How To Get or Enable VoLTE Support in any Mobile Phone

Everyone is facing this issue, is your phone VoLTE supported or not..? Well you are about to find out in this article. This volte related questions are so common in these days people are struggling to check VoLTE support in their mobile phones. Without VoLTE support one can’t use voice calls in their devices. Recent jio sim users got this problem, so I am giving each and every detail of how to check enable volte support, how to enable volte support, how to get volte support in any mobile. I am also giving details on what is the difference between VoLTE and LTE, and is every LTE supports VoLTE if not is it other way around. You are about to find out. First of all I recommend you to check the following article because that contain every volte supported mobile name. More than 1000 mobiles were mentioned in this article.

Every VoLTE Supported Mobile Name, Mobiles from all Brands up to 1000 mobiles 

What is VoLTE Support ?

VoLTE stands for Voice Over LTE, which means with VoLTE support user can access HD voice calls. Without VoLTE support you can only access data or internet features. So on every mobile with VoLTE support can be used to make HD calls, this is the problem every Jio sim user is facing. So by the end of this article you can be able to use VoLTE support.

Reliance Jio Sim VoLTE Support Problem 

It’s like there is love story going on between jio sim and volte support, not every mobile will support volte. But jio sim requires volte support to make HD calls, I am getting so many requests on how to check volte support, how to get or enable volte support in any mobile. Here I covered everything first I will clear some of your doubts then we will jump into the volte support check process.

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My Phone is LTE Does it Support VoLTE ?

Yes, every LTE phone support VoLTE, where LTE stands for Data but voice is being managed by 2g/3g or 4g mobile network. They both are so different in their ways, so if your device is LTE supported then it won’t support VoLTE. Although you can use voice in LTE but it doesn’t go through LTE. Here how you can convert LTE to VoLTE to receive unlimited voice calls.

LTE vs VoLTE What are the Major Differences ?

  • LTE which stands for Long Term Evolution
  • VOLTE which stands for Voice Over Long Term Evolution
  • LTE means 4G. It comes with high speed Internet connection which supports CAT 4.
  • VOLTE means HD Voice call its more better and clear than normal call and it uses your device data for better call quality
  • These both are so different, so there are so many devices which actually supports 4G LTE but doesn’t support VOLTE. No one can interchange both of them.
  • Click here for the detailed diferences

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How to Check Enable VoLTE Support in any mobile ?

First of all we are at Flipshope made an awesome article which contain the mobile name of every VoLTE supported and which are actually compatible with Reliance Jio Sim. You can check that from this link, if your device name is in that list then check is every volte feature enabled or not. If not we are giving few methods to enable all VoLTE features in any mobiles. In case if you need in depth on VoLTE read this article till the end we will give you the methods for how to check enable volte support, how to enable or get VoLTE support in any mobile.

Steps to Check VoLTE Support in Reliance Jio Sim Mobile

  • Insert Reliance Jio sim in your device
  • Just Wait for the network signal to come
  • You will receive the VoLTE sign under Status bar or Mobile Network Sign
  • This will Confirm VoLTE Support in your Device
  • That’s how you can check VoLTE support in Reliance Jio Sim Mobile

How To Check VoLTE Support in Qualcomn Snapdragon Smartphones

  • First you need to check the device specifications
  • Check the processor whether it is running on Qualcomn Snapdragon or not
  • If Yes then cross check is your processor in this list or not.
  • These are the Snapdragon chipsets:- 210, 400, 410, 415, 425, 430, 435, 615, 616, 617, 625, 650, 652, 800, 801, 805, 808, 810, 820, 821 and 823.
  • If your mobile specs contain the above chipset then your device supports volte

If doesn’t mean that only qualcom snapdragon holders are compatible with VoLTE support, even mediatek and intel processors support VoLTE, here I am giving media tek chipsets list.

How To Check VoLTE Support in Mediatek Processors Devices

  • Again you need to check device specifications
  • If it is running on mediatek processor, then cross check your chipset from the following
  • There are the mediatek chipsets, MT6752, MT6753, MT6755 (a.k.a. Helio p10), MT6795 (a.k.a. Helio x10), MT6797 (a.k.a. Helio x20), MT6757 (a.k.a. Helio p20).
  • That’s it you just checked the VoLTE support of your mobile.

So confirming VoLTE support won’t give you complete access, in some devices you still need to enable to get full features. This is what happening with jio sim users, they aren’t able to activate jio sim from non volte supported devices. Here I will give you complete solutions

How To Activate Jio Sim from any Non-VoLTE Supported Mobile:

  • Jio sim activation doesn’t require VoLTE Support
  • But it require VoLTE support to enjoy Unlimited Voice calls
  • So you can activate Jio Sim from any mobile.
  • If you don’t own a VoLTE Supported Device you can still Get Unlimited internet.
  • All you need is LTE support to enjoy Jio Features

So by following other method you can activate jio sim in any mobile, it doesn’t require any special permissions. It is just a verification process this can be done online. Here is one complete article which contains every Jio sim activation Problem Solution

How To Enable VoLTE Support in Any Mobile ?

As mentioned earlier once you checked VoLTE support in your mobile, you need to confirm that it is enabled or not. If you can use unlimited HD voice calls over LTE that means it is working fine. But if you unable to use unlimited HD voice calls then you need to enable VoLTE support in that device. This process can be done in two ways, I am giving every possible solution. At the end of all two how to enable Volte support in any mobile methods I will give you the trick on how to get jio unlimited HD voice calls on any mobile i.e Non-Volte Supported mobiles.

Steps to Enable VoLTE Support in Any Mobile

  • Open dial and Type *#*#4636#*#*
  • Choose Phone information option from test Screen.
  • Now you can Enable VoLTE Support Provisioned Flag.
  • Restart your device.
  • Now you can see 4G LTE option under Network Bar
  • This will activated unlimited HD Voice Calls

This is the basic process, it won’t harm your device this will simple make one change in your network settings. You can restore those settings at any time. So if you are facing an issue on how to enable voice option in jio sim then you can follow this simple method on how to enable VoLTE support in any mobile. I personally prefer this method because it is so easy. If you need any video tutorial do comment below I will upload one video just for your reference.

How To Enable VoLTE Support in Any Mobile:

  1. First you need to Install SQLite App & launch this app.
  2. Then visit file Manager app.
  3. Tap on data > data > providers.settings > databases.
  4. Open Settings.db , Global , search for Volte_feature_disabled
  5. Change the value from 1 to 0
  6. Restart your device, this is how you can enable VoLTE

After restarting visit sim Settings option, there you will find activated unlimited HD Calls. This method is perfectly working on Mi devices but not on Moto So I would suggest you to go with first process. That is very simple one, so once you enable Volte support you will be able to see unlimited HD voice calls. So these are the available methods on how to check enable volte support in any mobile.

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve Mi 5 with mokee 6 installed.
    I inserted the Jio sim. Signal bar is coming but I’m unable to make any call, even to 1977. My mobile data is on Jio only and activated.
    I tried both of your methods. First one simply didnot work and in the second one when I reached the ‘databases’ folder, I didn’t see any ‘settings.db’ in it. Infact it is empty.

    Please help. Thanks in advance.

  2. I m using asus zenfone 2 laser my jio sim is activated but it shows only 100 minutes and the data is not activated .I televerified several times but always says that calls and data packs activated .PLZ HELP ME

  3. Hii sir I hv in focus m810 which is 4g support phone. While I insert Jio sim it search network as loop mobile . I can’t open data . But while I insert that sim to any other 4g phone it work smoothly. Plz tell me what setting I should change in my phone

  4. I am using Jio SIM in My redmi 3S Prime. I can’t access data services and i can’t make calls. could you help me with a solution please. Thanks

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  6. How I can enable volte in coolpad note 3 lite .which is not support in my phone plz give me a another solution for my phone.

  7. Hello
    On Nexus 6p, we the volte switch doesn’t remain on. It automatically becomes off.

  8. Hi there could you please guide me in enabling volte on my Asus ZenFone max 16gb version using joi4g voice, would really like to use native dialer. Tried the first method but doesn’t show advanced LTE , second method can’t find the file you mentioned pls help

  9. Hello Sir
    I need a help from you. I am using LETV 1S , does this handset supports VOLTE . I am able to use DATA and from JIO 4G VOICE able to call .
    It shows 4g only, no volte.

    Looking forward for your answer.

  10. please provide a link to download sqlite

  11. I m able to use internet msgs bt unable to make or receive calls from my jio sim.why?what to do

  12. I am using samsung s7 active from AT&T it is unlocked and data works on Jio Network, but volte doesn’t work. I have tried the steps you written but it doesn’t helped.

    In device Status it show IMS registration Status: Not Registered

  13. Mohammed Rameez alam


    i am using samsung galaxy note 4 N910C KSA model. my mobile has volte but i dnt knw how to enable volte plz help me

  14. i have mi note prime 4g but i have used all the possibilities of getting volte in my phone but there is no way to enabling the volte feature in my phone please help me what could I do now?

  15. and when I called 1977 for verification from my alternate idea mob no. it is saying that no. is wrong. my internet data is activated. when I’m calling from jio sim call ended message is arriving. what to do.. plzz help..

  16. Sir I am using Panasonic T45 4G, I’ve just opened testing settings by using *#*#4636#*#* ,there is option namely “Turn off VOLTE provisioned flag” but it is not working,what does it mean and for SQ lite app, root is required, I have activated jio sim in another mobile, having VOLTE compatibility, now only data is activated.Please give me solution for calls activation.
    Thank you..

  17. i have phicomm e760 its hava volte features or not?

  18. hello sir
    i am using lenovo vive k5 with reliance jio sim i am using jio 4g voice for voice calling but i am unable to make or receive call when data off.can i activate my phone as volte as using whole day data is very much battery consuming.if this is possible then help me.

  19. Hi sir mera phone lenovo a7000 h sir menie 21 tarik ko sim li h nd today mere ps msg tele verification ke liye but sir mere phone mei ek bhi network ni aa rha h sir plzzz help me

  20. I am using Jio SIM in My BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Z30. I can access data services but can’t make calls. could you help me with a solution please. Thanks

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