is the rumor made by one popular news blog. It went viral for few days so I am here to tell you not to believe in those rumors. I gave away each and every problem solutions on the top. So if you still have any doubts jump in the comments, then we can have a chat.

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  1. i am also facing same issue, Used Jio sim now I have put vodafone sim in the same slot, mobile signal is showing but no internet connection,wifi is connecting,experts plz help

  2. Sir my jio was working pretty gud past 1 month but b4 3days it started showing “no service” in my house. but I’m getting signal if I move some 100 metres from my prblm is that I’m nt getting network in my house,hw could I solve dis prblm pls help me out

  3. Hello sir, I m using Moto E3 lower, i using Jio sim in my 1st slot , but due to currently Jio updation limitation of only 4gb high-speed Internet, I have purchased an another Jio sim so that I can use 4gb more by putting it into 2nd slot, but recently i come to know that my 2nd slot is 2g, so how Cal I overcome this situation. Please guide me.

  4. When I m choosing sim 2 internet then both of sim network signal not showing. How can resolve the same. 1st sim is jio which internet is working properly.

  5. after using jio sim in slot 1 in my redmi 2,i removed my jio sim and is placing other sim card but the device is showing no sim card,if i m placing a sim in only slot 2 then the sim is working but after that when i am placing sim in slot 1 bot the slot stops working,it just shows no sim card.

  6. sir i tried all of this but i didnt get any signal of jio and i put it in slot 1 also even i changed my jio sim the network is not commimg i changed all the settings that you mentioned i repaired the phne also my phne is 4g also but i didnt get any signal

  7. Sir mere pas redmi 2 prime hai
    Slot 1 data chalta hai lekin jab mai slot 2 ka data on krta hu to network khatam ho jate hai is problem ko solve kr

  8. Hi
    I m hvng redmi 3s prime.after installation of jio sim…my old idea 3g sim is not showing any signal in 2nd slot.
    Please guide..

    • Sir mere pas redmi 2 prime hai
      Slot 1 data chalta hai lekin jab mai slot 2 ka data on krta hu to network khatam ho jate hai is problem ko solve kr

  9. My airtel 4g Sim card is not working after used with jio Sim even in other phones. Is there any solution for this problem.

  10. Indrajeet Singh Yadav

    Hey. My mobile model is vivo y51l
    M having jio sim in slot one. In second slot I have vodaphone. But Tragically I have been facing issues with vodaphone since last 7 days. I cannot call or receive any calls on vodaphone even tho there Usa full network. And if it’s calling I fail stir. The call ends without any ring or anything. It’s just simply call ended. Can u please help me with this issue.

    • Hey buddy Indrajeet, make sure that you have a dual 4G phone. If you put Jio or any other 4G SIM in the 1st/4G slot, the 2nd slot can only use 2G. Make sure you have Vodafone 3G sim. Vodafone has both 2G and 3G.

  11. How much use for widows voice call

  12. after using jio data now i can’t using other network data, when i select other sim for using data its shown, emergency call only, plz give some solution

  13. Sir, I am using gione m5 lite. I put jio sim in slot 1 and aircel sim in slot 2. When i switch on the internet in jio sim its working but when i switch on aircel net the internet does not work and also the jio network not shown. But when i put two other sim it works. please solve my problem ?

  14. Sir, I am using gione m5 lite. I put jio sim in slot 1 and aircel sim in slot 2. When i switch on the internet in jio sim its working but when i switch on aircel net the internet does not work and also the jio network not shown. But when i put two other sim it works. please solve my problem ?

  15. I removed jio from its slot in my mbl.nd used dat sim in other mbl.nw i inserted the sim in my it’s nt wrkng.I need a solution..

  16. Got the SIM 2 days back

    1) Got JIO sim
    2) Placed it in 4G/3G slot.
    3) Default data network selected for this slot
    4)DATA Enabled
    5)Still there is no signal showing related to JIO
    6) Showing NO Service and Emergency calls only for this slot.

  17. Sir mera b same problems hai so plz. Help me. For contact-9178643657

  18. Yes, even I am also facing the same issue with redmi3s prime

  19. Sir, I’m using 3G mobile and I just tried putting jio in sim 3G slot, but after removing it knowing that it doesn’t work in 3G mobile, I then inserted again my old airtel sim, but no signal comes for airtel, but sim 2 slot working nice and before inserting jio sim slot 1 and airtel was working fine,,,, pls help me quick I’m using Sony Xperia m2.

  20. Sir, I have Moto G3. I have airtel and jio both sim in it. Jio is working fine, but once i started airtel 3g is not working, i have removed jio sim, put airtel in slot 1, restarted phone but airtel 3g ia not working and only airtel gsm is working, getting problem only after using jio in my phone before that airtel 3g working fine.

    • yes, am also facing the same issue, i am using lenovo k3 note first am used jio sim in slot one next am removed the jio from slot one inserted the airtel sim now signal is showing but internet not working please help me to fix the problem.

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