So you just activated jio sim and got only unlimited internet, are you struggling to get unlimited HD voice calls. Well then you are about to find out how you can enable unlimited voice calls. If you don’t know how to get free jio sim read this article, you can get jio sim any mobile and you can use it in any mobile. You just need to take care of activation problems, after activation you can follow this article to get unlimited voice calls. First let me tell you why is this happening because your mobile isn’t VoLTE supported which means voice over LTE. This is must to make HD voice calls on Jio. So if your device isn’t VoLTE supported then you can’t make unlimited calls on Jio but you can make it possible. All you need to know how to convert LTE to VoLTE to make unlimited calls on Jio. I am also giving Major difference on LTE vs VoLTE.

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What is LTE ?

LTE (stands for Long-Term Evolution and frequently known as 4G LTE) is now current common and most used network technology in India, and it is considered the evolutionary step from the both CDMA and GSM standards. LTE is also widely considered 4th generation of networking technology, which stands for the “4G” designation. LTE is protocol over where data is being transferred, and at the now it is the fastest and most available data transfer platform for all customers. It’s also the fast becoming and the most dominant technology. Over past couple of years devices have been phasing out their older 3G networks in favor of LTE. Some stats were saying 3g network is about to dismiss by the end of 2018.

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What is VoLTE ?

VoLTE which stands for Voice Over LTE, and it is yet another major step ahead which actually allows technology that for the telephone communication to be broadcast over LTE. Historically, conversation which uses voice has been based on the much older 2G technology. VoLTE which also enables the more high quality i.e HD voice calls, so for an addition to this quicker call connections, Wi-Fi calling integration and so many industry types call this as Rich Communications Services. This will also includes things like real-time translation built which directly into devices native dialing app and Video Calls, rather than any 3rd part applications like Skype.

How To Get Unlimited HD Voice Calls in Jio Sim

So if you got the VoLTE support then you received unlimited HD voice calls in Jio sim, this will simply enabled all permissions. In case if you want to know whether your mobile VoLTE supported or not just read ahead I am giving every possible solution. Sometimes VoLTE supported mobiles aren’t processing unlimited Hd voice calls in Jio sim, for that you need to enable VoLTE support manually.

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How To Check VoLTE Support

I made an article which contains the list of every VoLTE supported mobile name, you can check that article from this link. This list is mentioned mobiles names which are VoLTE supported and compatible with Reliance Jio preview and welcome offers. So if your mobile name is mentioned in that list then you will get every jio access. But if you are still facing some network issues like no signal those problems are mentioned in this article with their solutions.

Sometimes few mobiles got the voLTE support but they won’t get complete access. In those mobile you need to enable them with few steps.

How To Enable VoLTE Support

Every possible VoLTE solution is mentioned in this article, there are two ways you can enable VoLTE support. Those can be accessed from here. So if you didn’t got the VoLTE support that means you won’t get complete access. In case if you holds any LTE mobile you can simply convert that to VoLTE to get Complete access on Jio.

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How To Convert LTE to VoLTE

  1. Download and install the Reliance Jio Join (Jio4G Voice) application in your android Device.
  2. Open Jio4G Voice app. You must allow the application to access all your contacts and your messages etc in order to work properly.
  3. Now enter your registered Jio number and proceed it to further. This will verify your Device mobile number.
  4. Please note that your reliance Jio SIM card is required to use this. Also, just make sure that your reliance Jio SIM is inserted in your LTE SIM slot in most cases first slot.
  5. Complete the verification process by using OTP method.
  6. After verification process, it will further ask your permission to change the default voice calling and the message app to Jio4G Voice.
  7. It’s better to give the permission as it will be easy for Jio to initiate VoLTE support call directly from Joi4G voice app.
  8. Now you successsfully converted LTE to VoLTE and ready to call via VoLTE support with your Jio network.
  9. The Jio4G Voice application is very user-friendly, and you can simply manage all your contacts and messages from Jio4G Voice app. You can even send or receive text messages

Here is the Jio Join application download link. This is the most used way to convert LTE to VoLTE which further enables unlimited HD Voice calls in your device.

LTE vs VoLTE Major Differences

  • VoLTE or voice over LTE which makes you use voice calls, this quality will never ever reduce even if your data is turned on
  • Where are in the LTE support voice quality reduces with your device data turned on.

That is very short difference between LTE vs VoLTE, here I am giving complete info by considering all aspects in LTE vs VoLTE. Here comes the very long description on LTE vs VoLTE Major Differences

What are the major benefits of VoLTE in LTE vs VoLTE ?

Premium call quality – The major advantage of VoLTE support is that it’s premium call quality which is superior to any 3G or 2G device connections as more data can be sent over 4G than 3G or 2G. You will get an HD call service so it’s by far better in fact three times better than 3G connection and six times better than 2G connection. You will get a crystal clear quality and same follows to the person on the other end. This is the major difference in LTE vs VoLTE

Improved Connectivity and Coverage – VoLTE which can also connect voice calls as quickly as possible to be precise up to two times faster connection than present 2G or 3G connection methods. When there is no 4G signal it means that there will be greater connection signal overall.

Better battery life – Yes another major difference in LTE vs Volte Anyone who currently uses 4G could also find their battery life increased with VoLTE, as right now whenever you make or receive a call your phone has to switch from 4G to 2G or 3G, since 4G calls aren’t supported (other than on Three Super-Voice) and then once the call is finished it switches back again. All that switching, plus the need to search for a different signal each time, can give the battery a significant hit. This means VoLTe got the best battery life although it uses much data compare to LTE. So this is undoubtedly the major difference in LTE vs VoLTE

Video calling – It’s also theoretically possible to make video calls over 4G, much like a Skype call except you’d just use your mobile number and be able to use the regular dialler and call interface, so you can make and receive video calls from anyone else with VoLTE, rather than relying on separate accounts. Video calling or voice calling is the one word difference in LTE vs VoLTE.

I will update this article with more LTE vs VoLTE differences